Thursday, December 2, 2010

C is for COOKIES (and clouds) (THANKS)

Saw this on another mom's blog (Curious Georgi) and thought I'd participate:

10 things for which I am thankful.

1. colors. all the colors in the sky and the foothills (being from Ohio, they look like mountains to me)as I drive up down the highway. The colors of the trees and clouds and the ocean.

2. culinary. I am thankful my son, Ki, loves to cook. I am extra thankful when he makes us each our own mini-loaf of banana bread! (guess what I had for lunch today!). And I'm grateful when Gavin makes a double batch of Potato soup (or veggie soup) for us to have for lunch.

3. clouds. this goes with today's #1. I love looking at the clouds. Morning-dawn clouds. Evening orange and purple clouds. Fluffy clouds Mid-Day. I love when I can see multiple layers of clouds. Or clouds reflected in puddles. I am surprised I have driven off the freeway yet- getting distracted by those clouds.

4. cookies. need I say more? yes. I need to say "Warm from the Oven Molasses Cookies".

5. curriculum. (seems I have boxed myself with the first 3 being "C"s and deciding I can not break that pattern....) I am thankful their are many different curricula from which to choose to meet the varied needs of the varied children and their varied parents. I am also thankful that I can choose to not use a curriculum , thus meeting the needs of my varied children.

6. calculators. Yes. Really. I am thankful for calculators. For those of us that know which formula to use but always mix up the numbers when we write them (thanks, dyslexia, for that quirk). And for Ki, who is NOT a math-brain like his dad & brothers and just wants to cook or be a pastor- so a calculator will be his best friend later in life.

7. C...C...c...... hold on..I'll think of one...C..C..CARS! no. I am not thankful for cars. I hate cars. I hate driving. Hate is a strong word and one I would never use to describe a person, but it works with cars..... and socks....

7. (take 2) Caramel Lattes. Yes in-deedy!! They are warm, smooth, calming...... and sweet!.. and Caramel-y. and yummy!

8. CONNOR! I had to save him for #8 because his name is full of roundness, just like the number 8. I am thankful for my Ronnoc(k)ity! My middle son. Who will be 16 next month. He is full of giggles and funny comments!

9. Cindy. My new friend I met here in California. She helps me learn to new knitting techniques and comes over (with her husband) to play games or eat- or both.

10. The Letter "C"- without which this entry would not be possible... sp, special thanks to the letter C and the number 8 for today's post!

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