Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas~

Chocolate Cake and Turkey Bacon! The Christmas Breakfast of Champions!

Connor was all; "Where's the CINNAMON ROLLS??" like we have then every Christmas. We don't. I thought about making Chocolate Muffins, but we had Chocolate Cake. Cake. Muffins. there is little difference. But we needed some more protein, so we added turkey bacon to the menu.

But, let's back track a bit.. roll the film back to yesterday.
Gift Wrapping. I love wrapping gifts.
Lining up the edges of the boxes with the edges of the paper.

Measuring the box and aper to see if I can get away with a sideways wrap....

This one did't work. It was close though. The box was 2 inches bigger than the paper. The next one worked. The box was 18" on the remaining 3 sides & the paper was 17"

and when lines line up it is a thing of beauty!

I love cutting gift tags that match the paper design!

I got DNA Earrings from Brian! They are so pretty!

No snow here. I don;t think it ever snows here. I am sure it probably has in the way past. The boys miss snow. I miss watching it fall outside the window, but to NOT miss the cold, the wet, the slush, the grey skies.
Baby Jesus got snow Christmas Morning, at least.
I got the boys INSTANT SNOW for their stockings. Ki could't wait to use his & give Baby Jesus a White Christmas!

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