Monday, December 27, 2010

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Ellen Barrett is a cute & spunky fitness DVD guide , host , trainer. She is fun and I like her workouts. BUT my heart does not. My heart has a tendency to REV REALLY FAST, making me dizzy & weak. And though a good strong workout does that to people, my heart gets there in record time! (like 3-5 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical machine). I had forgotten about this fact when I went to NETFLIX to find a Yoga Workout. I chose Ellen's (Crunch:super Slim Down). The 6 minute warm-up was nice. But I then had to get my water bottle.
And, because I am a mom, I got sidetracked.
So after hiding the 3 wisemen and picking a lemon of the tree in the backyard, I filled my water bottle and returned to the CRUNCH workout- I just wanted some calming, stretching yoga. Ellen makes everything into a cardio workout. 5 minutes into it, I was done. Stick a fork in me. My heart about POPPED.

NOTE TO SELF: find a CALM yoga work out!

NOTE TO SELF: Red Bell peppers are YUMMY- just NOT in the juicer! (you don't need that story)


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Though some may think this is vacation from school, that is not the case. We are finishing up Chapter 1 in chemistry. We were supposed to finish it the week before the Christmas Skit, but got too busy with all the rehearsals.

It went well today. It was a short lesson. It had some math. It was multi-step math. Ki did it. He figured it out on his own each time and did not complain or seem like it is zapped every last ounce of energy. You know how some kids just don't get math and don't get math... then one day it just CLICKS and they GET it from then on out...? For Ki it all the sudden just clicks, but then seems to unclick a couple days later. I love those days that is clicks. Hooray for a CLICKy day!

Today they learned about denistiy and how to determine the density of an object. Gavin already knew of course and corrected me when I started to say a common unit was "grams per mL" It is though. G said it is measures in grams per cm3. He is correct, too, though. There are 2 common units for density.

And they already knew which liquid was more dense, of course, but they had to figure out the density for each.
Tomorrow we finish the chapter. I might have them find the percentages for density difference tomorrow.

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