Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nice to See You!

Hi, welcome back to my blog! I haven't seen you all round these parts for a month and a half!! Where have you been?

Oh, well, I am just glad you have returned.

today is the last day of Deecember, which means tomorrow i s the first dday of January.
We usually do J-TERM at school here, for the whole month of January. Our foreign exchange student (Yes, he is still here) doesn't return to school until January 10, so we are taking off the same dys s him.

Except he starts back to school on a Tuesday.
I can not start anything on a TUESDAY. That is just insane! I think II am doing pretty well to start the 2nd week. It goes against every fib err in my being to NOT start in the very beginning. The first Monday of the first month of the year.

I told all 3 boys they will be continuing their science studies for J-Term. So one of their 2 classes is science.
Gavin will be working on learning Blender for his Choice Class.
Ki will be doing Culinary Studies

Some of my online gals want to start a fitness countability thing, so i am joining in. My focus will be just general health, eating right, destressing, exercise.... weight loss is not my focus. (But it'd be a nice fringe benefit I bet- it iis not a goal or anything though.

I think I will call my "Better Heath and Fitness" regimen my "Off to a Better Start"
Or, maybe just BHF.
Maybe I will call it BHF and call January's Installment
"Off to a Better Start."I think I like that.....
So, here is my plan for "Better Health & Fitness: Off to a Better Start, Day 1".. or "BHF:Off to a Better Start-1"
January 1 - I will fill my Vitamin Daily pill holder thing. I will make sure I have plenty of Bubbly Water available to drink. I will pick some lemons to have to add to my bubbly water this week. I will make a menu for the week. And a game plan for exercise.

Tomorrow I will report in if I do what was planned, along with what I plan to do the rest of the week.

thhe basic plans are:
Free Computer/Xbox time until lunch (with chores donee by 10)
Then Quiet Time/Reading from 1-2
then I will be shipping all 4 boys off the the youth center. They will ride their bikes,
2:30-6:00 will be my Destressing Routine.


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