Saturday, June 30, 2007

scrapbook while sick

I haven't done all of my journaling,but here are some simple layouts i did when I was sick.I didn't go out and buy anything new, so I just used old paper and scraps. This is the first one...

There is a strip of vellum under the letters (a walk in the woods)

The sticker by the frog just says NATURE

I put cardstock behind the picture set for journalling.I used a brass brad on the tab.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

HI!!!!! I'm Back!!

Sorry about being gone from here.I have been struggling toget over this pneumonia. I can't even go to the store without being miserable for 2-3 days.I can't talk more than 3 sentences without almost collapsing......

BUT I am feeling better today and yesterday. Brian has not been allowing me to clean the house or make meals or anything..... And so I am finally starting to feel better.

I still have to sleep totally sitting upright or I can't breath.

The boys have been reading and doing some online research and I have been reading to Ki about Martin Luther.

But there'snotmuch going hikes, no cool sciende experiments.... maybe next week,

I still have to get over to my dad's house with his Father's Day card. My husband is out of town and he told me not to drive, except maybe to the library.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tortillas and Science

I have a few science experiments i want to do. So stay tuned........ once I don't hack and cough quite so much....

just some interesting facts about Manuel ...
- they do not celebrate birthdays in his family. My boys can't get past the shock of not having birthday cake or parties or presents. Manuel's family can't afford to buy cake or presents. Manuel doesn't know when his siblings birthdays are. not even which month. gavin says he wants to send a birthday presenthome with Manuel. Manuel will probably go home a month before his birthday.

- He can do triple digit division and multilication but has no undestanding of negative numbers. Which seems so odd with the education we have here in the states. Our kids here learn about negative numbers in 1st or 2nd grade I think. long before they are doing long division.

- he is a night owl... stays awake all night and is hard to wake in the morning. It's a bit of an adjustment when we have school sessions. My kids stay up kinda late (to 11 or midnight) but they are up on their own by 7 or 8 (Connor and Ki at 7, Gavin at 8). Manuel stays awake in bed till 1 or so.

-He is very aware of his hair/looks. My kids never comb their hair. They don't care how their hair looks. Manuel has to comb and gel and slick back his hair before he leaves the house. I wish my kids cared a bit more about their appearance some days....

-Manuel is very concerned about being a Christian. Where he is from Christians do not dance ot play cards. Not even UNO or cards with no faces. (It's the faces or the gambling that seems to be what is bad, but he he won't play other card games either) He likes to listen to my TobyMac, but he's never quite sure if it is really Christian. I told him some of the words, but he says the music doesn't sound Christian. Yet he loves atching Jean Claude Van damme and The Terminator. He loves watching Star Wars. Today I went to YouTube and we wtahced Weird Al's Star Wars paridy about Anikan. He got upset and said it wasn't Christian Music. I don't get it. Why is it ok to watch the movie but listen to the Parody?

- It's amazing how picky of an eater he is. I assumed that coming from a place where you eat what's on the table becuase there may not be food tomorrow.. he'd not be so picky. He is almost as picky as my 2 with sensory disorders and oral defensiveness issues.

-It's neat to see my boys play with him. It's neat how kids are kids no matter what culture they are from and even if they don't soeak the same language, they still get along well.

- He loves spaghetti with corn tortillas, It's what he eats for lunch almost dairy. Seems pretty starchy to me....LOL. But I guess we eat spaghetti with garlic bread here.. (well I don't. I eat spaghetti and a salad). I think he just likes tortillas. He had one hot dog the othr day, he cut it into tiny peices and ate 6 corn tortillas with it... and still had a bite of hot dog left. I need to keep closer tabs to how much he eats. I might as well add a little bit of nutrition to his diet while he is here.

TONIGHT- Connor is spending the night with a friend (who is 3 yrs younger than he is) They are going to a baseball game. My mom is taking Gavin out to eat. So it will just be me, Briam, Ki amd Manuel for dinner.
Brian's sister is in town. with her 4 kids. (one is gavin's age, the others are older, but all are close in age). We may meet them for lunch tomorrow.

that's all from my end today.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

FUN THINGS (carnival)

So, I hear the Carnival Topic is FUN. I have no NEW FUN as I have been battling pneumonia recently. So I bring to you OLD FUN! Here are FOUR old posts and link and descriptions.

Sometimes FUN is just letting the boys make their own waffles for breakfast, or deciding to go for a Nature Walk or play at the park. Making our own Obstacle Course is Fun. We have FUN doing Science Experiments together.

MATH DICE- Ki likes this best. He esp likes when I just tell him to think up 10 Math Dice Problems and he can choose anything he wants. He knows that I won;t allow anything too sipmple. Like 4+3=7.

Here is the Scoop-Sometimes we use dice for math (and grammar, but that's a differen post)

Here are some pictures of our math dice.

These are 10 sides dice with another 10 sided inside.(the '0' is the '10') So if the outside lands on 6 and the inside is 3, the number is "63" They use 2 or 3 of these and add, subtract, multiply and sometimes divide. usually I use the 3dice divided by a 2dice

The top 3 dice here have 3 inside. These are the ones we use for dividing. There is also a 6sided inside of a six sided in the picture.

Here are our fraction dice and our math operation dice. Also shown are the decimal dice. Sometimes we use both types together and they have to change the decimal to a fraction or vice versa.

These are our 12 sided, 10 sided and 8 sided. For when I want them to have numbers bigger than 6.... or 66...

Here is an example of double 8 sided and the operation dice....

A more simple math sentence with dice......

and our many 6 sideds... I often just tell them to use 3 to make the BIGGEST number they can and then 3 to make the smallest number for subtraction (usually Ki) or division (the other two)

Here is a game we have played a couple of times. I think we need to make it a once a month fixture in our schooling. It was so much fun! Make sure to check out the videos!


we played ---- Dice of Fortune (think - Wheel of Fortune)

Use 2 dice. Each dot is $100. So if you a 2 and a 4, you get $600 per letter. Vowels cost $300. (it is a one time per turn fee, so even if there are 3 a’s, it is still $300). Snake Eyes is Bankrupt. Double 3 are ‘lose a turn’ (but keep your money) and double 6s are -$500.

Use white board for the puzzle. Draw boxes and fill in (not turning anything like Vanna yet).

Keep Score on the window. Put a piece of white poster board on outside of windows to make the dry erase marker show up better. I couldn’t find poster board, so I cave them each apiece of colored paper and they kept their own score- which was good- they had to do math.

A $500 bonus for solving the puzzle.

We had a lightning round at the end. They eached guessed 2 letters (for a total of 4) and they each rolled one dice to guess a 3rd letter and got points for it. Connor guessed the vowel. Then I added one letter at a time until someone guessed it and got $1,000. Gavin guessed it with very little letter showing.

Too bad it wasn’t real money….

here are vidoes.... there are a lot of videos--- jut choose what you want to watch, I dont expect people to watch all of them... Double Click Them

Connor won- he had the most points. Gavin was stuck on werid letters. like W and H....

Lapbooks are fun, too.


Ki and I made a lapbook for CINCO DE MAYO. Gavin and Connorteamed up to make a lapbook, too, but i don't have their pics yet.

here are thepictures for Ki's:

they liked the stickers that are like a wild party

we cut the bottom velcro in half so we can open the book. The marker helps keep it closed.

opened we may add more things later


3 games

match the Spanish Written with the numeral. We used magnets

BOTTOM FLAP (under yellow game pouch)


midsection next to yellow game pouch-

We have a nice skatepark close to our house. During the school year it is great to go there and play or learn about physics becuase it's EMPTY!

(fall 2005)

You can read about our GREAT 1st day here: Skateboard Day We spent the afternoon at the skatepark making cars and testing them and riding scooters.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


we are on vacation again this week. It was originally going to be a school week, but I came down with pneumonia last week and am just now feeling better.
I was pretty ill for a while. Can't remember being that sick, though I was when I was really little.

The boys went to the local water park on their own yesterday ansd today. 2 came home burnt today.

Brian took all four to King's Island all by himself Friday! While I lay in bed delirious.......

You guys aren't spreading the word about my homemade cards for sale quite well enough.......LOL. I think I might give Ebay a try.

Next week I think we'll do math, history and science experiments. The boys are suppose to be choosing their summer school projects. Ki is thinking of making a Lego Roller Coaster. I need to figure out what I can do with that. I have Gavin's Roller Coaster unit study from last year, a lot is too advanced for Ki, but I can use parts of it.

After a school week next week, they'll have off for a week while I pull together their summer projects. Hopefully we'll have those started the next week.


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