Friday, September 15, 2017

My Winter Garden Pt2 - spinach and chicken wire

Today I planted the first half of the spinach seeds. Both the spinach and the carrot winter garden boxes are covered in chicken wire basically to keep the cats from digging my seeds.

Speaking of my cat, Persephone, she enjoy being outside with me while I was planting seeds. She was running to and fro like she was possessed by demons.
And thanks to the Rain the past few days with still warm temperatures my backyard is filled with mushrooms! Dark ones and white ones. But the dark ones photographed better in the morning sun.

And, speaking of mushrooms, my husband and I went on a hike yesterday for our wedding anniversary. And there lots of fun fungi to photograph.

That last picture is a fun guy, not a fungi.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

just a little

a lil' something to tide you over till the next gardening post.
yesterday I went on a Red Dress Run for charity.  That's me in the Red wedged heels.
Dayton Hash House Harriers 

No, I did not walkin those shoes. I changed into them for the circle-talk after.  There was walking ( running for the" racist" types) with a beer pedal wagon along the way. chatting& singing al-the" after circle". Followed by a live band dancing, cake, some stout.

also this week I have made 2 pairs of slippers

and am working on my Retro 50's dress:

Next Up in gardrning....
Planting spinach...

Friday, September 8, 2017

Dark circles

Sometimes I think about wearing makeup. I would cover my under eye circles. But then I realized if I did that people would actually think it's okay to talk to me Aunt bug me with 10,000 questions. This way I already look tired of dealing with the world. And hopefully they all leave me alone

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My Winter Garden pt.1

I'm getting ready to start my winter garden! I think I like winter gardening better than summer gardening. Because I hate being hot and sweaty in the heat in the middle of the summer. Yuck. And I hate pulling weeds. Yuck x 2

I have had a few people ask about my winter garden boxes so I thought I might as well blog about them.

The book I use as my reference is called the Winter Harvest Handbook. It is by Eliot Coleman. He has a farmers market/Garden and Maine. For those who Garden, I think main is zone 4. I live in Ohio which is zone 6. I figure if he can get things to grow up there in Maine in the winter, I should be able to get things to grow here in Ohio in the winter!

Up there, they grow a diverse selection of produce in the winter that does not require a lot of electricity and heat, therefore not a lot of money to run. He has a lot more acreage, obviously, and therefore has room to have really awesome mobile cold houses and a super nifty setup of rotating covered garden boxes. I have found that best just to stick with two or three garden boxes and I only grow spinach, carrots, and maybe radishes & beets.


Kale is pretty good for a winter garden box. But honestly no one of my house eats it. Except for that one time when we had a pet iguana. The Iguana loved kale!

This year we moved the garden boxes from the left side of the back porch over to the right side of the back porch, next to the  TARDIS. This is because my husband plans on extending the porch on the left side sometime this fall, winter, spring.

Monday we dug the dirt out of the garden boxes and move the garden boxes, then hold the dirt. Today I purchased some goodies to add to the dirt.

The first thing to note here is that I have one purple and one lime colored gardening glove. I used to have a pair that was purple and a pair that was lime. Thankfully I lost the proper glove of each so that I still have a pair.

( adding gardening gloves to my Christmas / birthday list)

I purchased sand and Perlite. Because carrots like loamy soil.  Which I guess just is a fancy word for "has good drainage". 


Does it rhyme with foam? Because although I have seen it written many times in many places, I do not think I've actually heard it said aloud. I guess it might rhyme with the word doom. 

I also got a small bag of worm castings to add a bit of fertilizer.
Sprinkled a little bit of each into the garden boxes.

* note: garden boxes probably are not required. I just find them to be a little bit easier. I have done carrots and radishes without garden boxes. But with tramping through the snow and lifting off the cover, I just find the garden boxes to work better.

I put on my purple gardening glove and then I grabbed my hand held dirt mixer thingy. Then I put on my lime green color to gardening glove. And then I mixed all of the good nutritional goodies into last year's dirt.

After they were all mixed thoroughly, I made three rows and a smaller box and planted the carrot seeds! 

They won't need to be covered with the hoops and plastic until November. So I have some time to make their hooped covers.

... stay tuned for the planting of... Something else later this week

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Giraffe skirt!

I found a super cute skirt tutorial online. And then I found some pretty giraffe fabric. I combined this super cute skirt tutorial with the pretty giraffe fabric and ended up with this: (I decided to try to figure it out myself instead of following the instructions. Well, the pockets are too tight and the zipper wasn't exposed enough.)

I do like the back! My zipper was too short to go the entire length of the back, like the one online, so I added a gore insert and a cute tab.

The black w/ white is the cute skirt I found online. CHALK LINES SKIRT


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