Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random Conversation

Most Conversations here are random, though.

Here is one from a few days ago:

ME (to my boys): "I emailed your schoolwork to you, so read it. If you have any questions, just ask me."

Gavin: " What if we have half of a question?"

Me: "Then ask Connor."

Gavin (turning to his brother): "Connor, what is.....?"

Connor; "15"

Gavin; "Nope, wrong. The full question was "what is your age?"

Connor; "And the full answer was "15 plus 2."


I have been busy knitting and sleeping and running errands. not much exciting to share right now.

I would share the newest news about Brian's work move--- but it's lways barely 40% a sure thing and changes week to week, so it'd not be worth my time to write or yours to read.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Happy Pi Day!!!

I said "HAPPY PI DAY" to my boys.

ME To Gavin: "HAPPY PI DAY! 3.14159!"
Gavin says back: "..265"

Yes, that's how we roll. Saying Pi to a measly 2 places is for wimps. But reciting Pi to 100 places may cancel onces chances at a girlfriend, so around 10 places is good.

Later I was reading someone who was doing something at 12:30 CST. We are in California; PST.
I ask Gavin "Is Central Time 2 hours different than us?"

he gives me an odd confused look.

So I clarify. "We are in the Pacific Time Zone. What would Central Time be?"

Gavin: "Oh Central time is Minus 6 (-6)"

Me: "and we are Minus 8, right?"

Gavin- "Yes."

(so, yes, CST is 2 hours different than us.)

Most people probably thingk in 'how many hours away from us" with Time Zones. Not Gavin, he thinks is Zulu Time. We are Zulu minuss 8 here... or maybe he is doing Greenwich Standard. I dunno.

Gavin doesn't really speak words and language. Gavin speaks numbers and math; and physics concepts. Hence Central time is just "Minus 6". not "2 hours ahead of us"

I went to the store to buy stuff for Chicken Pot Pie and Berry Pies. I thought of buying precooked chicken, to save on time. The small package was about $4, which came to $10.64 a pound.

Time IS money, but I work cheap. So $10.64 is unacceptable even as a time saver.

Ki is out washing the van to earn money to buy his ownn Minecraft Account.

Gavin and Connor lost After School Commputer but can earn it back. That's how it is here. With minor offenses one may do "Appeasement Work" to bail themselves out.

That's it for today.
OH, Brian has been out of town for 10 days; he gets home Thursday Night.I had a headache for a solid week, but am feeling better, but more than happy to take it easy to keep from a rebound headache.... which is why I bought refrigerated crust and thought of buying precooked chicken.


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