Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Japanese Exchange Students

We have the wonderful oppurtunity to host 2 Boys from Japan. They are here as part of a Homestay Program and are taking English/Culture classes. Here are some pictures of our Japense boys.

Friday, December 26, 2008

C&G's Syllabus

I did the other 2 before bed, but didn't post them last night. too tired. I still have few ideas for the Robotics Class. Brian will be helping with it, but I need some lesson ideas . Brian will be doing projects and Lego Mindtorms. The Lightwave annd Computer Programming will be totally NOT me. THe boys willl do a lot of indpendant and Brian will do someprogramming with them. I think I have the schedules in such a way I can get Ki started, leave him for 15 minutes or so to get Connor started on Robotics.- same with the afternoon classes. here are their schedules. You can compare the times to Ki's Syllabus posted last night.

Connor’s J-Term Syllabus 2009
Connor, you have chosen Light Wave and Robotics for your two J Term Classes. Dad is adding Computer Programming to the Light Wave Class.

9:15-10:15 Robotics
10:30-11:30 Robotics
11:30-12:30 is LUNCH.
12:30-1:30 LIGHTWAVE
1:45-2:45 LIGHTWAVE
Reading Done by 3:30 for Computer Time

DAYS OFF:Jan 16, Jan 19, ½ Day Jan 23, Jan 26
Tuesday PE Days:9:15-10:00 Robotics
10:15-11 Robotics
Go To PE~Jan 6 and 20 -we will come home after PE and Finish School (30 minutes more Robotics and 2 hours Lightwave)
Jan 13 and 27 -You can stay and play if you pre-arrange it.
5:50 on Tuesdays- Gymnastics

Gavin’s J-Term Syllabus 2009
Gavin, you have chosen Light Wave and Physics for your two J Term Classes. Dad is adding Computer Programming to the Light Wave Class.

9:00- Start your Physics. Do 2.5 hours by 11:30, taking breaks as you see fit.
11:30-12:30 is LUNCH.
12:30-1:30 LIGHTWAVE
1:45-3:15 LIGHTWAVE

DAYS OFF:Jan 16, Jan 19, ½ Day Jan 23, Jan 26

Tuesday PE Days:9:15- do at least 1.5 hours Physics by 11. If you can get all 2.5, that is great,
Go To PE~
Jan 6 and 20 -we will come home after PE and Finish School (remaining minutes more Physics if needed and 2 hours Lightwave)
Jan 13 and 27 -You can stay and play if you pre-arrange it.
5:50 on Tuesdays- Gymnastics

JAN 16-19 is a gaming Convention. Polycon- part of the Cal Poly Tech College engineering club. We'll be atending that.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Looking Ahead---

I have been working on Ki's Syllabus. I wanted to have a Syllabus for J-Term to give each boy.
I just need to get Ki's Church History book from Amazzon so I can finish his planning and syllabus.

Here is what I have so far. I'll just add the Church History when I get the book.

Ki’s J-Term Syllabus January 2009
Ki, for J-Term you have Chosen Church History as your 2 hour class. For 2 of your 45 minutes classes you have chosen Peoples of the World and Theatre. In addition you will have 30 minutes of Daily Reading. I dropped math and extended your 2 chosen 30 minute classes to 45 minutes.

Here is our general daily schedule. (Subject to change as needed, but we’ll try to be consistent)

9:00-9:45 Church History
10:00-10:45 Church History
11-11:30 Church History
12:30-1:15 Peoples or Theatre
1:30-2:15 Theatre or Peoples
Reading Done by 3 for Computer Time

Jan 16, Jan 19, ½ Day Jan 23, Jan 26

Tuesday PE Days:
9:00-9:45 Church History
10:00-10:45 Church History
Jan 6 and 20 -we will come home after PE and Finish School
Jan 13 and 27 -You can stay and play if you pre-arrange it.
5:50 on Tuesdays- Gymnastics

Ki’s J-Term : SYLLABUS of Class by Weeks

Church History:
Peoples of the World: North America
Theatre: Introduction, Warm Up Exercises, Terms

Church History:
Peoples of the World: South America
Theatre: Improv, watch Danny Kaye, miming

Church History:
Peoples of the World: aSIA
Theatre: Set, Props, Costume

Church History:
Peoples of the World: finish Asia , Review, Make Meals
Theatre: History of Theatre, Practice our Skit, Famous actors and writers.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I spent some time planning Ki’s Acting & Theatre class for J Term. The book I am using is an USBORNE book. http://www.amazon.com/Acting-Theatre-C-Evans/dp/0794522165

There is no way we can get through this in 30 minutes a day for 4 weeks. So I made 2 decisions. One is to drop math and extend both Theater and Culture by 15 minutes. Our classes never run on schedule and often go over anyway. The other is that I will just 4 topics from the book and we will do 1 of those each week and then if Ki enjoys it, we will continue the Acting & theatre class through out the next month or 20 until we are finished. But only 2-3 times a week.

I found a 2 person skit for Ki and me to do. I want him to rewrite it though. Using information and people he knows. http://www.buckskin.org/Resources/Fun/skits_2.htm it is # 49. Brain Shop. I’ll have it out the 2nd week sometime and we’ll discuss it and he can work on the rewrite over the next week.

Week 1 will be the basics and some terminology and some basic warm up exercises. Week 2 is improvisation and mime. Week 3 is set, props, costume. Week 4 we’ll rehearse his new skit, discuss set, props and costume for his skit, and talk about theatre history & important people.
I have a few activities planned and hope to get some fellow homeschoolers to help out with the Improv Exercises.

That’s all the planning I am doing for that class right now.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Choice has been Made

I gave my kids choices for school. Gavin chose Physics and Lightwave(CAD modelling). Ki chose Church History, Theater and Peoples of the World (and wants to do cooking, too). Connor chose Robotics and Lightwave.(Lightwave being the Your Choice option) *These would be the only school classes the month of January)

I think that is a bit too single focused.Connor's defense: "It's just for 1 month and I'm going to do ONE job when I grow up (robotic engineering) so why do I need to other stuff?"

At first I thought I'd veto the Your Choice Connor made. I did specify it would need to be approved. But then I decided Connor is right. It is just one month and both classes he wants are for the career he wants- so why not? As the teacher I can add a little reading and history (or whatver else ) into Either one of those classes if I see fit.

So the Final Results of JTerm Class Choices are:
Gavin : Physics and Lightwave
Connor: Robotics and Lightwave
Ki David:Church History, Peoples of the World and Theater

Sunday, December 21, 2008

JTERM time plan and choices

I loved High School J TERM! I wished all high school could be like that. We just had 2 classes a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. I felt like I learned more with a couple hours instead of taking 10 minutes to get the class ready, 10 review. 20 minutes new material and then 10 -15 minutes examples or seat work- then I had to switch and do it all with a different subject. I loved choosing my subjects and having the time to really get into the studies each class. (yes, some kids actually do go to school to learn and not to socialize....)This year my oldest child is in high school. I decided I wanted to try a J Term with him and my other 2 boys. Each at different intensity levels of course. (I love homeschooling my kids!)

So here is my Plan for Times.

Gavin will choose 2 classes to study for 2.5 hours a day (with breaks of course) and do 30 minutes math (Unless he chooses a math for one of the 2 long classes)

Connor (14 in January) will do 2 classes that are 2 hours each and 30 minutes math and maybe a 30 minute his choice)

Ki (12) will do 1 class that is 2 hours (wow, this could be a huge trial with his Sensory Issues, we'll just see how it flies), then 4 classes that are 30 minutes (1 math, 1 reading, the other two he'll choose from a list)

I like trying new ideas and then incorporating what works into our 'normal routine'

My List Of Class Options so far:
GAVIN: Physics, World History, HTML, Spanish, Astronomy, Econmics, Mythology, Yoour Choice (must be approved)

CONNOR: Zoology, General Science, Spanish, Sports, Jewish Holidays, Your Choice (must be appproved)

KI: choices for 1 hour class: Spanish, Theater, Church History, Peoples of the World, *NEED 1 MORE*
choices for 30 minute class (some overlap the 1 hour list): Peoples of the World, Mission Story Time, Zoology, Spanish, American Sign Language, NEED 1 or 2 more. some sort of history. Early American History maybe- or Medieval History. .... I dunno...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bacon in the Toaster Oven

I have been on the phone for almost 2 hours. all with different medical providers and to my insurance company 2-3 times- 2 different dentists, 2 different medical doctors......and I still have to call the Otolaryngologist (ENT). and I am DREADING that call. I am SO embarassed! I totally forgot about his last appointment b/c I forgot to put it on my calendar---- and 2 appointments before that I totally forgot!! this makes the 2nd time in 3 weeks I have totally spaced and forgot his ENT appointments!!!!I think I'll have some chamomile tea before I call.

Halfway into my phone calls I hear Connor YELL Gavin's name like he's mad, but Gavin's response was not one of fighting brothers- it sounded concerned- so I called to them to see if everything was fine. Connor said they were fiine, there was just a fire in the kitchen,. I hear commotion and ask Gavin if the fire is out yet and he said no- so I went to the kitchen to see how bad a fire it really was )notice- having 3 boys for 12 yrs I no longer run and jump at the first 'FIRE"- how sad)It was out by the time I got down the 6 steps and into the kitchen.Gavin had decided to cook bacon n the toaster oven. I made sure all boys knew exactly where the fire extinguisher is and how to use it...... (which I know I have pointed out before- but you know boys.."Huh? we have a fire extinguisher?" )

**OH- and I found out there is a difference between "Accepting our Insurance" and being an actual contracted provider! I asked the oral surgery place if they 'accept' our insurance and they said yes. when I called our insurance company they guy there said they are OUT OF NETWORK so the coverage will be less. I told him I had asked the Oral Surgery Office and they said they did accept our insurance- and he said to me that they do accept money from them (my insurance company), they are just not contracted providers. so next time I need to actuallly ask "Are you a contracted provider with my insurance Company?"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What makes SCHOOL FUN?

Brian's parents have left. It was a nice visit. Sallie often has visitors. I don't know how she does it. Maybe it is something one gets used to. I am SO VERY VERY VERY TIRED from our week. Or maybe some people are cut out to handle it well and some just aren't and need more practice.

I did learn a few things. The most important is that we need more bath towels. We have just barely enough for the 5 of us. Which is fine for day-to-day living, but not good when there are guests. We were on the short end of towels when Dynasty was here, but I forget to get more for when Brian's parent's were here (that was actually 3 extra people since his Grandpa came, too). The week after Christmas we will have 2 students from Japan, so I guess I better go buy more towels.

Another thing I learned is that my pantry is poorly stocked and I am not good at having a week long menu with all needed items at the ready. Something else that I need to work on having in place. I think I need to plan 10 days of meals and then make sure I have everything I need... then I will have multiple options for meals if we need them. We just don't do well with having a week long menu and sticking to it, because we never know if we will be home for dinner or not. I get all defeated if I have a menu or schedule in place and then it doesn't pan out. This makes it easier to not have any plans OR menu or schedule at all...... but that leads to confusion and messes. I am doing better at having 'optional plans'; a list of 2-3 different schedules to choose from which will work that day.

I have found that I really enjoy hosting kids at our house. We had Manuel for 7 months and then when we moved here we had Dynasty for a week and I am really looking forward to having Kento and Yuji here from Japan. And I am already really bummed they are only going to be here 6 days and I really look forward to the next Student Exchange and hope it's 2-3 weeks at least!

Hosting Kids is one way we make school FUN! It's such a great opportunity and learning experience for us and the kids we have at our house. These are the kinds of things my kids will remember and learn life-long lessons from- not from reading a book on Honduras and writing a report or doing worksheets on Growing up in Japan. Plus, helping others and serving others always feels so good for everyone.

Gavin is doing work with HTML and webpage design. He has dabbled in it before. Brian met a friend at work that does Webpage Design as a side job/hobby and Brian plans on having Gavin be an apprentice. To learn about HTML/Web Design while helping out the business owner. I think It'll be great for Gavin and has the bonus of looking good on a High School Transcript. Gavin loves this type of thing. Yet another way to make learning fun!

Sometimes the best way to make school enjoyable is to make the TEACHER happy. Like the old Saying: "If mamma's not happy - NOBODY is happy!" One way I make sure my homeschool needs are met is to have some scheduled/ planned out events and classes. I am going to try a "J-Term" this January. When I was in High School we had J-Terms. During January we just took TWO classes. One was the 3 hours before lunch and the other was fort 3 hours after lunch. with breaks of course. I loved J-Term! My kids may or may not. I dunno. But it is something I want to try with them. So I will make a list of classes (things they enjoy/things I'd like them to get interested in learning) and have them choose 2 to do during January. I think I will have it set up that Ki spends 2 hours each day on each and Connor and Gavin will do 3 hours each subject each day. I like our 'Unschool' approach to life and learning, but I also need that occasional super scheduled time. It might be fun to have J-Term and I will plan a couple days during the month planned for just FUN outings!

Gavin and Connor both have Facebook Accounts now and have fun challenging each other to different things. All 3 boys play online multiplayer games. They are not as active as I'd like. I bought a Kids Yoga DVD for us to do together. I'll try to have Yoda Class on M/W/F I think. We also have been talking about getting 60 minutes of physical activity daily. I'd like to get Connor into some running. He likes to run and is kinda good at it. I'll look into what I can do there. Maybe have goals for him to reach or find other kids to run with him. I think we can use the track at the local community college.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today I picked two avocados and placed them in the window sill to ripen.

The beds are ready for our guests. The towels have been washed. The floors swept.

Soksey decided he likes Ki's bed in our room and has been sleeping there most the day.

Brian's parents and grandfather arrive later today. Brian arrives later this evening; around midnight. My van needs a new battery. Yesterday while at the 2nd pet store looking for pinkies for Connor's snake, the van battery died. No lights had been left on or doors open or anything. It died under the same circumstances last week. twice. I didn't have my cell phone with me as it was home charging. Brian was in Colorado. It took an hour before I found someone to jumpstart the van battery. Then the darn snake didn't even eat!

I need to run to the Post Office to mail a Birthday Card. I'll atually bike, not run.

I'm getting excited about After Christmas. We will have 2 exchange students from Japan. Then it's a new year! My new calendar should be coming in the mail soon! We'll be starting new school session. That's always fun!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


some pictures from today.

sorry I am being so boring right now. I'll do a real entry later...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sneak Peek

Tuesday Connor has his ENT appointment for his ear. He still has hearing loss and says his ear feels wet and gooey inside, but it doesn't hurt anymore.

Did I tell you all about my plans Wednesday? I don’t think I did. We are attending a small church out here called Element (www.ourelement.org) . My pastor reminds me of a pachycephalosaur.

Sometimes the lead guitarist plays barefoot. Not sure what he reminds me of yet. He's really tall with bushy red, curly hair.

Anyway, the pastor needed some people to volunteer their homes for the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Event. The church just started up in January/February, but I guess they all did something like this last Thanksgiving as a group.

The members sign up to attend and are split among 3 different houses. They church provides the main dish (Carne Asada Tacos) and the people that come all bring drinks and sides. All I have t do clean my house and make cookies. I might have 30 people here. As I can not get away with TACOS for Thanksgiving, I’ll be cooking a small turkey for us to eat on Thursday. Brian invited a couple from work. They have a 14 yr old daughter that stayed with us for a week while her parents were out of state. (don't know if they are coming or not)

Friday we are going to a Monarch Butterfly Cove.

The next Monday Connor has an appointment for teeth Xrays to determine if he needs oral surgery.

Dec 1-2 Brian will be out of state on TDY.

Dec 3-10 his parents and grandpa are staying here. So we have a few outings planned to do with them.

Then Dec 13 I am running a Gaming Table at a small, local gaming convention. My boys will be running a table, too. I think that might count as an extra-curricular something for their school transcript.

Then my birthday… then Christmas.. then Dec 28-Jan 4 we will have 2 Japanese exchange students at our house.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


once a month (often less frequently because I forget) we have PAYING JOBS. I list 9 or 12 jobs with their descriptions and prices and the boys can take turn choosing jobs to earn money. They jobs have to be done in a certain time window and they have to finish what they start (can't start cleaning the cabinets fronts today, do a little more tomorrow and finish them Sunday)

Here are the jobs this months:

"ICE to meet you!"
*Clean and organize the inside of the freezer and make a tray of ICE

"A Good Frontal Attack"
*Clean Fronts of appliances
- fridge/freezer, dishwasher, both ovens, microwave

Sweep Front Porch and sweep both sets of steps (Ki asked if he got more money if he scraped the moss of the side steps and I said Yes)

Wash pet food bowls, shake mat, vacuum floor area, vacuum mat, replace mat and filled bowls

"We've been NUKED!"
Thoroughly clean the inside of the microwave

"MMmmm... TOASTY!"
Clean Toaster Oven. empty crumbs, clean rack, clean glass front, replace foil liner

Clean and organize the inside of the fridge

Vacuum couch and chair in front room, vacuum under cushions, wipe wood on front

Sweep and Mop Kitchen

I wonder if we afford to do this every other week. Maybe limit it to 2 jobs each time and only do the More Expensive jobs once a month....
the kinda funny thing is, sometimes they have these jobs to do just because they are told (like vacuuming the couch, sweeping, mopping kitchen....)

Friday, November 21, 2008

~~~ Falling ~~~

I am falling behind in recording my days as boring as they probably are for you all to read daily.....

and I am falling behind on reading all of your blogs. I think I'll take some time to catch up on reading torrow.

Brian took off work today and we all went to MORRO BAY (check the link for a map and pics of the area). We played at the beach, ate lunch and met some other homechoolers for a Guided Tour of the Estuary. (more info)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Read Your Bible & Pray Everyday

(random thoughts)
Read Your Bible & Pray Everyday……

… And you’ll grow….Grow…GROW!!! That was one of my favorite Sunday School Songs as a child. Any song where I got to get out of my chair and move was a favorite. Like “I’m in the Lord’s Army” YES SIR!. Of course I like Trust and Obey, too. Songs that told you what to do to ‘be a good Christian’ were also favorites. I have always been told by Spiritual Gifts are Prophecy and Discernment. BACK the subject at hand….. Reading the Bible Everyday. (in case you forgot the subject at hand as I was taking random tangent trails)

What does it mean to Read Your Bible everyday. I guess it may not be as Black and white as I’d like. There is not real formula that the right and proper way to go about it daily. I was taught to Read and Pray first thing in the morning. “Get up early and do it before the rest of the house is awake.” I need 9 hours of sleep (or 10). Connor used to wake for the day at 5; Bright eyed and bushy tailed. NO WAY is my brain working at that hour to get anything out of reading the Bible. Now he gets up between 6:30 and 7:30. Sometimes earlier. But I sleep till 7:30. Sorry Sunday school teacher; I can’t do it that early. My brain needs an hour or two to overcome my dyslexia before I can read in order to comprehend. So my Bible Reading isn’t at 6AM. I used to feel guilty about that.

Then there is the topic of ‘what constitutes proper Bible reading for personal daily growth.” Is it one hour of studious pouring over the same passage and take fervent notes? Does it have to be consecutive? Genesis 1 today, Gen 2 tomorrow, Gen 3, the next and so on?. Again, something I could never do. I can read in order for a few days, but by then my mind is ready for a new topic. (If not daily). I have tried a couple devotional books. They never work. I don’t have the patience. The smallest thought had me researching a different topic or different passage. It’s like ADD Bible Reading. Reading one passage brings up questions to research something else, when I get there I read a bit and soon find a different question that needs answered….. Another thing I always would feel guilty about.

Ki is very good about going in order. He has a Bible Picture Book. Basically the whole Bible is a Comic Book format. He started at the beginning of creation and is not all the way through the Old Testament and into the New; reading about the Ministry of Christ.

And does reading the Bible to my kids count as my ‘Daily Reading’? I have been reading to Ki out of Genesis (mostly) to go with his School Workbook. I decided that counts, but not for every day. But occasionally it counts.

Some days I read the verses from Last weeks sermon. ( I copy each one down in my color-coded Church Notebook). Sometimes I read for next weeks topics. Sometimes I get a butterfly and have to chase it. This week it was reading more in-depth about Communion. Some days I just listen to Worship Music and hymns and sing ‘Bible Verse Songs” with my kids. I love the one from Psalms “The Law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul, the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple… more to be desired are they than Gold, yea than much fine go—old..Sweeter also than the ho-oney in the honey comb” and love the round “Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord…”

I start my day with prayer and often songs, but my bible reading comes later in the day. And sometimes I forget to read. Then I feel all guilty again. I feel guilty about a lot sometimes.

PS- I don't feel guilty about 'not doing it right anymore. Haven't for a while.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I think I have the flu or a cad cold. I'm not super congested, but super achey and weak. So probably a flu virus.

Got a package in the mail today. My mom sent some goodies for all of us. She sent us a little care package a couple months ago, too.

I got Fairy Dust and a TShirt with a sparkly spider on it.

Gavin got a squooshed grape tomato (or cherry?). He said "Mimi tried to mail me a tomato, but it got smashed." I told him she was mailing he seeds from Papa's tomato plant.

Ki got seeds but wasn't sure if they were to eat or to plant. So, mom, you might want to give him a call.

Connor got Keys. I haven't seen them. He quickly horded them away.

And there were some other goodies. Which reminded me I had bought something for my mom last month and need to mail it. I have a few oyher things to mail and places to call tomorrow, too.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Ki Terrill, our Up & Coming chef, made yummy Caribbean French Toast for us and another homeschool family on Friday. MUEY SABROSO! the recipe is posted below~

Sunday or Monday he is fixing his complete Caribbean Dinner. Recipes will be posted after the event.

We used a loaf of french bread sliced and for the 'batter' we used:
6 eggs (about 1 1/2 cups)
1/2 Cup O.J.
1/2 Cup Mango-Pineapple Nectar
1/3 Cup whipping cream
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2-1 teaspoon cinnamon

Up&Coming School Week:

Another great day of school planning. I love sitting with a Latte and planning out the week's scholastics. Here is what I came up for next week:

Ki (12) is still using Index cards for his daily assignments. I think we'll stick with it. It seems to work well. He also asked to get some of his stuff emailed to him. I also wrote approx how much time it should take each day on each card. So here is what I have:

Index Card for Monday Nov 17, 2008
__ Morning Chores
__ Bible * read 10 minutes or 1 story
__ Writing * Check your Email
__ Math * 10 Dice Problems D12 X D12 (oral and w/ mom) B.G., H2O, 10 Ch.Cv.Rsns
20 mins Choose a workbook.
__ P.A.C.E. correct pg 13. Do pgs 17& 18
__ Read * 20 minutes Magic Treehouse
__ Science with mom at 10:00 AM
* Approx 3 hours

Tues. November 18, 2008
__ Morning Chores
__ Bible 10 min/1 story
__ VAFB Homeschool ASL/PE/Lunch
__ Read Magic Treehouse 25 minutes
__Math 2 pages Your Choice, B.G., H2O
__Writing: Fingerspell words from Mondays assignment with mom

Wednesday 11-19-08 (yes I write the date slightly different on the cards)
__ Morning Chores
__ Bible * 10 min/1 story
__ Writing Check Email
__Math: B.G. H2O, 10 problems orally Dice D12xD12 (w/mom)
20 Minutes Workbook
__ P.A.C.E. pgs 19/20/21
__ Science with mom 10:00 AM
__ Read 20 mins Magic Treehouse
Approx 3 hours

Thurs NOV 20, 2008

__ Morning Chores
__ Bible * 10 min/1 story
__ Writing Check Email

__ Math: 30 minutes Your Choice
__ P.A.C.E. 2pgs 22-23
__Read 25 mins Magic Treehouse
__ Online Science: Check Email
Approx 3 hours

__ Morning Chores
__ Bible * 10 min/1 story
__Math 20 mins Your Choice

__Magic Treehouse 20 Mins
__Finish any incomplete schoolwork from Mon-Thur
__ Homework: Check Email [writing]

Here are the emails I sent Ki:
MONDAY- correct your sentences from last week. Then using the same 10 words, write a short story. It can be a 1 paragraph story. (3-5 sentences) as long as you use all 10 words. Email the corrected sentences an the new writing to me. Respond to last weeks WRITING email for his assignment.

TUESDAY- we'll have school on Base after PE/Lunch. You will finger spell your 10 words with me.

WEDNESDAY- here is a list of 6 words: SLOW HUNGER CARIBBEAN CREATE BELIEVE TEACH . I want you to change the tense or write different words with the same root. You need to have 20 words total. email your 20 words to me.

THURSDAY- Use the 20 words from WEDNESDAY. Write a phrase for each word. (does not need to be full sentences) ex: if your words were [love, yellow, mango] your phrases might be [ I love you ] [a yellow yo-yo] [three mango muffins]

HOMEWORK: Due Monday [Nov 24] Morning: Choose 6 of your phrases and make them full sentences. draw pictures for 3 of your sentences.

**Email for Science:
MONDAY W/ MOM: science experiment and make 2nd whale for Ocean Box
WEDNESDAY W/ MOM: science notebook for whales chapter
THURSDAY: Netflix Documentary. watch and be able to discuss it with a parent

Connor's work was all emailed to him:
READ 45 MINUTES (and read 1 chapter in your Bible. It can count towards your 45 minutes)
15 MINUTES typing practice. mom's new laptop. Mavis Beacon typing program. I'll show you how to access it on Monday

3.5 hours math

ROCK COLLECTION- use your collection box (in the chest in front of the couch), place 1 specimen in each compartment. Number the compartments. Cut index cards into pieces that fit in each compartment. Date/location of the find. (use rocks from our latest trip to Shell Beach). On a sheet of paper that fits in the lid- number the paper for each specimen. Look at each specimen with a magnifying glass and by touch. Write 3 things(descriptive words) about each rock on the numbered paper. (words like 'opaque, translucent, smooth, rough, splotches, veins, monochromatic, etc)

WATCH NETFLIX: Nature: Extreme Lands

PACE: Read pages 9-11.(starting with section V. Church Government) Read ONE PAGE at a time and answer all questions you can with that ONE PAGE. Page 11. stop when you get to VI. European Gov't
ACTIVITY PAC: Complete pages J and K.

Gavin's was emailed as well. HIs stuff is pretty independent.
Read Daily. (45 minutes)
Read 1 chapter daily in your Bible. Stick in the same book and read in order.

Spend time daily doing what's needed in Physics and/or Economics

Spend 3 hours in Algebra. [either ALEKS or High School Advantage] ask dad for help if you get stuck

WATCH the Hadron You Tube TAKE this online QUIZ: http://www.physics.org/featuredetail.asp?NewsId=24 don't look at the answers before hand! no peeking! and let me know how you did.

BROWSE this website: http://scienceworld.wolfram.com/physics/ once this week

VIDEOS/GAMES: http://www.physics.org/interact.asp watch some videos/ Play some Games. explore this website 2 days this week. 30 minutes each time.


And I still doing individual classes with each boy. Ki needs it, Connor half needs the 1-on-1 and half just likes it. Gavin just needs a little help with understanding his boring, dry PACE book. We are doing note taking right now and not bothering with the question packet. We'll use it later.

I'm still doing Geo Mind Builders and reading God's WORLD News a couple times a week.

and we are still working on memory verses each morning. I bought a small Dry Erase board to hang on the wall to list Prayer Requests for our Morning Prayer time.

Friday, November 14, 2008


they are about 1.5 hours south and won;t make it up to us. But we have an air quality advisary and were told to conserve water.
from a website:
( http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601103&sid=amOI4QXAA24E&refer=us )

Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- About 4,500 residents of the celebrity enclave of Montecito, California, are fleeing a fire whipped by high winds that has burned more than 1,500 acres and destroyed or damaged at least 60 homes.

The blaze began at 5:50 p.m. Los Angeles time yesterday in the Los Padres National Forest, and more than 1,100 firefighters have been deployed, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, also known as Cal Fire. About 1,500 homes are threatened.

``This continues to be a dangerous fire and residents should remain aware of local conditions and be prepared to respond to any warnings,'' the Santa Barbara County Fire Department said in a statement.

Montecito is southeast of Santa Barbara and about 73 miles (118 kilometers) up the coast from Los Angeles. Actors including Michael Douglas own property there. In addition to those who fled the area, officials have urged another 4,500 to consider leaving, Cal Fire said in a statement.
The area is under a red-flag warning until tomorrow from the National Weather Service in Oxnard, meaning conditions exist that will ``create explosive fire-weather conditions.''
Last night, 70 mph wind gusts were recorded for five hours, said Dave Samuhel, a meteorologist at private forecaster AccuWeather Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania. The area is also experiencing near-record heat and dryness, he said.
Desert Air Mass

``It is basically a desert air mass with wind added on top of it,'' Samuhel said. ``You can't say enough how high the fire danger is.''

Samuhel said the region won't get any relief from the high temperatures, wind gusts and low humidity for several days.

``This is a full weekend event,'' Samuhel said. ``This will be an extreme weekend.''
While winds won't be as severe in the next few days, they will still be high, and the hot weather will continue, Samuhel said.

``There is no big cool-down coming,'' Samuhel said.

Efforts to battle the blaze have also put a strain on the region's water supply, and residents are urged to curb their usage, the Montecito Fire Department said in a statement.

``Water reservoirs have dropped to critically low levels,'' the statement said.
Early Start

California had an unprecedented early start to its fire season in June, when lightning touched off 1,700 fires in one day that went on to consume more than 1 million acres (404,686 hectares), a record for destruction.

The number of homes damaged and destroyed in the new blaze, dubbed the Tea Fire, may rise when teams can inspect the area in the daylight, said Doug Lannon, a spokesman for Cal Fire.
Firefighters will receive help from 10 air tankers and nine helicopters later today, he said.
As of Nov. 7, 73,704 wildfires were reported in the U.S., burning about 5.1 million acres, according to the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho. The 10-year, January-to- November average is 73,070 fires burning 6.8 million acres.
The agency reports there have been 9,589 wildfires in California so far this year. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has said the state now has a year-round fire season. --

Thursday, November 13, 2008

can your 12 yr old do this?

It seems odd and very unimportant as far as skills go. Something we probably never even think about. Ki is 12. He's never really been good at scooting a chair.

We go to sit at a table or desk and scoot the chair under the table as we sit down on the chair.

We scoot the chair back out when we stand up to leave.

Ki can't do this. He places the chair and then squirms to get into it. Or just sits on the very edge of the chair and doesn't have it scooted up at all.

when he gets out, he has to slide off and wiggle out (or often he is doing the 'barely on the edge of the chair with the chair not really scooted under the table)

He had trouble with our earthquake drill today because he couldn't scoot his chair out of the way of the desk and instead he ran across the room to the door frame. door frames are good and under a sturdy desk is good-- but you need too do whatever is CLOSEST. so if your at the desk you shouldn't run across the entire room to get to the door frame and vise-versa.

so I guess now I have t teach my 12 yr old how to scoot his chair. I started to, but Ki was very defensive and about to have a meltdown over it and I decided to do it later and maybe avoid a meltdown and subsequent bad day.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Nov 10 starting with 29.1 hours.
(I just needed a parking spot for this info until I decide what to do with it)

Gavin - 40.4

Saturday, November 8, 2008

PLANS for the WEEK and bit of a Week-Ending report

I seem to be doing this Week-End School thing backwards. Right now it is easier to list what I plan for next week, then write much about what wew did this week. It was a fast and busy week. I feel like not much was done, but I'm sure my kids learned a lot. With caring for a snake, having a public schooled- 14 yr old with us, ASL class, P.E., going on walks and all the imagining they do.

We have a couple changes to our school plans this week. Last week I used Index Cards for Ki b/c he lost his notebook. He loses it often. We talked and decided to use Index Cards again. He can take the card for the day out and carry it with him and if he loses it her still has all the other cards. Not like how he often carries his notebook around and sets it down and can’t find it the next day.

Connor asked to not use his assignment book but for me to write his assignments in an email.

Gavin has some new CD-Roms I purchased. They are all part of a College Prep/High School Advantage package. I will have him load 2 of them onto his laptop this week and we’ll go over them.

We only will have’school’ on M-W-F. Tuesday Brian has the day off and I want to go to Shell Beach and have Connor collect some rock samples. Thursday we are having EarthQuake Awareness Day and will play games when we are done with the Earthquake stuff. (like Fluxx and Zendo and Thin Ice)

On M/W/F I will start the school day with Bible Verses and prayer. I have enjoyed our memory verse work and want to continue it. I will do reading from God’s World News and do Geo Mind Buliders. I also plan on doing some Mad Libs. We have a Mad Libs for President version. I will continue to have scheduled class time with the boys. That is still working well. 10:00 with Ki, 11:00 with Connor and Gavin will either be 9AM or 1PM. Not sure this week. I may leave it open and see how it works out for us.

I usually don’t give Gavin weekly assignments. He has some things due in January and I usually just remind him to work on those. I had a book list for his this school year. It was a somewhat open list. Like “Read a book by Mark Twain, a book by Rudyard Kipling, a Christian Biography, a fiction, and a historical fiction, .” Gavin said he’d rather have me pick the books and just tell him what to read. So I picked Treasure Island. He’s almost done. Next will be The Prince and the Pauper. This week I have a few things for him to work on for school Here is the email I sent him:

--Load the High School Advantage CD-Rom onto your laptop and show me. We'll go over a few things in it and see how it works.
--Same with the SAT*PSAT disk

-do 3.5 hours of ALEKS
-Work on your Physics. Module 3 (or lesson or chapter or whatever they call it). Read items need for your next experiment and make sure we have them. Make sure you are taking good notes. Dad will look over your notes. If you need physics help from dad let him know (maybe send him an email brian.xxxxxl@*******.com
-Finish the book you are reading. Let me know when you are finished. I want you to give an oral report to us, maybe after dinner. You can pick a dessert and we can eat dessert while you tell us about the story.
-I may assign you some work on the CD-Roms you loaded Monday
-We will do some things in your Economics Workbook. I will have scheduled class times for this (check the dry erase board). You can even add the times to your google calendar if you want.
-do 2 entries on your Blog. Don't forget to spellcheck and read it out loud before you post.

Here is Connor’s email:
1. Social Studies PACE BOOK pages G,H,I they are a review (check-up). Let me know if you get stuck. Try to spread it out and do a little each day, so you aren’t stuck with a bunch on Thursday and need lots of help last minute.
2. 3 hours on ALEKS
3. Finish reading Journey to the Center of the Earth. Let me know when you finish. Read 30 minutes a day.
4. write about 3 current events. (4 sentences each). Draw a picture to go with one of the current events. http://geology.com/news/

5. Writing this week: do on the computer as a Word Document and Save As "ConnorsWritingNovXX" put the date you write in where the Xs are. You can choose from to following [a],[b], or [c] : [a] write 5 limericks [b] write a 3 paragraph description of an event (like feeding Tie or having Micah and Josiah over) [c] write 3 paragraphs as the start of a story
DAILY- read your Bible daily. 15 minutes or 1 chapter. Start in any Book Of the Bible and read in order. Let me know which BOB you are reading.

Here is a sample of Ki’s cards. We are just doing ‘schooly-school’ on M-W-F, so he only has 3 cards this week:
Wed. November 12, 2008
⌂ Morning Cores
⌂ Read Bible 10 minutes or 1 story (he has a ‘picture Bible, it’s written like a comic book)
⌂ Q.T. 15 mins, B.G., H2o, Math Y.C. – 20 mins
⌂ Caribbean 30 minutes (I have a separate card with a list activities for his Caribbean Study)
⌂ P.A.C.E. pg 13&14
⌂ Magic Treehouse 20 minutes.
⌂ Writing: check your email
(he had a writing assignment on the computer Monday. I will have written/highlighted parts for him to correct for Wednesday)



Poor Kitty. he looks quite pathetic and sad. He has trouble with steps. and ends up just laying down on the steps becuase he thinks he's stuck.

I have to fold his cone back so he can eat and drink.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

There Once Was.....

We did Limericks on Monday. Here are some of Connor's:

There once was a cat named Soks
Who loved to sleep in a box.
His fur was all gray
and he liked to play
and his head was not full of rocks

I once knew a boy named Jake
who liked to make chocolate cake
with ice cream on top
and balloons to pop
So a Chocolate cake he did make

Soksey the cat loves to pur
that gray you see is his fur
when he says "Meow"
he really means "OW!"
now that the cat has a burr

Tie is a little king snake
his eyes are very opaque
he ate a pinkie
he is not stinky
and he doesn't like in a lake

You know of soks the cat
you know he is not fat
nor is he mad
and not very bad
and he prefers a box not a mat

Pumpkin the Cat is old
and doesn't like to get cold.
She doesn't like Soks
or even his box.
She wishes he would get SOLD!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Conversation with Gavin

GAVIN: (taking his physics test) "cool. I just have one more problem."

ME: "No way! I'm only half way done with my Chai!" (we're testing at the coffee shop)


GAVIN: "So, can I round up my answer?"

ME: "Why? does it have a bazillion decimal places out?"

GAVIN: "No. I got 30.6. But I wasn;t sure if it's the right formula."

ME:"Why, did you use your notes? Did you take good notes so you have the formulas in your notebook?"

GAVIN: "The formula's in my notebook, I just didn't know which formula it was. So I just made one up in my head to use."

Who does that?? Who just makes up physics formulas in their head??And he got it correct.

Mathmatically, he got a 91%. but he forgot to write his units on one wrote too sloppy for my to determine exactly what he wrote on one. Those were the last two problems. I guess the pumpkin pie wore off by then.

I gave him an 89%.

GAVIN: " Know what I don't get? You kow how scientist say if you drop 2 different sized objects from the exact same height, they will reach the ground at the exact same time......?"
ME: "Yes, what about it"
GAVIN: "Well, that's not exactly true. All objects exert their own gravity. So a larger object will will have a greater gravitational pull and pull it to the ground faster. Of course, the difference is so minute, you'd only notice is you were dropping, say, a marble and the moon. The moon would hit the grounds about 2 times faster."

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cook Out

I'm enjoying having Dynasty here with us.

Tonight we cooked hotdogs and S'mores on the the fire thing (like a metal firepit). Dynasty had never cooked out before, apparently! I think she enjoyed it. She was unsure about it at first. We told her she didn't have to, of course, and could just mocrowave hers. But all 5 of us were out there with our hotdogs on roaster sticks over the flames and she finally decided to join us. Brian took hers off the stick for her. She did a couple marshmallows, too.

Almost every night she asks us of we play games. We played the first night and tried the 3rd night, but didn't have time to finish. But she always asks if we're going to play games 'tonight'. She said her family used to, but they don't much anymore. She said her dad was planning on playing games more often. We'll have to invite them over for game nights- they live close. Tonight we played "10 Days in Asia" and "Treehouse". We need to play Apples to Apples next time. She had mentioned a couple times but we always end up playing something different. It's nice to play a lot of games. We play from time to time, but I always wish we'd find the time to play more.

We were going to go tot he beach but it's a bit chilly and ready to rain any minute, so we skipped the beach and just hung out here.She kinda enjoyed watching the snake eat. She was more curious to see the lump in it's body then the actual eating.Connor really likes his little snake!

I have most of the school plans for the up coming week. Some of our lessons include: Snake Research, collecting rock samples at the beach (with a pick), writing limmericks, planning a Caribbean Menu, learning Braile and a trip to the library. It should be a fun week. asside from Gavin's physics test.


Connor caught a California king snake on Halloween. It's young, only about 12 inches long (very slender). We named it and asked to keep it. So we now have a 10 gallon 'critter terrarium' with a heating pad under it and spend $11 on 6 frozen mice pinkies (now I know why my dad raised them. that's a rip-off!)

I was getting ready to see if we could find a place that sells live pinkies as I didn't know if it would eat a frozen one, being wild and uses to live prey. But it started eating it right away. I'll check it in a bit. It seemed to maybe be having problems getting it in it's mouth well. it has such a small head.

We're headed to shell beach today with Dynasty. It's a bit chill today. it's been very cloudt the past couple days and rained at night. Maybe we're at the beginning of the Rainy Season here! I loved looking at the clouds today and all their bubbly, swirliness. I like clouds and have missed them lately.

I plan on a light school week. Though Gavin will be doing his Physics test Monday.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Dynasty (the 14 yr old) arrived last night. She and her dad ate dinner with us; a Taco Buffet that Brian made all my himself (I did the rice and beans). We all played a card game. Dynasty was showing Gavin her math. She's a math brain ike Gavin. We all sat and talked about school. She asked about how long it takes- when the boys are done. So we calculated. (we don't do consistant times). Then had to explain why it doesn't as long. Then the kids all had Swiss Miss, she packed her lunch for today and went to bed. Dynasty is really nice.

Brian was up at 6:45 to take her to school. I think they left the house at 7:15. I was in bed still. Connor was up the whole time- he's like that. He got all his morning chores done and by the time I woke up at 8:10 (I forgot to set my alarm I like to get up at 7:30- probably should have just gotten up with Brian)- Connor was done and playing his morning computer.

Ki slept in till 8:15.

I called Gavin at 8:40 and he got up and showered.

It's a slow starting day.

at 9 we did our memory verse work together (while Gavin ate breakfast- since he slept in later then the rest).

We talked about what we are doing today and when I'd be doing 1-on-1 work. I got them started on independent work and took my shower.

Our water bill will be astronomical this month. Brian has been watering the yard, front and back, pretty much daily- then the 5 of us showering (C&K just every other day) and Dynasty......

I Frenched Braided my hair after my shower today. I won't have to wash it tomorrow now.

Gavin was printing his papers from his Political Party Research and the printer ran out of ink.

Can't find Ki's clay for his Ocean Box. I'll ride to Staples today and buy ink and clay. And Albertson's for Flour- or Von's. And a ride to the Farmer's Market. (no staples and only rode tothe farmers market- it triggered my headache.)

They boys did their independent work. (or are doing it as I type). I need to go hang laundry.

after school they dug outside in the dirt for a couple hours. Then we went to Gymnastics. Had to stop at the store on the way home for flour to make banana bread. Got home around 7:30. had some kettle corn and Dynasty was interested in playing a game. it was 8 by the time we got started, took a few minutes to explain and get set up, then next thing you know it's 8:30 and Dynasty has to take a shower and go to bed. so we had to pause the game after only a couple rounds.

Dynasty is a really sweet girl and very responsible. I'm glad my kids don't leave all day for school and I barely get to see them in the evenings.


Monday, October 27, 2008


It always amazes me when people actually find my blog interesting or insightful enough to actually mention me and give me a blog award.

MADDY has bestowed upon my blog the honor of the "blogs that teach me something" award"

So, now I get to pass it out to a few of the blogs that teach me things.

Elisheva Hannah's Ragamuffin Studies- I love reading abot the history of Jewish celbrations on her blog and she has lots of neat pictures and info about where she lives.

Stacie- All in a Day's Work- I like learning about her life homesteading. I learn about her feelings for frogs and also some good nutrition type tips (not eating frogs nor nutrition for frogs)

GardenGirl- I like reading how unschooloing her older boys goes. And I think I have learned a couple recipes here, too. it's always an inspiring blog

HipChick- I learn recipes and ideas here. I learn to stop and look at simple things and be grateful.

Simple Woman's Daybook Oct 27, 2008

For Today... OCTOBER 27, 2008 (click the above picture to read more Simple Woman Daybook entries by other women)

Outside my Window... There was an extra heavy dew/mist this morning. We get our Morning Garden of Eden Dew here. Some days it's so heavy you can hear it dripping off the roof and through the trees and it sounds like rain- almost.

I am thinking... Having a teenage girl living here this week and next will b e interesting and hopefully fun.

From the learning rooms... I posted a list 2 days ago of the boys intended work. Gavin did 2 of his Physics Experiments yesterday and will hopefully be ready for his end of chapter test later this week. Physics has become a weekend/evening class now that he had advanced enough to need help. Brian does it with him a couple nights a week on Saturday or Sunday. This week for Social Studies the boys are researching different Political Parties for their Elections class. I think I have 2 more classes of ASL to teach.

I am thankful for... My husbands great job. He had 15 workdays of leave he has to take of between now and Dec 31. That's almost every other workday.

From the kitchen... 2 bags of Amish Friendship Bread starter. I forgot to take my 4 bags to the Homeschool Group Friday. I decided to just keep 2 and throw 2 away. Tomorrow we'll have the V.H's over for Tacos when they drop Dynasty off to stay a week.

I am wearing... new slippers from Target. I had worn holes in my other ones.

I am reading... about the Green Party, the Libertarian Party and the Democratic Party.

I am hoping... to have a smooth week with our house guest.

I am creating.. - I am waiting for the sewing table to get cleared off so I can create there.

I am hearing... cars, trucks, keyboards, Connor&Gavin, birds, some humming sound....

Around the house... All the questions are getting redundant now. Last week I used our dry erase board as a calendar for the week. Each day with school times, plans we have, place we will go, dinner, etc- the boys really liked it so I'm doing it again this week.

One of my favorite things... SleepyTime Tea with Honey

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... continuing the: Getting up around 7:15 daily, earlier breakfasts, that was great for everyone except Ki who was overly tired and having meltdowns at the end of the week. So we are back to the older two getting up early and letting Ki sleep until 8:30 and Breakfast at 9, unless G&C ate already. Continue the Individual classes for each boy, ASL, PE and elections class, and Gymnastics. This weeks PE class is a run/walk to support the troops. I will be biking to the Farmers market on Wed. **BIGGEST PLAN this week- Dynasty comes tomorrow and stays for 8-9 days. Brian will take her to school and pick her up.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

next weeks lists

A new Weekly Meme. Stacie introduced me to this one. It nice to do a weekly review of how school went.

You can click on the above picture to go to the Cuddles on the Couch blog to find more weekly reviews to read and to add your own.

Last week went decently enough. but our mornings are too early for Ki.

not much to write aout last week, sI wrote the plans for next week-It's a good thing I did their school lists yesterday. I almost always do them on Saturday. I woke with an awful migraine today. Maybe my 'honeymoon period' of the move is coming to an end. I'm back up to 2 a month. still better than the 4-5 a month I am used to having. I can think enough to type and copy mu school lists, but not enough to plan them.

I am listing Ki's and Connor's school work for next week. I will adding notes to their work IN RED to explain more about them. These IN RED notes are not in their notebooks just here on the blog.

*Ki likes daily lists that ell him what he needs to do, offers some choice (sometimes in what he does that day. sometimes it's what he chose for that week or month), and he can do them in any order he wants (except for Scheduled classes with me- which he looks forward to daily and his Morning Chores)


□ Morning Chores * he has constant morning chores (like make bed) and monthly chores, like this month he is dishwasher. if I h ave specifics I write a post it and put it on the window)
□ Read your Red Bible (10 minutes or 1 story) * He had a red picture Bible. It reads like a comic book. Some stories are shorter than others. He chooses what he reads and if he wants 1 story or just until 10 minutes have passed.
□ Aleks QT or LP 15 mins H2O & B.G.
● 10 minute break
● B.G., C.C.R., 20 Mins Pie Chart * he likes when I use acronyms for him to figure out what I am telling him. QT is Quick Tables, LP=LeapPad, H2O=water, BG=Brain Gym, CCR=Chocolate Covered Raisins.

□ Read Going Places “Tony’s Hard Work Day” pg 48-58 * this is a book I used with Connor to help reading comprehension. I assign a story, write my own questions (tailored to the boys and what I know they like. Connor had a lot of counting like 'how many times was the word "house" used. Ki prefers people facts, so I ask all about the dynamics between the characters and their names and stuff) I sometimes assign memory verses that go with the story some how.
□ 10:00 AM Science with Mom * Ki LOVES his Zoology book he chose for this year (apologia. he choose zoology-sea animals, I choose Apologia).He loves the time I schedule to read to him and just focus on him. we add Internet activities, NetFlix Instant views, and more- and he likes the experiments we do together.
□ 2:00 God’s World News with mom and brothers * God's World News is a magazine I ordered. I wanted to get it before, but it's kinda pricey for a magazine and last year we had this impending move, so I waited till we got here. I only read a short story out of it, the boys enjoy our discussions that go with the short stories. last week we read an a voting ballot that was addressed to a CAT in a campaign mt register more new voters and a sandwich bag that had green 'mold' looking spots, so your sandwich looks yucky and no one will steal it from your locker or the work fridge (and some other things about the economy)

TUESDAY OCT 28 * Tuesday is a little less work as we have 2 homeschool classes on base.

□ Morning Chores
□ Read your Red Bible (10 minutes or 1 story)
□ 25 mins MATH our choice * He loves this choice and freedom. Brian insists in Aleks, so I make sure he does it once a week, but he hates it and doesn't do well. The Quick Tables are very good for him and he does those 3 times a week (with an option to do the Math Drills in the Leap Pad). We have about 4 or 5 math things from which he can choose. He likes Miquon and Froggy Decimals best.
□ Going Places NOTEBOOK page 1 & 2 . *I write his questions in a different color ink each week and write the page number (starting at 1 again each week) in the corner in a circle. on his notebook I also circle the numbers so it looks like it does in his notebook. I uses a composition notebook- bound- as pages accidentally get ripped out of Spiral bound and lost in folders. The one I use has those faint dashes for lower case letters. It helps with his dyslexia and SID to have that.
□ 1 Page Social Studies w/ mom *Ki asked for a curriculum this year! and he likes workbooks, so we went with ACE workbooks. 1 or 2 pages doesn't sound like much, but it has Bible passages to read and Ki always has lots of great discussions
□ 25 minutes read the Magic Treehouse book you picked last week. *sometimes he can read whatever he wants to. This week I got out all of our Magic Treehouse books (we only have about 10) and let him choose from those. He chose the Saber tooth Cat one.
□ shower

Wed Oct 29 * I actually do each day in a different color to help him as he gets confused what day he is on, but with the different colors, at least he can say "Oh, I did green yesterday- this must be yesterday's work" and change the page. I have a clippy that I clip the past weeks together, but he refused to clip back each finished day during the week.
□ Morning Chores
□ Read your Red Bible (10 minutes or 1 story)
□ MATH ~ Brain Gym, H2O
● 15 mins QT or LP
● 7 minute break
● 20 minutes Math Your Choice

□ Going Places read pages 49-54
● Do notebook page 4. Tell mom which you chose. It is due Friday * read the bottom of Ki's list for descriptions of this weeks activities and assignments in his note book. I have him read the simple short story twice. It helps with comprehension.
□ 10:00 AM science with mom
□ 11:00 AM Social Studies with mom 2 pages
□ 2 :00 PM God’s World News

Thursday Oct 30

□ Morning Chores
□ Read your Red Bible (10 minutes or 1 story)
□ 30 minutes Math You Choose
- can be split into 15 minutes and 15 minutes * for example he may choose to do 15 minutes in Miquon and 15 minutes in his Metric Units book.
□ Going Places read pgs 55-57. Do notebook pg 3 * read below
□ 10:00 AM Science with mom
□ 1 page Social Studies with mom
□ 2:00 PM God’s World News
□ Shower

Friday 10-31-2008

□ Morning Chores
□ Read your Red Bible (10 minutes or 1 story)
□ Math * B.G., H2O
● QT or LP 15 minutes
 ● 7 minute break
● BG, H20, 15 minutes your choice

□ Going Places read pages 58-59
● do NOTEBOOK 5

□ Cat Litter

** Ki's going places notebook. I have page that says Choose 1 of the following activities to have done by Friday:
1. Do a puppet Schow that tells the story
2.Dress as one of the characters and tell the story from their point of view (use a voice you'd think they might sound like) and record it on Gavin's Webcam
3. Build a detailed Lego House and give a brief description of the story to your family.
**I also have a page that says to list 4 diffrent chores around the house he does and choose 1 to write a detailed paragraph about what exactly he does.

CONNOR’S SCHOOL WORK FOR THE WEEK. * Connor asked to have all his work for the week at once so he can do it when he wants to and maybe work ahead to be done by Wednesday. Usually he puts it all off till Thursday morning and is very, very busy all day Thursday and Friday

Oct 27-31

● ALEKS 3.5 hours (average 42 minutes per day)
● Read Chapters 1-5 in Journey to the Center of the Earth
● Geology – Read 4 current events and write about them * I email online links to him each week. he does online lessons and his Geology Current events are online. He always likes those. We also have links to a lot of different pictures and sometimes his assignment is drawing and labeling different rocks. Next week I plan to take him to the rocky beach to collect samples.
● Research your Political Party for elections class- Due Thursday Night.
*In the Homeschool Co Op Elections class, their teacher has them divided into teams to research the top 6 parties (I think it's about 6). Connor pleaded to research the Green Party- because it's his favorite color.

DAILY * Connor always has a few things to do daily. This keeps is frame of mind focused on the fact he has school to do.
● Flea Comb Soksey

● Morning Chores
● Read Bible 15 minutes
● Cat Litter on Wed
● Shower M-W-F
● God’s World News Class with mom/brothers
* a couple times a week I add Geo mind Builders to this scheduled class.

GAVIN- has a list of what is due on January 1st and I just remind him after breakfast to work on his stuff. I often don't know what he's doing. He just does what he wants on what's due and does the amount he thinks is needed.

He has a few daily things.

Morning chores


monday cat littler


read his Bible

Friday, October 24, 2008

Learning my Lesson

as a homeschooling mom to 3 boys with "learning disabilities", I learn a lot. Daily. Yesterday was a day of meltdowns. Meltdowns for everyone! no one was left out of the day's festivities! But I think we learned from it. Well, I learned something, hopefully they did, too. You never can tell it seems.

I gave a writing assignment, made it fun- so I thought, they thought it was awful, not fun, and would have rather written 2 pages in stead of the 1 paragraph. I didn't think it through and plan it well. They didn't respond well and talk civilly to me about how they felt about it. they got mad, I got upset. but we moved past it and got it all worked out.

So, I learned that I really should write out a good syllabus for each of them, esp for classes I teach- (as opposed to unschooling or independent work). And I think next time I will give them a choice if I think it is a fun writing project. Do the 'fun one' with me or write a 2 page report....LOL (and chances are they'd choose the 2 page report)

Also to be much more specific about writing requirements. Telling them how many items I require to be done like the directions specifically say and how many items they can change or use their own ideas.

*And Ki needs to sleep later than his brothers. getting up between 7:30 and 8 for a week had him way to tired. I want him to sleep iin if he wants to, but I hate having 2 breakfast. Connor & Gavin wake early and like to eat somewhat soon. Then if Ki sleeps in he'll not have breakfast for 1-2 hours later!

I am all for them making choices and using their own ideas. I know it is good for all kids and esp good for kids with 'sensory disorders'. But I also know that to function well in this adult world they will have to be able to just follow specific instructions sometimes- without changing them or adding their own ideas. Most bosses aren't going to let them choose what to do, how and when all the time and most will not present them 3 different ways to get the job done and let them choose which one and then do it differently.

But they always have a choice. They just need to learn to see it that way. They can choose to do it, with a good attitude, to the best of their ability, to please God. OR they can choose to have fits and temper tantrum and get fired. Sometimes life is harsh. As homeschoolers I still need to make sure they learn those lessons, it's just that I can teach them those harsh lessons about life is a comfortable, safe, loving environment and not shove it down their throats all at once, but teach them as they are ready and in a way they best can comprehend.

***PS- I'l share the writing assignment when we are all done with it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ki is in his room having a sobbing, crying fit. Over a simple assignment. It's days like these I want to force my kids to get up at 6AM and sit at a table and 6 hours of written school work for a month so they can see how good they have it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For our friend who was talking about the stupid creatures he created on the Spore Game.

Aaron once made a Spore
it simply sat on the floor
without any brains
unmoved it remains
though he wants it to do much more

Spores he once did create
so his experiments he could update
with the alien race
from outer space
so the planet could pollinate

A set of 3 for Stacie, with a 4th not related to them:

I know of a girl named Stace---
who had frogs all over the place--
They live in a pond--
and seem very fond
of repopulating their amphibian race---

The fact that they were so prolific
Stace did find to be quite horrific
they were covered with slime
all of the time
and thought croaking all night was terrific

She then decided to drain
the pond that she felt was profane.
the water was out
and mud all about
yet the frogs still did remain

There once was a word called DOG
and another that ryhmed was a LOG
while the CAT and the RAT
both SAT on a HAT
the DOG met a HOG in a BOG

One for a friend who doesn't like what's on the news these days:

Living without a TV
Has been enjoyable for me
But Brian did buy
a New one to try
to play his BSG DVD

One for a friend who likes McCain, but isn't sure about Palin.

I'd like to vote for McCain
But I wonder is Palin is sane
If he dies she's in charge
a role that might be too large
for control she'd have to regain

and one for the boy who was tricked into eating cow stomach and got sick.

Robert used to feel fine
Till he ate the gut of a bovine
now he explains
why he's in pain
to a fixed jury of nine

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hip-Hop/Mexican Polka/Chinese Tacos

Picture This:

As I am sitting at the intersection waiting for the light to change. Pulling up next to me is a red convertible. A Ford Cobra. The top is down, of course, being Sunny California. Seated in the drivers seat is a college age guy wearing a black baseball cap; backwards. His Hip-Hop/Rap/Rock booming out the speakers. The epitome and 'COOL'.

A pretty stark contract to my "hippy-sleek-geek". As I sat there on my rusty, purple bike wearing my grey and black bicycle helmet and jeans and tan 'tunic-dress-top'. With not only my front basket loaded with groceries that needed to be bungeed in place, but both back-side expandable baskets loaded with bungeed bags of food and the little tray behind the seat had a bag of groceries strapped to it.

At the next corner, how ever, was a white jeep blaring some Mexican Polka with a Trumpet Solo. The song was even about Amigos- a word I know!

Further down the road I bike past the Chinese store. The fried rice and meat in brown sauce smelled wonderful. We go to this restaurant from time to time. The Chinese food isn’t the best, but the have the BEST Carne Asado Tacos!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


For Today... OCTOBER 20, 2008 (click the above picture to read more Simple Woman Daybook entries by other women)

Outside my Window... I am downstairs this morning so I can see the backyard out my nice, big back window. The cat is in the windowsill (on the outside). I see my newly planted succulents and the Jade Trees still in their pots. I see the box for the new Fire Pit Brian bought for out back porch and the WetVac that was being used to clean the indoor grill. The sky is kind of a dull greythis morning. I see a bird that looks half asleep on the small fence.

I am thinking... It's great having older (teenage) kids! and thinking that Ki sounds sleepy still.

From the learning rooms... a nice little list of things this week.

I am thankful for... the ability to help others with our home. (we are having a 'dinner party' on Wed and then next week a 14 yr girl will stay here for a week while her parents are out of state)

From the kitchen... the counter is clean. Brian cleaned out the indoor grill in the kitchen so we can try to fire it up this week.

I am wearing... cute blue plaid Jammie Pants, a blue tank top and a yellow long sleeve thermal knit top.

I am reading... Peril by Choice to Ki and the Bible.

I am hoping... to get everything done today that needs to be and my friend's daughter does well getting her tonsils out today.

I am creating.. a little more structure than we had last week.

I am hearing... washer, keyboard, Ki doing morning chores,the fridge, my tummy just growled, and the occasional vehicle on the road.

Around the house... it is a little chilly right now. The kids are awake. I bought some bowls at a garage sale that look nice on the counter. We needed a few new bowls and since they look nice on the counter I don;t have to figure out where in the cupboard to keep them. Brian cleaned the stuff out of the front room over the weekend. And he have a few pumpkins on the low shelf thing that runs along the fireplace wall. And a new TV. We were without a TV since early June (4.5 months). We just do DVDs as we don;t have cable or even 'rabbit ears'

One of my favorite things... Bedtime Hugs from my kids.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... continuing the: Getting up around 7:15 daily, earlier breakfasts, moving Gavin's laptop out of his bedroom, Individual classes for each boy, ASL, PE and elections class, and Gymnastics. This weeks PE class is a bike ride. I will be biking to the Farmers market on Wed. Also on Wed we are making a big Taco Buffet at the house for 13 people.


Sunday, October 19, 2008


Just sharing some of the youtube videos my boys watch in their free time.

Counting To Infinity (yes. a guy sitting there... counting......... I stopped at 194)
MechPack 4 (warning..approaching critical heat level. Shut Down imminent)
The Mean Kitty Song (Views: 13,729,370 . My boys probably make up 4, 321, 556 of those)
Weird Al (The Hardware Store Song)
Large Hadron Rap (yep. everything you ever wanted to know about dissipating ions or something like that)
MWLL (All the information you need to know to fully customize your battlemech w/ a modular pod system)
Weird Al White & Nerdy (no explanation needed)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Review #2

A new Weekly Meme. Stacie introduced me to this one. It nice to do a weekly review of how school went. What went well, what went out the window, what went down on the list of new ideas, and what went on at the Farmer's Market.

You can click on the above picture to go to the Cuddles on the Couch blog to find more weekly reviews to read and to add your own.

Gavin- Explored tidal pools and tidal caves. Plugged away at Physics and Algebra 2 with a little help from Brian. Watched Youtube videos. Read. Memorized a couple Bible Verses. Played Multi-player Online games. Wrote a computer program (w/ Python) that finds prime numbers. Did a Power Point Presentation for his Gov't class. Picked pumpkins and enjoyed a Hay Maze. Ate a lot of rice. Updated his blog.
Connor- Did a little geology. Read. Memorized Bible Verses. Found an octopus. Did geometry. Watched YouTube videos. Picked pumpkins and enjoyed a Hay Maze. Did a speech on Ohio
Government. Ate roast beef with onions and cheddar-jack cheese. Played on the computer.
Ki-Did some Science experiments. Watched an Octopus 'ink'. Picked pumpkins and enjoyed a Hay Maze. Read. memorized Bible Verses. Did math. Ate ice-cream. Played on the computer.
Me- drove around a lot. Did a couple geocaches. Made a couple 'friendship bracelet' key fobs. I didn't go on a hay ride or Hay Maze. But I bought some pumpkins. Rode my bike. Had coffee/lunch with a friend. Made scones. (and general housework)
What didn't get Done-
-- It was a busy week with Monday off for Tidal Pool trip (Brian was off work), 2 classes on base Tuesday, Barn Trip and Gymnastics Wed, Church Thursday, Class Friday- the boys pretty much just did reading, Writing, and Bible this week. And a little science. So I guess everything else didn't get done. But I guess a good bit of unschooling happened with the octopus and Gavin's computer program and all the other stuff. No Farmer's Market - we went to Avila Farm instead.
What needs to be done Next week-
  • GeoMindBuilders. (didn't get to this once again)
  • I have a writing project for the boys
  • more science than last week
  • Social Studies (A.C.E. workbooks since the boys wanted to try some curriculum for a subject- but we really don't like it)
  • Breakfast by 8:30. We did pretty good last week with this! I decided Fridays would be late breakfast. a Sleep-In School Day somewhat.
  • ASL, P.E., Gymnastic, Election Class.
  • I want to do a Geocaching Bike Trip. Either this week or next week.
  • Reading and Math. Gavin is reading Treasure Island
  • Ki's Language Arts/Reading Comprehension stuff.


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