Thursday, November 13, 2008

can your 12 yr old do this?

It seems odd and very unimportant as far as skills go. Something we probably never even think about. Ki is 12. He's never really been good at scooting a chair.

We go to sit at a table or desk and scoot the chair under the table as we sit down on the chair.

We scoot the chair back out when we stand up to leave.

Ki can't do this. He places the chair and then squirms to get into it. Or just sits on the very edge of the chair and doesn't have it scooted up at all.

when he gets out, he has to slide off and wiggle out (or often he is doing the 'barely on the edge of the chair with the chair not really scooted under the table)

He had trouble with our earthquake drill today because he couldn't scoot his chair out of the way of the desk and instead he ran across the room to the door frame. door frames are good and under a sturdy desk is good-- but you need too do whatever is CLOSEST. so if your at the desk you shouldn't run across the entire room to get to the door frame and vise-versa.

so I guess now I have t teach my 12 yr old how to scoot his chair. I started to, but Ki was very defensive and about to have a meltdown over it and I decided to do it later and maybe avoid a meltdown and subsequent bad day.
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