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Ki Terrill, our Up & Coming chef, made yummy Caribbean French Toast for us and another homeschool family on Friday. MUEY SABROSO! the recipe is posted below~

Sunday or Monday he is fixing his complete Caribbean Dinner. Recipes will be posted after the event.

We used a loaf of french bread sliced and for the 'batter' we used:
6 eggs (about 1 1/2 cups)
1/2 Cup O.J.
1/2 Cup Mango-Pineapple Nectar
1/3 Cup whipping cream
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2-1 teaspoon cinnamon

Up&Coming School Week:

Another great day of school planning. I love sitting with a Latte and planning out the week's scholastics. Here is what I came up for next week:

Ki (12) is still using Index cards for his daily assignments. I think we'll stick with it. It seems to work well. He also asked to get some of his stuff emailed to him. I also wrote approx how much time it should take each day on each card. So here is what I have:

Index Card for Monday Nov 17, 2008
__ Morning Chores
__ Bible * read 10 minutes or 1 story
__ Writing * Check your Email
__ Math * 10 Dice Problems D12 X D12 (oral and w/ mom) B.G., H2O, 10 Ch.Cv.Rsns
20 mins Choose a workbook.
__ P.A.C.E. correct pg 13. Do pgs 17& 18
__ Read * 20 minutes Magic Treehouse
__ Science with mom at 10:00 AM
* Approx 3 hours

Tues. November 18, 2008
__ Morning Chores
__ Bible 10 min/1 story
__ VAFB Homeschool ASL/PE/Lunch
__ Read Magic Treehouse 25 minutes
__Math 2 pages Your Choice, B.G., H2O
__Writing: Fingerspell words from Mondays assignment with mom

Wednesday 11-19-08 (yes I write the date slightly different on the cards)
__ Morning Chores
__ Bible * 10 min/1 story
__ Writing Check Email
__Math: B.G. H2O, 10 problems orally Dice D12xD12 (w/mom)
20 Minutes Workbook
__ P.A.C.E. pgs 19/20/21
__ Science with mom 10:00 AM
__ Read 20 mins Magic Treehouse
Approx 3 hours

Thurs NOV 20, 2008

__ Morning Chores
__ Bible * 10 min/1 story
__ Writing Check Email

__ Math: 30 minutes Your Choice
__ P.A.C.E. 2pgs 22-23
__Read 25 mins Magic Treehouse
__ Online Science: Check Email
Approx 3 hours

__ Morning Chores
__ Bible * 10 min/1 story
__Math 20 mins Your Choice

__Magic Treehouse 20 Mins
__Finish any incomplete schoolwork from Mon-Thur
__ Homework: Check Email [writing]

Here are the emails I sent Ki:
MONDAY- correct your sentences from last week. Then using the same 10 words, write a short story. It can be a 1 paragraph story. (3-5 sentences) as long as you use all 10 words. Email the corrected sentences an the new writing to me. Respond to last weeks WRITING email for his assignment.

TUESDAY- we'll have school on Base after PE/Lunch. You will finger spell your 10 words with me.

WEDNESDAY- here is a list of 6 words: SLOW HUNGER CARIBBEAN CREATE BELIEVE TEACH . I want you to change the tense or write different words with the same root. You need to have 20 words total. email your 20 words to me.

THURSDAY- Use the 20 words from WEDNESDAY. Write a phrase for each word. (does not need to be full sentences) ex: if your words were [love, yellow, mango] your phrases might be [ I love you ] [a yellow yo-yo] [three mango muffins]

HOMEWORK: Due Monday [Nov 24] Morning: Choose 6 of your phrases and make them full sentences. draw pictures for 3 of your sentences.

**Email for Science:
MONDAY W/ MOM: science experiment and make 2nd whale for Ocean Box
WEDNESDAY W/ MOM: science notebook for whales chapter
THURSDAY: Netflix Documentary. watch and be able to discuss it with a parent

Connor's work was all emailed to him:
READ 45 MINUTES (and read 1 chapter in your Bible. It can count towards your 45 minutes)
15 MINUTES typing practice. mom's new laptop. Mavis Beacon typing program. I'll show you how to access it on Monday

3.5 hours math

ROCK COLLECTION- use your collection box (in the chest in front of the couch), place 1 specimen in each compartment. Number the compartments. Cut index cards into pieces that fit in each compartment. Date/location of the find. (use rocks from our latest trip to Shell Beach). On a sheet of paper that fits in the lid- number the paper for each specimen. Look at each specimen with a magnifying glass and by touch. Write 3 things(descriptive words) about each rock on the numbered paper. (words like 'opaque, translucent, smooth, rough, splotches, veins, monochromatic, etc)

WATCH NETFLIX: Nature: Extreme Lands

PACE: Read pages 9-11.(starting with section V. Church Government) Read ONE PAGE at a time and answer all questions you can with that ONE PAGE. Page 11. stop when you get to VI. European Gov't
ACTIVITY PAC: Complete pages J and K.

Gavin's was emailed as well. HIs stuff is pretty independent.
Read Daily. (45 minutes)
Read 1 chapter daily in your Bible. Stick in the same book and read in order.

Spend time daily doing what's needed in Physics and/or Economics

Spend 3 hours in Algebra. [either ALEKS or High School Advantage] ask dad for help if you get stuck

WATCH the Hadron You Tube TAKE this online QUIZ: don't look at the answers before hand! no peeking! and let me know how you did.

BROWSE this website: once this week

VIDEOS/GAMES: watch some videos/ Play some Games. explore this website 2 days this week. 30 minutes each time.


And I still doing individual classes with each boy. Ki needs it, Connor half needs the 1-on-1 and half just likes it. Gavin just needs a little help with understanding his boring, dry PACE book. We are doing note taking right now and not bothering with the question packet. We'll use it later.

I'm still doing Geo Mind Builders and reading God's WORLD News a couple times a week.

and we are still working on memory verses each morning. I bought a small Dry Erase board to hang on the wall to list Prayer Requests for our Morning Prayer time.

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