Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cook Out

I'm enjoying having Dynasty here with us.

Tonight we cooked hotdogs and S'mores on the the fire thing (like a metal firepit). Dynasty had never cooked out before, apparently! I think she enjoyed it. She was unsure about it at first. We told her she didn't have to, of course, and could just mocrowave hers. But all 5 of us were out there with our hotdogs on roaster sticks over the flames and she finally decided to join us. Brian took hers off the stick for her. She did a couple marshmallows, too.

Almost every night she asks us of we play games. We played the first night and tried the 3rd night, but didn't have time to finish. But she always asks if we're going to play games 'tonight'. She said her family used to, but they don't much anymore. She said her dad was planning on playing games more often. We'll have to invite them over for game nights- they live close. Tonight we played "10 Days in Asia" and "Treehouse". We need to play Apples to Apples next time. She had mentioned a couple times but we always end up playing something different. It's nice to play a lot of games. We play from time to time, but I always wish we'd find the time to play more.

We were going to go tot he beach but it's a bit chilly and ready to rain any minute, so we skipped the beach and just hung out here.She kinda enjoyed watching the snake eat. She was more curious to see the lump in it's body then the actual eating.Connor really likes his little snake!

I have most of the school plans for the up coming week. Some of our lessons include: Snake Research, collecting rock samples at the beach (with a pick), writing limmericks, planning a Caribbean Menu, learning Braile and a trip to the library. It should be a fun week. asside from Gavin's physics test.
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