Thursday, November 20, 2008

Read Your Bible & Pray Everyday

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Read Your Bible & Pray Everyday……

… And you’ll grow….Grow…GROW!!! That was one of my favorite Sunday School Songs as a child. Any song where I got to get out of my chair and move was a favorite. Like “I’m in the Lord’s Army” YES SIR!. Of course I like Trust and Obey, too. Songs that told you what to do to ‘be a good Christian’ were also favorites. I have always been told by Spiritual Gifts are Prophecy and Discernment. BACK the subject at hand….. Reading the Bible Everyday. (in case you forgot the subject at hand as I was taking random tangent trails)

What does it mean to Read Your Bible everyday. I guess it may not be as Black and white as I’d like. There is not real formula that the right and proper way to go about it daily. I was taught to Read and Pray first thing in the morning. “Get up early and do it before the rest of the house is awake.” I need 9 hours of sleep (or 10). Connor used to wake for the day at 5; Bright eyed and bushy tailed. NO WAY is my brain working at that hour to get anything out of reading the Bible. Now he gets up between 6:30 and 7:30. Sometimes earlier. But I sleep till 7:30. Sorry Sunday school teacher; I can’t do it that early. My brain needs an hour or two to overcome my dyslexia before I can read in order to comprehend. So my Bible Reading isn’t at 6AM. I used to feel guilty about that.

Then there is the topic of ‘what constitutes proper Bible reading for personal daily growth.” Is it one hour of studious pouring over the same passage and take fervent notes? Does it have to be consecutive? Genesis 1 today, Gen 2 tomorrow, Gen 3, the next and so on?. Again, something I could never do. I can read in order for a few days, but by then my mind is ready for a new topic. (If not daily). I have tried a couple devotional books. They never work. I don’t have the patience. The smallest thought had me researching a different topic or different passage. It’s like ADD Bible Reading. Reading one passage brings up questions to research something else, when I get there I read a bit and soon find a different question that needs answered….. Another thing I always would feel guilty about.

Ki is very good about going in order. He has a Bible Picture Book. Basically the whole Bible is a Comic Book format. He started at the beginning of creation and is not all the way through the Old Testament and into the New; reading about the Ministry of Christ.

And does reading the Bible to my kids count as my ‘Daily Reading’? I have been reading to Ki out of Genesis (mostly) to go with his School Workbook. I decided that counts, but not for every day. But occasionally it counts.

Some days I read the verses from Last weeks sermon. ( I copy each one down in my color-coded Church Notebook). Sometimes I read for next weeks topics. Sometimes I get a butterfly and have to chase it. This week it was reading more in-depth about Communion. Some days I just listen to Worship Music and hymns and sing ‘Bible Verse Songs” with my kids. I love the one from Psalms “The Law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul, the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple… more to be desired are they than Gold, yea than much fine go—old..Sweeter also than the ho-oney in the honey comb” and love the round “Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord…”

I start my day with prayer and often songs, but my bible reading comes later in the day. And sometimes I forget to read. Then I feel all guilty again. I feel guilty about a lot sometimes.

PS- I don't feel guilty about 'not doing it right anymore. Haven't for a while.
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