Monday, November 24, 2008

Sneak Peek

Tuesday Connor has his ENT appointment for his ear. He still has hearing loss and says his ear feels wet and gooey inside, but it doesn't hurt anymore.

Did I tell you all about my plans Wednesday? I don’t think I did. We are attending a small church out here called Element ( . My pastor reminds me of a pachycephalosaur.

Sometimes the lead guitarist plays barefoot. Not sure what he reminds me of yet. He's really tall with bushy red, curly hair.

Anyway, the pastor needed some people to volunteer their homes for the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Event. The church just started up in January/February, but I guess they all did something like this last Thanksgiving as a group.

The members sign up to attend and are split among 3 different houses. They church provides the main dish (Carne Asada Tacos) and the people that come all bring drinks and sides. All I have t do clean my house and make cookies. I might have 30 people here. As I can not get away with TACOS for Thanksgiving, I’ll be cooking a small turkey for us to eat on Thursday. Brian invited a couple from work. They have a 14 yr old daughter that stayed with us for a week while her parents were out of state. (don't know if they are coming or not)

Friday we are going to a Monarch Butterfly Cove.

The next Monday Connor has an appointment for teeth Xrays to determine if he needs oral surgery.

Dec 1-2 Brian will be out of state on TDY.

Dec 3-10 his parents and grandpa are staying here. So we have a few outings planned to do with them.

Then Dec 13 I am running a Gaming Table at a small, local gaming convention. My boys will be running a table, too. I think that might count as an extra-curricular something for their school transcript.

Then my birthday… then Christmas.. then Dec 28-Jan 4 we will have 2 Japanese exchange students at our house.
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