Saturday, November 22, 2008


once a month (often less frequently because I forget) we have PAYING JOBS. I list 9 or 12 jobs with their descriptions and prices and the boys can take turn choosing jobs to earn money. They jobs have to be done in a certain time window and they have to finish what they start (can't start cleaning the cabinets fronts today, do a little more tomorrow and finish them Sunday)

Here are the jobs this months:

"ICE to meet you!"
*Clean and organize the inside of the freezer and make a tray of ICE

"A Good Frontal Attack"
*Clean Fronts of appliances
- fridge/freezer, dishwasher, both ovens, microwave

Sweep Front Porch and sweep both sets of steps (Ki asked if he got more money if he scraped the moss of the side steps and I said Yes)

Wash pet food bowls, shake mat, vacuum floor area, vacuum mat, replace mat and filled bowls

"We've been NUKED!"
Thoroughly clean the inside of the microwave

"MMmmm... TOASTY!"
Clean Toaster Oven. empty crumbs, clean rack, clean glass front, replace foil liner

Clean and organize the inside of the fridge

Vacuum couch and chair in front room, vacuum under cushions, wipe wood on front

Sweep and Mop Kitchen

I wonder if we afford to do this every other week. Maybe limit it to 2 jobs each time and only do the More Expensive jobs once a month....
the kinda funny thing is, sometimes they have these jobs to do just because they are told (like vacuuming the couch, sweeping, mopping kitchen....)
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