Saturday, November 8, 2008

PLANS for the WEEK and bit of a Week-Ending report

I seem to be doing this Week-End School thing backwards. Right now it is easier to list what I plan for next week, then write much about what wew did this week. It was a fast and busy week. I feel like not much was done, but I'm sure my kids learned a lot. With caring for a snake, having a public schooled- 14 yr old with us, ASL class, P.E., going on walks and all the imagining they do.

We have a couple changes to our school plans this week. Last week I used Index Cards for Ki b/c he lost his notebook. He loses it often. We talked and decided to use Index Cards again. He can take the card for the day out and carry it with him and if he loses it her still has all the other cards. Not like how he often carries his notebook around and sets it down and can’t find it the next day.

Connor asked to not use his assignment book but for me to write his assignments in an email.

Gavin has some new CD-Roms I purchased. They are all part of a College Prep/High School Advantage package. I will have him load 2 of them onto his laptop this week and we’ll go over them.

We only will have’school’ on M-W-F. Tuesday Brian has the day off and I want to go to Shell Beach and have Connor collect some rock samples. Thursday we are having EarthQuake Awareness Day and will play games when we are done with the Earthquake stuff. (like Fluxx and Zendo and Thin Ice)

On M/W/F I will start the school day with Bible Verses and prayer. I have enjoyed our memory verse work and want to continue it. I will do reading from God’s World News and do Geo Mind Buliders. I also plan on doing some Mad Libs. We have a Mad Libs for President version. I will continue to have scheduled class time with the boys. That is still working well. 10:00 with Ki, 11:00 with Connor and Gavin will either be 9AM or 1PM. Not sure this week. I may leave it open and see how it works out for us.

I usually don’t give Gavin weekly assignments. He has some things due in January and I usually just remind him to work on those. I had a book list for his this school year. It was a somewhat open list. Like “Read a book by Mark Twain, a book by Rudyard Kipling, a Christian Biography, a fiction, and a historical fiction, .” Gavin said he’d rather have me pick the books and just tell him what to read. So I picked Treasure Island. He’s almost done. Next will be The Prince and the Pauper. This week I have a few things for him to work on for school Here is the email I sent him:

--Load the High School Advantage CD-Rom onto your laptop and show me. We'll go over a few things in it and see how it works.
--Same with the SAT*PSAT disk

-do 3.5 hours of ALEKS
-Work on your Physics. Module 3 (or lesson or chapter or whatever they call it). Read items need for your next experiment and make sure we have them. Make sure you are taking good notes. Dad will look over your notes. If you need physics help from dad let him know (maybe send him an email brian.xxxxxl@*******.com
-Finish the book you are reading. Let me know when you are finished. I want you to give an oral report to us, maybe after dinner. You can pick a dessert and we can eat dessert while you tell us about the story.
-I may assign you some work on the CD-Roms you loaded Monday
-We will do some things in your Economics Workbook. I will have scheduled class times for this (check the dry erase board). You can even add the times to your google calendar if you want.
-do 2 entries on your Blog. Don't forget to spellcheck and read it out loud before you post.

Here is Connor’s email:
1. Social Studies PACE BOOK pages G,H,I they are a review (check-up). Let me know if you get stuck. Try to spread it out and do a little each day, so you aren’t stuck with a bunch on Thursday and need lots of help last minute.
2. 3 hours on ALEKS
3. Finish reading Journey to the Center of the Earth. Let me know when you finish. Read 30 minutes a day.
4. write about 3 current events. (4 sentences each). Draw a picture to go with one of the current events.

5. Writing this week: do on the computer as a Word Document and Save As "ConnorsWritingNovXX" put the date you write in where the Xs are. You can choose from to following [a],[b], or [c] : [a] write 5 limericks [b] write a 3 paragraph description of an event (like feeding Tie or having Micah and Josiah over) [c] write 3 paragraphs as the start of a story
DAILY- read your Bible daily. 15 minutes or 1 chapter. Start in any Book Of the Bible and read in order. Let me know which BOB you are reading.

Here is a sample of Ki’s cards. We are just doing ‘schooly-school’ on M-W-F, so he only has 3 cards this week:
Wed. November 12, 2008
⌂ Morning Cores
⌂ Read Bible 10 minutes or 1 story (he has a ‘picture Bible, it’s written like a comic book)
⌂ Q.T. 15 mins, B.G., H2o, Math Y.C. – 20 mins
⌂ Caribbean 30 minutes (I have a separate card with a list activities for his Caribbean Study)
⌂ P.A.C.E. pg 13&14
⌂ Magic Treehouse 20 minutes.
⌂ Writing: check your email
(he had a writing assignment on the computer Monday. I will have written/highlighted parts for him to correct for Wednesday)
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