Saturday, March 21, 2009

long babbling update of business

Reality : we are busy. Busier than I really want to be. But this is how it is. I am finally getting a new schedule/routine that works.

MONDAY- been baking and Monday is a good AT HOME day to get some baking done. MONDAY is the day we pack up for Tuesday's classes, but we have to pack before dinner. No more packing up at the last minute. We have Church Classes from 6-7 or 7:30, them eat. We tried eating at 5 or 5:15 as soon as Brian gets home, but [A] we don;t have time to clean up before we leave [B] we never can get it finished and were a couple minutes late [C] sometimes Brian just can't get home in time. So, last week I made CrockPot Chicken {gavin LOVED, Connor and Brian devouredit, too) heated some rolls and nukes a bag of seasoned frozen veggies from Trader Joes. It worked well, so I will continue it. Let's not forget housework and school. **GOOD NEWS- the Gospel Class only have 5 more weeks. but I think I'll continue the schedule.

TUESDAY- wake at 7:30, eat quick breakfast, clean the kitchen, pack and foods that couldn't be packed the night before and be out the door at 9AM. The kids pack supplies for art class, laptop&school books & paper/pencils, water bottles, change of clothes for gymnastics/karate. I teach 2 ASL classes, they take ASL, P.E.,Art, do some school work they brought,Karate for Ki and Gymnastics for Gavin & Connor. I bring books to read and my notebook.

7PM is about the time we get home, have a snack (it's a 'grazing' day). Put away all the stuff we brought, play a bit and go to bed.

WEDNESDAY- no matter how many times I try to make myself be GREAT and make this a day at home to get caught up on school from Tuesday- we are all just TOOOOOO tired from Tuesday. I finally admitted it, changed it to an easy day with a little school in themorning & park/beach/Farmers Market for the rest of the day. MARCH 25 is Brian's birthday (he requested Salmon & mashed potatoes & chocolate cake). I want to go to the Farmers Market. on the 25th there is a BIG Craft Bazaar with Home Sales people. Pampered Chef (want a couple more things) and a mom from Karate does inhome candle sales adn invited me. So that starts at 5. then I can be home by 6-6:30 for dinner and cake/presents. I hoe to have the boys turn their Tueday Art Projects into B-Day cards- save us a step or two in our week.

THURSDAY- This will be our "GET BUSY doing school" day. Ki has Karate from 4:30-5:30 (getting home at 6-6:10). All 3 boys have youth group from 6:30-8. On Thurs, Brian makes sure G&C eat and gets a quick dinner ready for Ki, so he can eat quickly and go to church. Sometimes they grab Del Taco (cheaper than Taco Bell- cheaper than the grocery store, LOL) and just bring them to church.

MARCH 26- we are skipping Karate. We decided to see if we can skip every-other Thursday. It's a Tues/Thurs class. I'll be making the Aztec Soup and "Sub-Sandwich Buffet"- using stuff from Wed's Farmers Market. Wed's will usually be "Sub-Sandwich Buffet"- but Brian's B-day is this week.

FRIDAY- another "Buckle Down School Day" with Tues & Wed being light school days. Usually we have Small Group, a light dinner before we go and the boys usually make pizzas and watch a movie at home while we are gone. MAR 27 is a Homeschool Pot-Luck and Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt. I plan to make 2 batches homemade bread and maybe some fruit salad.

I have split my prayer list into 2 lists and have them emailed to me. Alternating List A and list B. I get requests online fromout church and I add those in each week. I also have charted my bible research. MON-prep for Gospel Class. TUES-WED is review of Monday's Gospel class (there are a bazillion scripture references each class and I use my Strong's Concordance and my MacArthur Study Bible THUR/FRI is Reading for Friday's Small Group. Saturday is reading/studying for Sunday's Sermon.

I just can't seem to get my Daily exercise. I can;t even get it in 3 times a week right now. I REALLY want to use my Pilates DVD regularly! I seem to get it twice a week and then it's just BUSY-BUSY-BUSY and bike riding. Today we walked a looooooooong path/boardwalk to the beach and back.

I plan on a sit down meal once on the weekend. sometimes Saturday and Sometimes Sunday.

*** Next Week though-- I decided to take a School Break. We went 6 full weeks- so it's tiime for a fun break


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