Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Dynasty (the 14 yr old) arrived last night. She and her dad ate dinner with us; a Taco Buffet that Brian made all my himself (I did the rice and beans). We all played a card game. Dynasty was showing Gavin her math. She's a math brain ike Gavin. We all sat and talked about school. She asked about how long it takes- when the boys are done. So we calculated. (we don't do consistant times). Then had to explain why it doesn't as long. Then the kids all had Swiss Miss, she packed her lunch for today and went to bed. Dynasty is really nice.

Brian was up at 6:45 to take her to school. I think they left the house at 7:15. I was in bed still. Connor was up the whole time- he's like that. He got all his morning chores done and by the time I woke up at 8:10 (I forgot to set my alarm I like to get up at 7:30- probably should have just gotten up with Brian)- Connor was done and playing his morning computer.

Ki slept in till 8:15.

I called Gavin at 8:40 and he got up and showered.

It's a slow starting day.

at 9 we did our memory verse work together (while Gavin ate breakfast- since he slept in later then the rest).

We talked about what we are doing today and when I'd be doing 1-on-1 work. I got them started on independent work and took my shower.

Our water bill will be astronomical this month. Brian has been watering the yard, front and back, pretty much daily- then the 5 of us showering (C&K just every other day) and Dynasty......

I Frenched Braided my hair after my shower today. I won't have to wash it tomorrow now.

Gavin was printing his papers from his Political Party Research and the printer ran out of ink.

Can't find Ki's clay for his Ocean Box. I'll ride to Staples today and buy ink and clay. And Albertson's for Flour- or Von's. And a ride to the Farmer's Market. (no staples and only rode tothe farmers market- it triggered my headache.)

They boys did their independent work. (or are doing it as I type). I need to go hang laundry.

after school they dug outside in the dirt for a couple hours. Then we went to Gymnastics. Had to stop at the store on the way home for flour to make banana bread. Got home around 7:30. had some kettle corn and Dynasty was interested in playing a game. it was 8 by the time we got started, took a few minutes to explain and get set up, then next thing you know it's 8:30 and Dynasty has to take a shower and go to bed. so we had to pause the game after only a couple rounds.

Dynasty is a really sweet girl and very responsible. I'm glad my kids don't leave all day for school and I barely get to see them in the evenings.


Monday, October 27, 2008


It always amazes me when people actually find my blog interesting or insightful enough to actually mention me and give me a blog award.

MADDY has bestowed upon my blog the honor of the "blogs that teach me something" award"

So, now I get to pass it out to a few of the blogs that teach me things.

Elisheva Hannah's Ragamuffin Studies- I love reading abot the history of Jewish celbrations on her blog and she has lots of neat pictures and info about where she lives.

Stacie- All in a Day's Work- I like learning about her life homesteading. I learn about her feelings for frogs and also some good nutrition type tips (not eating frogs nor nutrition for frogs)

GardenGirl- I like reading how unschooloing her older boys goes. And I think I have learned a couple recipes here, too. it's always an inspiring blog

HipChick- I learn recipes and ideas here. I learn to stop and look at simple things and be grateful.

Simple Woman's Daybook Oct 27, 2008

For Today... OCTOBER 27, 2008 (click the above picture to read more Simple Woman Daybook entries by other women)

Outside my Window... There was an extra heavy dew/mist this morning. We get our Morning Garden of Eden Dew here. Some days it's so heavy you can hear it dripping off the roof and through the trees and it sounds like rain- almost.

I am thinking... Having a teenage girl living here this week and next will b e interesting and hopefully fun.

From the learning rooms... I posted a list 2 days ago of the boys intended work. Gavin did 2 of his Physics Experiments yesterday and will hopefully be ready for his end of chapter test later this week. Physics has become a weekend/evening class now that he had advanced enough to need help. Brian does it with him a couple nights a week on Saturday or Sunday. This week for Social Studies the boys are researching different Political Parties for their Elections class. I think I have 2 more classes of ASL to teach.

I am thankful for... My husbands great job. He had 15 workdays of leave he has to take of between now and Dec 31. That's almost every other workday.

From the kitchen... 2 bags of Amish Friendship Bread starter. I forgot to take my 4 bags to the Homeschool Group Friday. I decided to just keep 2 and throw 2 away. Tomorrow we'll have the V.H's over for Tacos when they drop Dynasty off to stay a week.

I am wearing... new slippers from Target. I had worn holes in my other ones.

I am reading... about the Green Party, the Libertarian Party and the Democratic Party.

I am hoping... to have a smooth week with our house guest.

I am creating.. - I am waiting for the sewing table to get cleared off so I can create there.

I am hearing... cars, trucks, keyboards, Connor&Gavin, birds, some humming sound....

Around the house... All the questions are getting redundant now. Last week I used our dry erase board as a calendar for the week. Each day with school times, plans we have, place we will go, dinner, etc- the boys really liked it so I'm doing it again this week.

One of my favorite things... SleepyTime Tea with Honey

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... continuing the: Getting up around 7:15 daily, earlier breakfasts, that was great for everyone except Ki who was overly tired and having meltdowns at the end of the week. So we are back to the older two getting up early and letting Ki sleep until 8:30 and Breakfast at 9, unless G&C ate already. Continue the Individual classes for each boy, ASL, PE and elections class, and Gymnastics. This weeks PE class is a run/walk to support the troops. I will be biking to the Farmers market on Wed. **BIGGEST PLAN this week- Dynasty comes tomorrow and stays for 8-9 days. Brian will take her to school and pick her up.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

next weeks lists

A new Weekly Meme. Stacie introduced me to this one. It nice to do a weekly review of how school went.

You can click on the above picture to go to the Cuddles on the Couch blog to find more weekly reviews to read and to add your own.

Last week went decently enough. but our mornings are too early for Ki.

not much to write aout last week, sI wrote the plans for next week-It's a good thing I did their school lists yesterday. I almost always do them on Saturday. I woke with an awful migraine today. Maybe my 'honeymoon period' of the move is coming to an end. I'm back up to 2 a month. still better than the 4-5 a month I am used to having. I can think enough to type and copy mu school lists, but not enough to plan them.

I am listing Ki's and Connor's school work for next week. I will adding notes to their work IN RED to explain more about them. These IN RED notes are not in their notebooks just here on the blog.

*Ki likes daily lists that ell him what he needs to do, offers some choice (sometimes in what he does that day. sometimes it's what he chose for that week or month), and he can do them in any order he wants (except for Scheduled classes with me- which he looks forward to daily and his Morning Chores)


□ Morning Chores * he has constant morning chores (like make bed) and monthly chores, like this month he is dishwasher. if I h ave specifics I write a post it and put it on the window)
□ Read your Red Bible (10 minutes or 1 story) * He had a red picture Bible. It reads like a comic book. Some stories are shorter than others. He chooses what he reads and if he wants 1 story or just until 10 minutes have passed.
□ Aleks QT or LP 15 mins H2O & B.G.
● 10 minute break
● B.G., C.C.R., 20 Mins Pie Chart * he likes when I use acronyms for him to figure out what I am telling him. QT is Quick Tables, LP=LeapPad, H2O=water, BG=Brain Gym, CCR=Chocolate Covered Raisins.

□ Read Going Places “Tony’s Hard Work Day” pg 48-58 * this is a book I used with Connor to help reading comprehension. I assign a story, write my own questions (tailored to the boys and what I know they like. Connor had a lot of counting like 'how many times was the word "house" used. Ki prefers people facts, so I ask all about the dynamics between the characters and their names and stuff) I sometimes assign memory verses that go with the story some how.
□ 10:00 AM Science with Mom * Ki LOVES his Zoology book he chose for this year (apologia. he choose zoology-sea animals, I choose Apologia).He loves the time I schedule to read to him and just focus on him. we add Internet activities, NetFlix Instant views, and more- and he likes the experiments we do together.
□ 2:00 God’s World News with mom and brothers * God's World News is a magazine I ordered. I wanted to get it before, but it's kinda pricey for a magazine and last year we had this impending move, so I waited till we got here. I only read a short story out of it, the boys enjoy our discussions that go with the short stories. last week we read an a voting ballot that was addressed to a CAT in a campaign mt register more new voters and a sandwich bag that had green 'mold' looking spots, so your sandwich looks yucky and no one will steal it from your locker or the work fridge (and some other things about the economy)

TUESDAY OCT 28 * Tuesday is a little less work as we have 2 homeschool classes on base.

□ Morning Chores
□ Read your Red Bible (10 minutes or 1 story)
□ 25 mins MATH our choice * He loves this choice and freedom. Brian insists in Aleks, so I make sure he does it once a week, but he hates it and doesn't do well. The Quick Tables are very good for him and he does those 3 times a week (with an option to do the Math Drills in the Leap Pad). We have about 4 or 5 math things from which he can choose. He likes Miquon and Froggy Decimals best.
□ Going Places NOTEBOOK page 1 & 2 . *I write his questions in a different color ink each week and write the page number (starting at 1 again each week) in the corner in a circle. on his notebook I also circle the numbers so it looks like it does in his notebook. I uses a composition notebook- bound- as pages accidentally get ripped out of Spiral bound and lost in folders. The one I use has those faint dashes for lower case letters. It helps with his dyslexia and SID to have that.
□ 1 Page Social Studies w/ mom *Ki asked for a curriculum this year! and he likes workbooks, so we went with ACE workbooks. 1 or 2 pages doesn't sound like much, but it has Bible passages to read and Ki always has lots of great discussions
□ 25 minutes read the Magic Treehouse book you picked last week. *sometimes he can read whatever he wants to. This week I got out all of our Magic Treehouse books (we only have about 10) and let him choose from those. He chose the Saber tooth Cat one.
□ shower

Wed Oct 29 * I actually do each day in a different color to help him as he gets confused what day he is on, but with the different colors, at least he can say "Oh, I did green yesterday- this must be yesterday's work" and change the page. I have a clippy that I clip the past weeks together, but he refused to clip back each finished day during the week.
□ Morning Chores
□ Read your Red Bible (10 minutes or 1 story)
□ MATH ~ Brain Gym, H2O
● 15 mins QT or LP
● 7 minute break
● 20 minutes Math Your Choice

□ Going Places read pages 49-54
● Do notebook page 4. Tell mom which you chose. It is due Friday * read the bottom of Ki's list for descriptions of this weeks activities and assignments in his note book. I have him read the simple short story twice. It helps with comprehension.
□ 10:00 AM science with mom
□ 11:00 AM Social Studies with mom 2 pages
□ 2 :00 PM God’s World News

Thursday Oct 30

□ Morning Chores
□ Read your Red Bible (10 minutes or 1 story)
□ 30 minutes Math You Choose
- can be split into 15 minutes and 15 minutes * for example he may choose to do 15 minutes in Miquon and 15 minutes in his Metric Units book.
□ Going Places read pgs 55-57. Do notebook pg 3 * read below
□ 10:00 AM Science with mom
□ 1 page Social Studies with mom
□ 2:00 PM God’s World News
□ Shower

Friday 10-31-2008

□ Morning Chores
□ Read your Red Bible (10 minutes or 1 story)
□ Math * B.G., H2O
● QT or LP 15 minutes
 ● 7 minute break
● BG, H20, 15 minutes your choice

□ Going Places read pages 58-59
● do NOTEBOOK 5

□ Cat Litter

** Ki's going places notebook. I have page that says Choose 1 of the following activities to have done by Friday:
1. Do a puppet Schow that tells the story
2.Dress as one of the characters and tell the story from their point of view (use a voice you'd think they might sound like) and record it on Gavin's Webcam
3. Build a detailed Lego House and give a brief description of the story to your family.
**I also have a page that says to list 4 diffrent chores around the house he does and choose 1 to write a detailed paragraph about what exactly he does.

CONNOR’S SCHOOL WORK FOR THE WEEK. * Connor asked to have all his work for the week at once so he can do it when he wants to and maybe work ahead to be done by Wednesday. Usually he puts it all off till Thursday morning and is very, very busy all day Thursday and Friday

Oct 27-31

● ALEKS 3.5 hours (average 42 minutes per day)
● Read Chapters 1-5 in Journey to the Center of the Earth
● Geology – Read 4 current events and write about them * I email online links to him each week. he does online lessons and his Geology Current events are online. He always likes those. We also have links to a lot of different pictures and sometimes his assignment is drawing and labeling different rocks. Next week I plan to take him to the rocky beach to collect samples.
● Research your Political Party for elections class- Due Thursday Night.
*In the Homeschool Co Op Elections class, their teacher has them divided into teams to research the top 6 parties (I think it's about 6). Connor pleaded to research the Green Party- because it's his favorite color.

DAILY * Connor always has a few things to do daily. This keeps is frame of mind focused on the fact he has school to do.
● Flea Comb Soksey

● Morning Chores
● Read Bible 15 minutes
● Cat Litter on Wed
● Shower M-W-F
● God’s World News Class with mom/brothers
* a couple times a week I add Geo mind Builders to this scheduled class.

GAVIN- has a list of what is due on January 1st and I just remind him after breakfast to work on his stuff. I often don't know what he's doing. He just does what he wants on what's due and does the amount he thinks is needed.

He has a few daily things.

Morning chores


monday cat littler


read his Bible

Friday, October 24, 2008

Learning my Lesson

as a homeschooling mom to 3 boys with "learning disabilities", I learn a lot. Daily. Yesterday was a day of meltdowns. Meltdowns for everyone! no one was left out of the day's festivities! But I think we learned from it. Well, I learned something, hopefully they did, too. You never can tell it seems.

I gave a writing assignment, made it fun- so I thought, they thought it was awful, not fun, and would have rather written 2 pages in stead of the 1 paragraph. I didn't think it through and plan it well. They didn't respond well and talk civilly to me about how they felt about it. they got mad, I got upset. but we moved past it and got it all worked out.

So, I learned that I really should write out a good syllabus for each of them, esp for classes I teach- (as opposed to unschooling or independent work). And I think next time I will give them a choice if I think it is a fun writing project. Do the 'fun one' with me or write a 2 page report....LOL (and chances are they'd choose the 2 page report)

Also to be much more specific about writing requirements. Telling them how many items I require to be done like the directions specifically say and how many items they can change or use their own ideas.

*And Ki needs to sleep later than his brothers. getting up between 7:30 and 8 for a week had him way to tired. I want him to sleep iin if he wants to, but I hate having 2 breakfast. Connor & Gavin wake early and like to eat somewhat soon. Then if Ki sleeps in he'll not have breakfast for 1-2 hours later!

I am all for them making choices and using their own ideas. I know it is good for all kids and esp good for kids with 'sensory disorders'. But I also know that to function well in this adult world they will have to be able to just follow specific instructions sometimes- without changing them or adding their own ideas. Most bosses aren't going to let them choose what to do, how and when all the time and most will not present them 3 different ways to get the job done and let them choose which one and then do it differently.

But they always have a choice. They just need to learn to see it that way. They can choose to do it, with a good attitude, to the best of their ability, to please God. OR they can choose to have fits and temper tantrum and get fired. Sometimes life is harsh. As homeschoolers I still need to make sure they learn those lessons, it's just that I can teach them those harsh lessons about life is a comfortable, safe, loving environment and not shove it down their throats all at once, but teach them as they are ready and in a way they best can comprehend.

***PS- I'l share the writing assignment when we are all done with it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ki is in his room having a sobbing, crying fit. Over a simple assignment. It's days like these I want to force my kids to get up at 6AM and sit at a table and 6 hours of written school work for a month so they can see how good they have it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For our friend who was talking about the stupid creatures he created on the Spore Game.

Aaron once made a Spore
it simply sat on the floor
without any brains
unmoved it remains
though he wants it to do much more

Spores he once did create
so his experiments he could update
with the alien race
from outer space
so the planet could pollinate

A set of 3 for Stacie, with a 4th not related to them:

I know of a girl named Stace---
who had frogs all over the place--
They live in a pond--
and seem very fond
of repopulating their amphibian race---

The fact that they were so prolific
Stace did find to be quite horrific
they were covered with slime
all of the time
and thought croaking all night was terrific

She then decided to drain
the pond that she felt was profane.
the water was out
and mud all about
yet the frogs still did remain

There once was a word called DOG
and another that ryhmed was a LOG
while the CAT and the RAT
both SAT on a HAT
the DOG met a HOG in a BOG

One for a friend who doesn't like what's on the news these days:

Living without a TV
Has been enjoyable for me
But Brian did buy
a New one to try
to play his BSG DVD

One for a friend who likes McCain, but isn't sure about Palin.

I'd like to vote for McCain
But I wonder is Palin is sane
If he dies she's in charge
a role that might be too large
for control she'd have to regain

and one for the boy who was tricked into eating cow stomach and got sick.

Robert used to feel fine
Till he ate the gut of a bovine
now he explains
why he's in pain
to a fixed jury of nine

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hip-Hop/Mexican Polka/Chinese Tacos

Picture This:

As I am sitting at the intersection waiting for the light to change. Pulling up next to me is a red convertible. A Ford Cobra. The top is down, of course, being Sunny California. Seated in the drivers seat is a college age guy wearing a black baseball cap; backwards. His Hip-Hop/Rap/Rock booming out the speakers. The epitome and 'COOL'.

A pretty stark contract to my "hippy-sleek-geek". As I sat there on my rusty, purple bike wearing my grey and black bicycle helmet and jeans and tan 'tunic-dress-top'. With not only my front basket loaded with groceries that needed to be bungeed in place, but both back-side expandable baskets loaded with bungeed bags of food and the little tray behind the seat had a bag of groceries strapped to it.

At the next corner, how ever, was a white jeep blaring some Mexican Polka with a Trumpet Solo. The song was even about Amigos- a word I know!

Further down the road I bike past the Chinese store. The fried rice and meat in brown sauce smelled wonderful. We go to this restaurant from time to time. The Chinese food isn’t the best, but the have the BEST Carne Asado Tacos!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


For Today... OCTOBER 20, 2008 (click the above picture to read more Simple Woman Daybook entries by other women)

Outside my Window... I am downstairs this morning so I can see the backyard out my nice, big back window. The cat is in the windowsill (on the outside). I see my newly planted succulents and the Jade Trees still in their pots. I see the box for the new Fire Pit Brian bought for out back porch and the WetVac that was being used to clean the indoor grill. The sky is kind of a dull greythis morning. I see a bird that looks half asleep on the small fence.

I am thinking... It's great having older (teenage) kids! and thinking that Ki sounds sleepy still.

From the learning rooms... a nice little list of things this week.

I am thankful for... the ability to help others with our home. (we are having a 'dinner party' on Wed and then next week a 14 yr girl will stay here for a week while her parents are out of state)

From the kitchen... the counter is clean. Brian cleaned out the indoor grill in the kitchen so we can try to fire it up this week.

I am wearing... cute blue plaid Jammie Pants, a blue tank top and a yellow long sleeve thermal knit top.

I am reading... Peril by Choice to Ki and the Bible.

I am hoping... to get everything done today that needs to be and my friend's daughter does well getting her tonsils out today.

I am creating.. a little more structure than we had last week.

I am hearing... washer, keyboard, Ki doing morning chores,the fridge, my tummy just growled, and the occasional vehicle on the road.

Around the house... it is a little chilly right now. The kids are awake. I bought some bowls at a garage sale that look nice on the counter. We needed a few new bowls and since they look nice on the counter I don;t have to figure out where in the cupboard to keep them. Brian cleaned the stuff out of the front room over the weekend. And he have a few pumpkins on the low shelf thing that runs along the fireplace wall. And a new TV. We were without a TV since early June (4.5 months). We just do DVDs as we don;t have cable or even 'rabbit ears'

One of my favorite things... Bedtime Hugs from my kids.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... continuing the: Getting up around 7:15 daily, earlier breakfasts, moving Gavin's laptop out of his bedroom, Individual classes for each boy, ASL, PE and elections class, and Gymnastics. This weeks PE class is a bike ride. I will be biking to the Farmers market on Wed. Also on Wed we are making a big Taco Buffet at the house for 13 people.


Sunday, October 19, 2008


Just sharing some of the youtube videos my boys watch in their free time.

Counting To Infinity (yes. a guy sitting there... counting......... I stopped at 194)
MechPack 4 (warning..approaching critical heat level. Shut Down imminent)
The Mean Kitty Song (Views: 13,729,370 . My boys probably make up 4, 321, 556 of those)
Weird Al (The Hardware Store Song)
Large Hadron Rap (yep. everything you ever wanted to know about dissipating ions or something like that)
MWLL (All the information you need to know to fully customize your battlemech w/ a modular pod system)
Weird Al White & Nerdy (no explanation needed)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Review #2

A new Weekly Meme. Stacie introduced me to this one. It nice to do a weekly review of how school went. What went well, what went out the window, what went down on the list of new ideas, and what went on at the Farmer's Market.

You can click on the above picture to go to the Cuddles on the Couch blog to find more weekly reviews to read and to add your own.

Gavin- Explored tidal pools and tidal caves. Plugged away at Physics and Algebra 2 with a little help from Brian. Watched Youtube videos. Read. Memorized a couple Bible Verses. Played Multi-player Online games. Wrote a computer program (w/ Python) that finds prime numbers. Did a Power Point Presentation for his Gov't class. Picked pumpkins and enjoyed a Hay Maze. Ate a lot of rice. Updated his blog.
Connor- Did a little geology. Read. Memorized Bible Verses. Found an octopus. Did geometry. Watched YouTube videos. Picked pumpkins and enjoyed a Hay Maze. Did a speech on Ohio
Government. Ate roast beef with onions and cheddar-jack cheese. Played on the computer.
Ki-Did some Science experiments. Watched an Octopus 'ink'. Picked pumpkins and enjoyed a Hay Maze. Read. memorized Bible Verses. Did math. Ate ice-cream. Played on the computer.
Me- drove around a lot. Did a couple geocaches. Made a couple 'friendship bracelet' key fobs. I didn't go on a hay ride or Hay Maze. But I bought some pumpkins. Rode my bike. Had coffee/lunch with a friend. Made scones. (and general housework)
What didn't get Done-
-- It was a busy week with Monday off for Tidal Pool trip (Brian was off work), 2 classes on base Tuesday, Barn Trip and Gymnastics Wed, Church Thursday, Class Friday- the boys pretty much just did reading, Writing, and Bible this week. And a little science. So I guess everything else didn't get done. But I guess a good bit of unschooling happened with the octopus and Gavin's computer program and all the other stuff. No Farmer's Market - we went to Avila Farm instead.
What needs to be done Next week-
  • GeoMindBuilders. (didn't get to this once again)
  • I have a writing project for the boys
  • more science than last week
  • Social Studies (A.C.E. workbooks since the boys wanted to try some curriculum for a subject- but we really don't like it)
  • Breakfast by 8:30. We did pretty good last week with this! I decided Fridays would be late breakfast. a Sleep-In School Day somewhat.
  • ASL, P.E., Gymnastic, Election Class.
  • I want to do a Geocaching Bike Trip. Either this week or next week.
  • Reading and Math. Gavin is reading Treasure Island
  • Ki's Language Arts/Reading Comprehension stuff.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Evil Monster created by 'SCHOOL'

I now know why public school moms must think they would never have the patience for homeschooling. Of all they know id helping kids with homework, then the thought of teaching their kids all day would be terrifying. Not because of the kids- because of their knowledge of helping with homework.

The boys have an assignment for class they are taking.I have no idea what they need to do and they do not understand either. There was no paper sent home to explain what was required or how to do this project. I can not handle having somehting to do and now knowing what is required or how. I can not stand scribbled out things and chocolate finger prints on white cardstock.

I told Connor not to include family history stuff. Stuff like what he did in grade school and how many siblings he has, only their government office history. (Before he was a governor, was he a senator, did he run for other offices? What he on any committees......) I look over and Connor has written in red permanent marker on his cardstock. *Has 8 brothers and sisters. * Was good at art. * I told Ki not to eat the chocolate bar while doing this project. He'd get fingerprints and chocolate smudges on the white cardstock and he is to do his best job on this assignment. 10 minutes into it, he has eaten half the chocolate bar and their are finger smudges on his white cardstock.

I feel so mad I want to cry. The confusion of having no idea what to do and it's due tomorrow is killing me. It has to be awful for them to have this projects about something they do not understand and have no paper that tells them what to do or what is expected.

If this is the only frustrated feelings I knew about helping kids with school work, the thought of homeschooling would scare me.

As it is now, the thought of 3 kids in public school with reports and projects like this terrifies me. Esp with Ki and his frequent meltdowns.

So, to all you out there that think you could never have the patience to homeschool your kids because just doing a bit of homework is torture and has made you and your child temporary enemies-- PLEASE know that homeschooling is NOTHING like doing homework with your kids.

My day was so perfect until I had to help them with this and all the sudden I feel like a mad, raging monster and threw Ki's chocolate bar.


Took the boys to a Farm Yesterday.
Hayrides, Hay Maze, Ice Cream, Pumpkins, Friends and more!

Gavin wrote a blog- -

We all had Farm Fresh Apple Cider at breakfast- with cinnamon sticks and cloves.

I did 2 Geocaches yesterday, but only 1 was successful. I got a maple leaf pin and a bunch of splinters and scratches.

I bought 2 Sugar Pumpkins yesterday. I want to make a Pumpkin Pie from scratch- with real, from the farm pumpkins! I bought 3 so if the first turns out I can make more.

today is a long school day- so I better get back to that

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mini Update


Brian decided to have a Taco Buffet here at our house next week for about 10 co-workers. That's Taco Buffet for 15 people. ( he ran by me and I was fine, didn't want it to sound like he just decided I'd be cooking for 15. and he'll help a lot)

The next week we will have a 14 yr old girl living with us for a week. The daughter of one of Brian's co-workers who is going to Hawaii with his wife. That's be interesting. Fitting our lives of homeschooling boys around the life a public schooled girl. It should be fun, but keep me busy.

We have a TV now. but no antennae. It doesn't get any channels, but we can watch DVDs; which is all I am interested in right now.


The boys have reports to do for the Election Class. Which will be good. I have never had them do much in way of reports and I also know very little about politics. So they will be learning a lot.

They are now taking Gymnastics on Wed nights. They are the entire class. 3 Terrill Boys Gymnastics.

Yesterday, we took the boys to Pismo Beach. It was low tide and there were lots of tidal pools. Connor saw an octopus. It changed colors a few times and INKED at him, too. But we didn't get a picture so you have just to take my word for it that I'm not making it all up and we really live in a cave in Montana.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Simple Monday

For Today... OCTOBER 6, 2008 (click the above picture to read more Simple Woman Daybook entries by other women)

Outside my Window... a bit chillier in the mornings, but still about 75-80 as the high usually. My shades are down, so I can't see out the window right now. Just some branches through the half open slits of the window behind me.

I am thinking... of looking up a Geocache for our trip to the beach today.

From the learning rooms... a slow, easy week. Reading, Math and catching up on some science.

I am thankful for... a lot. I'm having trouble narrowing it this morning. How about: "The luxury of a computer and the internet"- or 'God's blessing of things I enjoy, but don't need.'

From the kitchen... Brian is home from work and making Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast. I plan to have earlier breakfast with the kids this week. And hopefully keep the kitchen clean this week..

I am wearing... My Upside Down People dress and a green shirt/jacket I picked up at Goodwill the other day.

I am reading... The Bible and stuff for school.

I am hoping... to enjoy the day with my husband as he is off work today.

I am creating.. a blog entry.

I am hearing... room heater, cars, drawers, keyboard clacking, occassonal bird.

Around the house... it's a little cleaner

One of my favorite things... not having to go anywhere for a whole week- but that's not happening anytime soon

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Getting up around 7:15 daily, earlier breakfasts, moving Gavin's laptop out of his bedroom, Beach Today, ASL and PE tomorrow, Pumpkin Farm & Gymnastics Wed, Nothing Thursday (except evening church), Elections Class and Coffee Break on Friday.

A PICTURE: Brian is taking digital pictures of old photographs. Here is Connor, Gavin, Ki- from about 12 yrs ago.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Saturday School Week Review.

A new Weekly Meme. Stacie introduced me to this one. It nice to do a weekly review of how school went. What went well, what went out the window, what went down on the list of new ideas, and what went on at the Farmer's Market.

You can click on the above picture to go to the Cuddles on the Couch blog to find more weekly reviews to read and to add your own.

I think instead of dividing this up by subjects (math, art, etc), I will use the categories Gavin, Connor, Ki, All, Me, and NOT DONE.

I need to preface this week-end review with the following information. It was a busy, hectic, overwhelming week and not much 'school' was accomplished.

Gavin : still plugging away at with Algebra 2. He's been reading lots of email and watching lots of YouTube and the occasional wikipedia. He didn't update his blog this week and didn't get much Physics done. He is stuck right now in Physics and we are waiting for Brian to find the time to help him.

Connor: Decided on High School Geometry for his math. ( He finished his assessment and came out already knowing 40% of the material. Not much was done in Geology this week. He played a few games online. Both he and Gavin have been reading in the book of John. He has been emailing a bit more and asked me to sdhow him how to get to the Character Map to have neat little character symbols in his writing.
Ki:- Decided to do the Leap Pad Math Drills instead of Quick Tables this week. Excpet for Friday he wanted to do Quicktables. Maybe he decided QuickTables (another ALEKS thing) are better than the Leap Pad Math Drills. On Thursday he decided to do a couple pages of Beyond the Code (Language Arts) instead of doing his math. I let him.I like that he is self motivated to do his school work and plans what school work to do, so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal to miss a day of math. He has been reading in his Picture Bible. It's like a Comic Book Format. He and I have been reading his Science together (zoology Apologia). We usually get to it 3-4 times a week. We read, work on his notebooking, do experiments, read more, and act things out.
ALL: The boys are doing once a week Elections class on base. And I am teaching a Sign Language Class on base that my boys attend. We have been doing Geocaching and honing our map reading skills and understanding of coordinates. Gavin doesn't seem as interested in it as the other 2.
Me: I have been learning to make Friendship Bracelets, LOL. I saw mt friend, Kari, had this book laying in her house and asked to borrow it. It looked fun. I have been making them into key fobs and zipper pulls, adding some UVRay beads and plan to use them for Geocaching trinkets.

this is a long list. Not much Physics (Gavin is stuck), no Church History for Ki, No Social Studies for Connor (lost his book. need to find it this weekend), No Story of the World, no GeoMind Builders, No together Bible Reading/verse reciting. No Going Places for Ki (his reading comprehension program). But we did GO PLACES all week!


Ki and I are doing great with his zoology reading and notebook and project box, but we are way behind on experiments. So this week will all be Catch Up Science Experiments (no other stuff in zoology unless he asks).
I hope Gavin does his Physics experiments and us ready for his next test.
Connor- I need to think of some things for him to do in Geology.
Mainly this week I plan on just Reading, Math , and getting caught up in Science. Also starting the day with Prayer, a verse of the week, Story of the World and ding Geo Mind Builders maybe after lunch.

My New Addition to the Blogs I read: Amy (Daisys & Monster Trucks). I went to school with her. She has 3 boys she is homeschooling (younger than mine). So stop by and tell her Hi.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


for my Retro Thursday Report.

  • Connor now has braces on the top, as well as the bottom, teeth.
  • I had a fruit smoothie for breakfast with organic peach yougurt, strawberries from the Farmer's Market and a little organic milk so it wasn't too thick.
  • The boys did their assigned morning work. The Color Coded Post Its are working very well.
  • Read Ki's Science with him and did a little experiment with sound.
  • Connor and I rode bikes to the orthodontist (4 minute ride)
  • we forgot our bikelocks, so after I signed him in I rode back home, got the locks, rode back to the orthodontist. (8 minute ride)
  • I locked up Connor's bike then rode to Vons to get dish/clothes washer soaps. (6 minute ride)
  • Rode home to drop off soaps and tell Ki to start the dishwasher and Gavin to start the clothes washer, which were already full, now that we have detergent. (6 minute ride)
  • Rode back to orthodontist (4 minute ride)
  • Once there the receptionist tells me the $410 is due TODAY. I don't have my checkbook. (WHICH FINALLY CAME IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY!!)
  • I ride back home to get the checkbook (4 minute ride)
  • I find where Brian has out them, after a bit of a search, then I ride back to the orthodontist. (4 minute bike ride)
  • I copy some neat Halloween recipes/ideas from a magazine, watch Connor, pay our fee and leave.
  • The ride home is 4 minutes.
  • That's a 36 minute bike ride- with stairs each time I go and leave the orthodontists. That's enough exercise for today.
  • lunch.
  • Bring in dry towels for G to fold
  • Hang wet things outside to dry
  • start a new load of laundry
  • make a cheese quesadilla for Ki
  • wash the pan and a few other dishes
  • Read Ki's Missionary Story
  • Did Gavin's economic with him
  • Ate a plum from the Farmer's Market


  • I think I will go to the coffee shop with my Bible and laptop.
  • Read Bible
  • Add things to my Google Calendar
  • Email mt ASL students
  • Come home and clean, bring in laundry and put washer/wet stuff into Dryer.
  • put away somelaundry
  • take boys to church
  • Brian is deciding on dinner tonight.
  • Go to Bible Class at church
  • write Post Its for the boys' work in the morning
  • STILL TO COME-----

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

hit by another wave while trying swim ashore

As I swim closer and closer to shore, the undertow is stronger and stronger and the next wave crash over my head before I can recover from the previous wave. Yet I enjoy swimming and the beach and ocean are just lovely.

That pretty much wraps up my life right now. and all sea water crashing over my head is making me a bit loopy. (loopier, at any rate).

My husband seems to work late a little more often. Not bad. But when h e wants to watch TV (online) with me, I want to spend time with him even if it's 10:30 and I should be asleep, I'm willing to stay up and spend time with him.

Then I have to wake up and get the house going, laundry, food, school, showered, etc and be out the door by 9:20 to get to the DMV. I got there and forgot stop at the bank, so I just walked to the bank, got money, walked back to the DMV, took my written test (bombed it- too worn out maybe? Different laws here? dehydrated- the sun was hot today- who knows)
I walk home. It's 11 by now. I check on school, help a couple kids, hear the gardener and run out back to get the clothes off the line I forgot shouldn't be hung on 'Gardener Day". I come back in, recheck school, flip the laundry, grab lunch (make sure the kids eat, ride to the Farmers Market because I promised to meet a friend there that I have been too busy to see lately. Get home. I'm tired and hot and thirsty. I drink and rest and then do Ki's Missionary Story with him. Made a phone call, realized I have to leave at 5 and need to feed the kids before that.

and I'll leave here at 5, get home around 7, be too tired to clean the kitchen or finish laundry, but I'll get some of it done. Then I'll collapse into bed.

Tomorrow I have Connor's ortho appointment for braces (reminder- give him Motrin before going) and then I just have to have the boys at church by 5 and the adult class starts at 6:30, home by 9 maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday I was gone all day. Moday I was home but had evening events. Friday is just one thing- The boys election class on base. I may come home at 1PM and change into my PJs and be DONE until Monday.
wait, no. Sat the boys have a Bowling event and Sunday is church.

How do people do it- People who are busy all the time. People with lots of kid stuff to go to all the time. How does the rest of life get done? I just need too much sleep to get up 5 AM. I'll cease to function if I don't get a good solid 8-9 hours of sleep. I wake at about 7:30 daily. When I try to get up early I am a zombie until it's almost 8, so it's not worth it, nothing gets done.

Something has to change. Maybe new routines, new housework assignments... I dunno. Of course in a couple weeks Connor won't be having 1-2 appointments a week and I'll have my Driver's Licence and Base ID. that'll help

I am behind on groceries, too.

I am seriously losing focus and getting confused about everything.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook Oct 6

For Today... OCTOBER 6, 2008 (click the above picture to read more Simple Woman Daybook entries by other women)

Outside my Window... Another beautiful, sunny California morning! The morning Marine Mist layer was cleared off by 8AM. There is a tree with pretty purple flowers outside the window behind the Computer, but I have to stand to see it.

I am thinking... that I am glad it is a new week & also that I still have too much to do.

From the learning rooms... We are doing 3 scheduled classes a say (except for Tuesdays, we are in Vandenberg most Tuesdays). I think this will help. It is just 1 class for each boy on the subject they need a little 1-on-1 to understand better. Also, this week Connor starts his new Math Level. He chose Geometry.

I am thankful for... Awesome kids that take care of me and are very understanding when I don't feel well. (and I'm thankful for moving to a place where I almost never have migraines anymore)

From the kitchen... Ki has requested lasagna. 1/2 meat and 2/3 cheese. And he will be making corn bread or banana bread to go with it. Also, the younger 3 boys will be making candy today.

I am wearing... My 3/4 sleeve length Shalwar from India. I think if I were a native from India the sleeves would be full length. It.s my green one with embroidery all over it. It's itchy, but my favorite. And jeans, barefoot and wet hair.

I am reading... trying to finish that 3 Cups of Tea book. The first half was enjoyable, but then it got really boring.

I am hoping... to finish this book today.

I am creating.. nothing today

I am hearing... Kids in the kitchen getting breakfast, cars, birds, the occasional dog, keyboard clacking, computer humming, the occasional weird house sound.

Around the house... happy children and a floor that needs to be swept- again

One of my favorite things... not having to go anywhere for a whole week- but that's not happening anytime soon

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... ah, if it were only a few....

Today- school, candy making, Book Club

Tuesday- I teach an ASL class at the co-op, Homeschool PE, Geocache

Wed- DMV, Gymnastics

Thur- Connor gets his upper braces, Beach Night for the youth at church(5:30), Our Discipleship class at church (6:30)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Connor misplaced his Assignment Book so I am emailing his weekly assignments to his this week. Here is what I emailed him-
Connor did you do these from last week?
*** a 'game' to play Just to read -- click the links to view pictures and read more. Choose 3 things to write about in your notebook. Include drawings I didn't see the last thing in your notebook. Make sure they get done this week.


Read Daily- Book of John. 1 chapter a day.

Do the assessment for ALEKS, do 30 mins math daily (so if you finish the assessment before Friday start on the Pie Work)

SCIENCE/GEOLOGY NOTEBOOK (green ink pages this week), Read Current Events Page for 30 minutes (check out some of the sidebar links, too) then do Write Ups on 2 Current Events: DATE your writing.

SOCIAL STUDIES with Mom at the following times:
Mon at 11AM
Wed At 11AM
Thurs at 1PM
Friday at 11:15

Tues-AirForce Base Classes (ASL & PE)
Wed - Gymnastics
Thursday- Braces and Beach Outing with youth group
Fri-Election Class, Waller Park Homeschool Day

I have scheduled time slots for 1 on 1 with each boy.
Ki and I will be doing his Science, Gavin and I will be doing Economics, Connor and I will be doing Civics.

I also will do Ki's Missionary Story (M-W) and Social Studies (Th-F)with him, but not at scheduled times.

Here is an example from Ki's daily Assignment book this week-
Mon Oct 6
-Morning Chores
9:30- Science w/ mom
H2O, BG, 15minQT
5 min break, BG
PieChart 15 min C.C.R.

-Missionary Story Time
-Read your Red Bible 15 mins.

** also this week, prob on Thursday, I will have him plan out reading and activities for his next story in Going Places. I planned out the 1st 2 stories for him. I want him to plan this next one himself.

Wed I have an appointment at the DMV!
~~ and what of Gavin aside from the economics class with me? He's doing his Aleks (something daily with a total of 4 hours for the week) and his Physics and his Daily Bible Reading (And Co-Op classes)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yesterday's Geocaching was a success and a failure that turned to a success. We started with a simple P&G (Park and Grab), after a few winds in the way I remembered the GPS was set to pedestrian and I changed it to automobile. It's be easier to remember if it showed FEET when in the pedestrian mode, but it still shows a 4X4 jeep.

Connor was in charge of the GPS on the way there and like letting me know every .2 miles how much farther till we had to turn.

The Cache was Titled "I can't drive". We arrived and the boys ran out of the jeep, running up and down the roadside. I called them back to we could look at the GPS and have an idea where to focus our search. We talked about how it can't be behind the fence or our laying on plain sight or a place where it'd get run over or blown away. Ki say a clump pf grass and I pointed to a road sign with some grass clumped around it. It was under the road sign, which was directly next to the Van. If they had shotgunned from the van they'd have found it sooner.

Ki found it. The rules here are the first to find it gets first choice of the goodies (if there are multiple goodies). If there is one goodie or not enough for everyone, the finder gets the treasure.

There was plenty in this tiny cache. Gavin did a TNLN at this cache (Took Nothing Left Nothing)
I did a TNLNSL (Took Nothing, Left Nothing, Signed Log)

Ki did a TTLTTS (Took Too Long to Take Something)- his own little acronym just for him

Connor ended up with a red caribiner and Ki changed his mind a couple times and landed on a foreign coin, from England we thing (Queen Elizabeth and the word 'pence' were our clues)

Then I thought we'd try a hike. We had water, snacks and our CITO bag (Cache In/Trash Out) to pick up litter along the way.

The hike was too much for Ki. The sun, the incline, the distance (all of .2 miles before he collapsed)

At home I researched closer, easy hike caches and there are a LOT right here in town that we can walk or easily bike to get there. That is great! we can do a lot of small caches, low exertion hikes to get Ki all primed for longer ones. Today we will try a cache in walking distance of our house. We invited our new friends down the street to come with us.


- Nice weather
- a new home
- new homeschooling friends to support us on this journey in a new place
- God's gift of discovery and imagination to my kids
- a great husband with a Great (sometimes) job. He has been spending most of his time trying to cut through red tape to get me a base ID and not getting much 'real work' done lately.
- finding a good church to attend
-family that stays close even over the distance
- to God for steering our paths so clearly to our new life here


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