Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mini Update


Brian decided to have a Taco Buffet here at our house next week for about 10 co-workers. That's Taco Buffet for 15 people. ( he ran by me and I was fine, didn't want it to sound like he just decided I'd be cooking for 15. and he'll help a lot)

The next week we will have a 14 yr old girl living with us for a week. The daughter of one of Brian's co-workers who is going to Hawaii with his wife. That's be interesting. Fitting our lives of homeschooling boys around the life a public schooled girl. It should be fun, but keep me busy.

We have a TV now. but no antennae. It doesn't get any channels, but we can watch DVDs; which is all I am interested in right now.


The boys have reports to do for the Election Class. Which will be good. I have never had them do much in way of reports and I also know very little about politics. So they will be learning a lot.

They are now taking Gymnastics on Wed nights. They are the entire class. 3 Terrill Boys Gymnastics.

Yesterday, we took the boys to Pismo Beach. It was low tide and there were lots of tidal pools. Connor saw an octopus. It changed colors a few times and INKED at him, too. But we didn't get a picture so you have just to take my word for it that I'm not making it all up and we really live in a cave in Montana.
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