Thursday, October 9, 2008


for my Retro Thursday Report.

  • Connor now has braces on the top, as well as the bottom, teeth.
  • I had a fruit smoothie for breakfast with organic peach yougurt, strawberries from the Farmer's Market and a little organic milk so it wasn't too thick.
  • The boys did their assigned morning work. The Color Coded Post Its are working very well.
  • Read Ki's Science with him and did a little experiment with sound.
  • Connor and I rode bikes to the orthodontist (4 minute ride)
  • we forgot our bikelocks, so after I signed him in I rode back home, got the locks, rode back to the orthodontist. (8 minute ride)
  • I locked up Connor's bike then rode to Vons to get dish/clothes washer soaps. (6 minute ride)
  • Rode home to drop off soaps and tell Ki to start the dishwasher and Gavin to start the clothes washer, which were already full, now that we have detergent. (6 minute ride)
  • Rode back to orthodontist (4 minute ride)
  • Once there the receptionist tells me the $410 is due TODAY. I don't have my checkbook. (WHICH FINALLY CAME IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY!!)
  • I ride back home to get the checkbook (4 minute ride)
  • I find where Brian has out them, after a bit of a search, then I ride back to the orthodontist. (4 minute bike ride)
  • I copy some neat Halloween recipes/ideas from a magazine, watch Connor, pay our fee and leave.
  • The ride home is 4 minutes.
  • That's a 36 minute bike ride- with stairs each time I go and leave the orthodontists. That's enough exercise for today.
  • lunch.
  • Bring in dry towels for G to fold
  • Hang wet things outside to dry
  • start a new load of laundry
  • make a cheese quesadilla for Ki
  • wash the pan and a few other dishes
  • Read Ki's Missionary Story
  • Did Gavin's economic with him
  • Ate a plum from the Farmer's Market


  • I think I will go to the coffee shop with my Bible and laptop.
  • Read Bible
  • Add things to my Google Calendar
  • Email mt ASL students
  • Come home and clean, bring in laundry and put washer/wet stuff into Dryer.
  • put away somelaundry
  • take boys to church
  • Brian is deciding on dinner tonight.
  • Go to Bible Class at church
  • write Post Its for the boys' work in the morning
  • STILL TO COME-----
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