Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Dynasty (the 14 yr old) arrived last night. She and her dad ate dinner with us; a Taco Buffet that Brian made all my himself (I did the rice and beans). We all played a card game. Dynasty was showing Gavin her math. She's a math brain ike Gavin. We all sat and talked about school. She asked about how long it takes- when the boys are done. So we calculated. (we don't do consistant times). Then had to explain why it doesn't as long. Then the kids all had Swiss Miss, she packed her lunch for today and went to bed. Dynasty is really nice.

Brian was up at 6:45 to take her to school. I think they left the house at 7:15. I was in bed still. Connor was up the whole time- he's like that. He got all his morning chores done and by the time I woke up at 8:10 (I forgot to set my alarm I like to get up at 7:30- probably should have just gotten up with Brian)- Connor was done and playing his morning computer.

Ki slept in till 8:15.

I called Gavin at 8:40 and he got up and showered.

It's a slow starting day.

at 9 we did our memory verse work together (while Gavin ate breakfast- since he slept in later then the rest).

We talked about what we are doing today and when I'd be doing 1-on-1 work. I got them started on independent work and took my shower.

Our water bill will be astronomical this month. Brian has been watering the yard, front and back, pretty much daily- then the 5 of us showering (C&K just every other day) and Dynasty......

I Frenched Braided my hair after my shower today. I won't have to wash it tomorrow now.

Gavin was printing his papers from his Political Party Research and the printer ran out of ink.

Can't find Ki's clay for his Ocean Box. I'll ride to Staples today and buy ink and clay. And Albertson's for Flour- or Von's. And a ride to the Farmer's Market. (no staples and only rode tothe farmers market- it triggered my headache.)

They boys did their independent work. (or are doing it as I type). I need to go hang laundry.

after school they dug outside in the dirt for a couple hours. Then we went to Gymnastics. Had to stop at the store on the way home for flour to make banana bread. Got home around 7:30. had some kettle corn and Dynasty was interested in playing a game. it was 8 by the time we got started, took a few minutes to explain and get set up, then next thing you know it's 8:30 and Dynasty has to take a shower and go to bed. so we had to pause the game after only a couple rounds.

Dynasty is a really sweet girl and very responsible. I'm glad my kids don't leave all day for school and I barely get to see them in the evenings.

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