Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Review #2

A new Weekly Meme. Stacie introduced me to this one. It nice to do a weekly review of how school went. What went well, what went out the window, what went down on the list of new ideas, and what went on at the Farmer's Market.

You can click on the above picture to go to the Cuddles on the Couch blog to find more weekly reviews to read and to add your own.

Gavin- Explored tidal pools and tidal caves. Plugged away at Physics and Algebra 2 with a little help from Brian. Watched Youtube videos. Read. Memorized a couple Bible Verses. Played Multi-player Online games. Wrote a computer program (w/ Python) that finds prime numbers. Did a Power Point Presentation for his Gov't class. Picked pumpkins and enjoyed a Hay Maze. Ate a lot of rice. Updated his blog.
Connor- Did a little geology. Read. Memorized Bible Verses. Found an octopus. Did geometry. Watched YouTube videos. Picked pumpkins and enjoyed a Hay Maze. Did a speech on Ohio
Government. Ate roast beef with onions and cheddar-jack cheese. Played on the computer.
Ki-Did some Science experiments. Watched an Octopus 'ink'. Picked pumpkins and enjoyed a Hay Maze. Read. memorized Bible Verses. Did math. Ate ice-cream. Played on the computer.
Me- drove around a lot. Did a couple geocaches. Made a couple 'friendship bracelet' key fobs. I didn't go on a hay ride or Hay Maze. But I bought some pumpkins. Rode my bike. Had coffee/lunch with a friend. Made scones. (and general housework)
What didn't get Done-
-- It was a busy week with Monday off for Tidal Pool trip (Brian was off work), 2 classes on base Tuesday, Barn Trip and Gymnastics Wed, Church Thursday, Class Friday- the boys pretty much just did reading, Writing, and Bible this week. And a little science. So I guess everything else didn't get done. But I guess a good bit of unschooling happened with the octopus and Gavin's computer program and all the other stuff. No Farmer's Market - we went to Avila Farm instead.
What needs to be done Next week-
  • GeoMindBuilders. (didn't get to this once again)
  • I have a writing project for the boys
  • more science than last week
  • Social Studies (A.C.E. workbooks since the boys wanted to try some curriculum for a subject- but we really don't like it)
  • Breakfast by 8:30. We did pretty good last week with this! I decided Fridays would be late breakfast. a Sleep-In School Day somewhat.
  • ASL, P.E., Gymnastic, Election Class.
  • I want to do a Geocaching Bike Trip. Either this week or next week.
  • Reading and Math. Gavin is reading Treasure Island
  • Ki's Language Arts/Reading Comprehension stuff.
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