Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hip-Hop/Mexican Polka/Chinese Tacos

Picture This:

As I am sitting at the intersection waiting for the light to change. Pulling up next to me is a red convertible. A Ford Cobra. The top is down, of course, being Sunny California. Seated in the drivers seat is a college age guy wearing a black baseball cap; backwards. His Hip-Hop/Rap/Rock booming out the speakers. The epitome and 'COOL'.

A pretty stark contract to my "hippy-sleek-geek". As I sat there on my rusty, purple bike wearing my grey and black bicycle helmet and jeans and tan 'tunic-dress-top'. With not only my front basket loaded with groceries that needed to be bungeed in place, but both back-side expandable baskets loaded with bungeed bags of food and the little tray behind the seat had a bag of groceries strapped to it.

At the next corner, how ever, was a white jeep blaring some Mexican Polka with a Trumpet Solo. The song was even about Amigos- a word I know!

Further down the road I bike past the Chinese store. The fried rice and meat in brown sauce smelled wonderful. We go to this restaurant from time to time. The Chinese food isn’t the best, but the have the BEST Carne Asado Tacos!!
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