Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Evil Monster created by 'SCHOOL'

I now know why public school moms must think they would never have the patience for homeschooling. Of all they know id helping kids with homework, then the thought of teaching their kids all day would be terrifying. Not because of the kids- because of their knowledge of helping with homework.

The boys have an assignment for class they are taking.I have no idea what they need to do and they do not understand either. There was no paper sent home to explain what was required or how to do this project. I can not handle having somehting to do and now knowing what is required or how. I can not stand scribbled out things and chocolate finger prints on white cardstock.

I told Connor not to include family history stuff. Stuff like what he did in grade school and how many siblings he has, only their government office history. (Before he was a governor, was he a senator, did he run for other offices? What he on any committees......) I look over and Connor has written in red permanent marker on his cardstock. *Has 8 brothers and sisters. * Was good at art. * I told Ki not to eat the chocolate bar while doing this project. He'd get fingerprints and chocolate smudges on the white cardstock and he is to do his best job on this assignment. 10 minutes into it, he has eaten half the chocolate bar and their are finger smudges on his white cardstock.

I feel so mad I want to cry. The confusion of having no idea what to do and it's due tomorrow is killing me. It has to be awful for them to have this projects about something they do not understand and have no paper that tells them what to do or what is expected.

If this is the only frustrated feelings I knew about helping kids with school work, the thought of homeschooling would scare me.

As it is now, the thought of 3 kids in public school with reports and projects like this terrifies me. Esp with Ki and his frequent meltdowns.

So, to all you out there that think you could never have the patience to homeschool your kids because just doing a bit of homework is torture and has made you and your child temporary enemies-- PLEASE know that homeschooling is NOTHING like doing homework with your kids.

My day was so perfect until I had to help them with this and all the sudden I feel like a mad, raging monster and threw Ki's chocolate bar.
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