Wednesday, October 8, 2008

hit by another wave while trying swim ashore

As I swim closer and closer to shore, the undertow is stronger and stronger and the next wave crash over my head before I can recover from the previous wave. Yet I enjoy swimming and the beach and ocean are just lovely.

That pretty much wraps up my life right now. and all sea water crashing over my head is making me a bit loopy. (loopier, at any rate).

My husband seems to work late a little more often. Not bad. But when h e wants to watch TV (online) with me, I want to spend time with him even if it's 10:30 and I should be asleep, I'm willing to stay up and spend time with him.

Then I have to wake up and get the house going, laundry, food, school, showered, etc and be out the door by 9:20 to get to the DMV. I got there and forgot stop at the bank, so I just walked to the bank, got money, walked back to the DMV, took my written test (bombed it- too worn out maybe? Different laws here? dehydrated- the sun was hot today- who knows)
I walk home. It's 11 by now. I check on school, help a couple kids, hear the gardener and run out back to get the clothes off the line I forgot shouldn't be hung on 'Gardener Day". I come back in, recheck school, flip the laundry, grab lunch (make sure the kids eat, ride to the Farmers Market because I promised to meet a friend there that I have been too busy to see lately. Get home. I'm tired and hot and thirsty. I drink and rest and then do Ki's Missionary Story with him. Made a phone call, realized I have to leave at 5 and need to feed the kids before that.

and I'll leave here at 5, get home around 7, be too tired to clean the kitchen or finish laundry, but I'll get some of it done. Then I'll collapse into bed.

Tomorrow I have Connor's ortho appointment for braces (reminder- give him Motrin before going) and then I just have to have the boys at church by 5 and the adult class starts at 6:30, home by 9 maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday I was gone all day. Moday I was home but had evening events. Friday is just one thing- The boys election class on base. I may come home at 1PM and change into my PJs and be DONE until Monday.
wait, no. Sat the boys have a Bowling event and Sunday is church.

How do people do it- People who are busy all the time. People with lots of kid stuff to go to all the time. How does the rest of life get done? I just need too much sleep to get up 5 AM. I'll cease to function if I don't get a good solid 8-9 hours of sleep. I wake at about 7:30 daily. When I try to get up early I am a zombie until it's almost 8, so it's not worth it, nothing gets done.

Something has to change. Maybe new routines, new housework assignments... I dunno. Of course in a couple weeks Connor won't be having 1-2 appointments a week and I'll have my Driver's Licence and Base ID. that'll help

I am behind on groceries, too.

I am seriously losing focus and getting confused about everything.
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