Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For our friend who was talking about the stupid creatures he created on the Spore Game.

Aaron once made a Spore
it simply sat on the floor
without any brains
unmoved it remains
though he wants it to do much more

Spores he once did create
so his experiments he could update
with the alien race
from outer space
so the planet could pollinate

A set of 3 for Stacie, with a 4th not related to them:

I know of a girl named Stace---
who had frogs all over the place--
They live in a pond--
and seem very fond
of repopulating their amphibian race---

The fact that they were so prolific
Stace did find to be quite horrific
they were covered with slime
all of the time
and thought croaking all night was terrific

She then decided to drain
the pond that she felt was profane.
the water was out
and mud all about
yet the frogs still did remain

There once was a word called DOG
and another that ryhmed was a LOG
while the CAT and the RAT
both SAT on a HAT
the DOG met a HOG in a BOG

One for a friend who doesn't like what's on the news these days:

Living without a TV
Has been enjoyable for me
But Brian did buy
a New one to try
to play his BSG DVD

One for a friend who likes McCain, but isn't sure about Palin.

I'd like to vote for McCain
But I wonder is Palin is sane
If he dies she's in charge
a role that might be too large
for control she'd have to regain

and one for the boy who was tricked into eating cow stomach and got sick.

Robert used to feel fine
Till he ate the gut of a bovine
now he explains
why he's in pain
to a fixed jury of nine
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