Friday, October 24, 2008

Learning my Lesson

as a homeschooling mom to 3 boys with "learning disabilities", I learn a lot. Daily. Yesterday was a day of meltdowns. Meltdowns for everyone! no one was left out of the day's festivities! But I think we learned from it. Well, I learned something, hopefully they did, too. You never can tell it seems.

I gave a writing assignment, made it fun- so I thought, they thought it was awful, not fun, and would have rather written 2 pages in stead of the 1 paragraph. I didn't think it through and plan it well. They didn't respond well and talk civilly to me about how they felt about it. they got mad, I got upset. but we moved past it and got it all worked out.

So, I learned that I really should write out a good syllabus for each of them, esp for classes I teach- (as opposed to unschooling or independent work). And I think next time I will give them a choice if I think it is a fun writing project. Do the 'fun one' with me or write a 2 page report....LOL (and chances are they'd choose the 2 page report)

Also to be much more specific about writing requirements. Telling them how many items I require to be done like the directions specifically say and how many items they can change or use their own ideas.

*And Ki needs to sleep later than his brothers. getting up between 7:30 and 8 for a week had him way to tired. I want him to sleep iin if he wants to, but I hate having 2 breakfast. Connor & Gavin wake early and like to eat somewhat soon. Then if Ki sleeps in he'll not have breakfast for 1-2 hours later!

I am all for them making choices and using their own ideas. I know it is good for all kids and esp good for kids with 'sensory disorders'. But I also know that to function well in this adult world they will have to be able to just follow specific instructions sometimes- without changing them or adding their own ideas. Most bosses aren't going to let them choose what to do, how and when all the time and most will not present them 3 different ways to get the job done and let them choose which one and then do it differently.

But they always have a choice. They just need to learn to see it that way. They can choose to do it, with a good attitude, to the best of their ability, to please God. OR they can choose to have fits and temper tantrum and get fired. Sometimes life is harsh. As homeschoolers I still need to make sure they learn those lessons, it's just that I can teach them those harsh lessons about life is a comfortable, safe, loving environment and not shove it down their throats all at once, but teach them as they are ready and in a way they best can comprehend.

***PS- I'l share the writing assignment when we are all done with it.
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