Monday, October 27, 2008


It always amazes me when people actually find my blog interesting or insightful enough to actually mention me and give me a blog award.

MADDY has bestowed upon my blog the honor of the "blogs that teach me something" award"

So, now I get to pass it out to a few of the blogs that teach me things.

Elisheva Hannah's Ragamuffin Studies- I love reading abot the history of Jewish celbrations on her blog and she has lots of neat pictures and info about where she lives.

Stacie- All in a Day's Work- I like learning about her life homesteading. I learn about her feelings for frogs and also some good nutrition type tips (not eating frogs nor nutrition for frogs)

GardenGirl- I like reading how unschooloing her older boys goes. And I think I have learned a couple recipes here, too. it's always an inspiring blog

HipChick- I learn recipes and ideas here. I learn to stop and look at simple things and be grateful.

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