Monday, October 20, 2008


For Today... OCTOBER 20, 2008 (click the above picture to read more Simple Woman Daybook entries by other women)

Outside my Window... I am downstairs this morning so I can see the backyard out my nice, big back window. The cat is in the windowsill (on the outside). I see my newly planted succulents and the Jade Trees still in their pots. I see the box for the new Fire Pit Brian bought for out back porch and the WetVac that was being used to clean the indoor grill. The sky is kind of a dull greythis morning. I see a bird that looks half asleep on the small fence.

I am thinking... It's great having older (teenage) kids! and thinking that Ki sounds sleepy still.

From the learning rooms... a nice little list of things this week.

I am thankful for... the ability to help others with our home. (we are having a 'dinner party' on Wed and then next week a 14 yr girl will stay here for a week while her parents are out of state)

From the kitchen... the counter is clean. Brian cleaned out the indoor grill in the kitchen so we can try to fire it up this week.

I am wearing... cute blue plaid Jammie Pants, a blue tank top and a yellow long sleeve thermal knit top.

I am reading... Peril by Choice to Ki and the Bible.

I am hoping... to get everything done today that needs to be and my friend's daughter does well getting her tonsils out today.

I am creating.. a little more structure than we had last week.

I am hearing... washer, keyboard, Ki doing morning chores,the fridge, my tummy just growled, and the occasional vehicle on the road.

Around the house... it is a little chilly right now. The kids are awake. I bought some bowls at a garage sale that look nice on the counter. We needed a few new bowls and since they look nice on the counter I don;t have to figure out where in the cupboard to keep them. Brian cleaned the stuff out of the front room over the weekend. And he have a few pumpkins on the low shelf thing that runs along the fireplace wall. And a new TV. We were without a TV since early June (4.5 months). We just do DVDs as we don;t have cable or even 'rabbit ears'

One of my favorite things... Bedtime Hugs from my kids.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... continuing the: Getting up around 7:15 daily, earlier breakfasts, moving Gavin's laptop out of his bedroom, Individual classes for each boy, ASL, PE and elections class, and Gymnastics. This weeks PE class is a bike ride. I will be biking to the Farmers market on Wed. Also on Wed we are making a big Taco Buffet at the house for 13 people.

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