Thursday, January 26, 2012

Truth Is...Thursday

truth is....
- my children's birthdays are on the Same day every year, yet I always seem to not realize they are quickly approaching until I no longer have time to plan much.
* I  cooked meat the night before so Connor could have his requested breakfast burritos on his birthday.

truth is....
- if I had planned better and had a more open day, I would have cooked the meat in time for DINNER and used leftovers for the burritos, but by the time I got home there wasn't time, so Brian took the boys to Taco Bell for dinner while I got 2 pounds of cow cooking in the oven.

truth is...
- Ki should be pastry chef. He loves cooking and talks about being a chef, but he really doesn't like working with meats and doesn't eat veggies.... So maybe he should go for Mastery of a selective area in his culinary pursuits.

truth is....
- Ki designed Connor's cake and decorated it. It is based on one of Connor's favorite online games.... LEAGUE OF LEGENDS..... it has a gum paste sword and yellow spin lines and around the edge it says Spin To Win and have grey gum paste swords. It was his first time using gum paste.

truth is....
- We would benefit from a nice kitchen scale.  And I really like when Ki has Cooking Type Studies, but my hios and thighs don't quite feel the same as I do.... last week he made Blueberry Tarts.

truth is....
-I have been way too busy this pastvweek. and it has not been super productive busy. It's justr "running all over the place" busyness. Like to take Connor to his Volunteering gig...

Truth Is.. Connor cracks me up sometimes. I asked him to erase the dry erase board for me..... I came back to find this-->

Truth Is....
Connor LOVES Breakfast Burritos!!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Why oh why did NONE of you stop me when I mentioned a bike ride with a sore shoulder???

I thought I was dying from the pain! It was not a god idea. It was hurting so badly, it ached in my chest in front. Which happened to be around the area of my heart, and the pain then went down my arm... Which had my husband freaked out and googling "heart attack symptoms in women."

Googling, not Wikipedia-ing. There was no Wikipedia yeasterday, thanks to the blackout.

Ki was so glad to have Wikipedia back today after yesterday's blackout. (SOPA protest)
He spent the morning studying Middle Earth Elves.

Connor tod me they (C&G) needed litmus paper for their science experiment, so I dug into the box of science paraphernalia and found the red and blue litmus paper. I learned that toilet bowl cleaner is acidic. I always assumed it was akin to Draino, and a base. This could be useful information if I am locked up in a storage shed and there is a bomb timed to go off in 23 minutes and all I have to aid escape it is chewing gum, toilet bowl cleaner, and duct tape.

Connor says the number 23 is evil.

I really should ice this muscle pain. Ice just sounds so.... cold. I am out of Fiioricet. And afraid to take Brian's Vicodin.

A ConnorConversation:
Riding in the van, wearing a jacket, he looks up inside his sleeve and say, very confused..
"Huh? I didn't know I was wearing a long sleeve shirt!"

upon further inspection ..... he says:
"Oh, the jacket's just lined."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

today, well actually "Yesterday"

Ki was using this card as a bookmark. It's from Mimi and Papa. I was looking at it while we were sitting at the table eating dinner yesterday.

I told Ki it looked very yummy and I wish I had one of those to drink! He said if he knew how to make whipped cream, he'd make one for me. So I told him how to m ake whipped cream. Good thing he made those LEMBA BREADS- they use cream so we had extra......

This is what Ki brought me later in the evening........
That is his mug from being in the play. The cat used to disappear completely (except the smile), now it just fades.......
My evening treat was so yummy.....
I vowed to ride my bike extra and do extra walking lunges..... so, OF COURSE, I wake up this morning and can barely move or be still.. Pulled some muscle around my scapula. It hurts SO HORRIBLY!!! It hurst a all they way through to the front of my chest. But not much in the front. But A LOT in the back, whenever I move or twist it hurts worse.

I have some Aspricream rubbed into it, but it's nt helping. Maybe a hot shower will help... then I'll just bike ride in pain....

her are those pictures I promised... From Gavin's J-Term course. He is learning to use Blender 3D for computer graphics. He's starting with spaceships. I think his goal is to be moved on to drawing people/game characters at the end of J-term.... not sure.

I think his spaceship looks like an alien goblin pig character. So, I'd say he's halfway there!

This is the same drawing, from a different angle.... I'll post some more pictures later after he is further along in the process.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Still haven't found what I'm looking for.....

.... because half way through looking I forget what it was I was trying to find.

Usually I find what I was looking for a few days or weeks later. The mental conversations goes something like this:

"Hey there that is! How'd it get there? Oh, I think I was looking for these last week!!
Hmmmm. I wonder why I was looking for them. I can't imagine what I was thinking of using them for...."

So I pick them up, whatever they are, and place them somewhere I think they might go.
A couple days later I will suddenly remember what it was I had planned on doing with them, so go back to where I found them. But they are not there anymore because I moved them to someplace I thought they might belong.

Then I have to don my FBI Profiler hat and try to deduce where I may have thought they belong based on ther size, shape, my intended function, and the state of mind I was in last week.

I sure keep myself busy. It's no wonder the bathroom never gets cleaned enough.

Last night I made myself a mug of chai. Well, I should back up a bit. Last nigh I thought about making some chai. There were no mugs in the cupboard. There were no mugs in the dishwasher, except the smaller ones the kids use that don't work well for microwaving a mug of chai tea. There were no mugs in the sink.

I found one on the table, that looked clean enough. I gave it a quick rinse in the sink and wondered where all the mugs where. Then I wondered if I should really make chai for myself as I treated myself to cocoa in the morning.
"Hey, I used a mug for the cocoa." was my next thought. "I bet that mug is upstairs." This thought distracted m from the thoughts that were were trying to keep me from my chai latte.

I made my chai. Went up to my room to read my email.

"Ah there is the mug from the cocoa, right on the little stool that I have shoved next to my bed because I have no night stand and my little drawers with PJs and mismatched earrings I take off at night and am too lazy to go put away.. is too far from my reach to set my cocoa. or chai."

I pick up the cocoa mug andd decide to set it on the sewing machine table for now. I'll take it downstairs in the morning.
I set it down next to 2 other mugs.

I turn and see another mug on the bookshelf.
AH HA ! ! again!

So, that is where all my mugs went.

Today I am washing mugs and doing walking lunges.
And I should just go ahead and finish of that list cup of chai in the carton. It's probably only half a cup anyway. Might as well drink it now and have a clean start tomorrow.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Are you an elf? Do you know an elf? Do like to eat? and need to travel?

Then you might find yourself in need of....

Elven Lembas Bread. Perfect for travel.

Nutrient-packed! (one bite will fill a grown man's stomach!)

Packaged for travel convenience. (wrapped in Mallorn leaves and secured with silver elven cord)

Did you answer NO to the first 2 questions, but YES to the last 2? Or maybe you were a bad elf that has been banned from the elven farmer's market and can no longer obtain Mallorn Leaves....

Either way, you may have to improvise and bake your OWN human-version of Lembas.

Smiley, my In-House-Goblin-Elf-in-training, made this pseudo-elven nutrition bar.. Elven Lembas Bread. (that is Smiley pictured above)   RECIPE FROM HERE
The recipe calls for self-rising flor. Ki googled and found a way to make his own self rising flour. Being that we live in "little Mexico", so it seems, it is easy to find banana leaves at the store, but I have not seen self-rising flour here.

Here is the famous travel food next to one of the books authored by J.R.R. Tolkien. And a banana leaf. A big banana leaf. Our fill-in for Mallorn Leaves.
I did not take the time to check to see if it was THE actual book that mentions Lembas bread, but no matter.

 The banana leaves are large and need to be torn into appropriate sized strips. You can just wing it, which we often did, or you can place the Lembas on the leaf and tear the leaf at the correct width for that particular Lembas.

 Then tear a second strip to wrap the other way.

 I sometimes cut the tip into a point, to resemble a Mallorn Leaf a little better.

 Then just wrap the leaves, wrap your cord (we used silver wrapping paper ribbon)

And now you have a wonderful little elven treat for your next Amtgard gathring!!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Jobs and Resumes (J-5)

I thought about rotating this picture, but decided I like it the way it is. It is from Yesterday's Fun with Feces School Adventure. (READ about it HERE)

Today ended our first week of J-Term. (you can read about J-Term HERE):

I laid out 3 science tests and told boy to do their test whenever they felt ready today. Connor took his test as soon as he finished breakfast. Ki studied bit longer before taking his test. Gavin took his test a little at a time.

That was all they did for science today.

Gavin spent more time practicing the new computer graphics program. I promise to get pictures SOON!

Connor took his resume to the animal clinic and talked to the lady there. It still seems funny that my 16 year old needs a resume. On the way home we stopped by another Animal Hospital and he got an application. I had him attach a copy of his resume to his application.

We talked a bit about the city animal shelter- it is NOT a no-kill shelter. I asked how he would feel volunteering there and he said he wouldn't want to. I can't blame him.

Ki made Lembas Bread today. I will get pictures tomorrow when he wraps it in leaves like the elves did.

Gavin will be making Fried Rice tonight for those of us that like friend rice. That would not be me. That would be himself, Connor, and the exchange student (Dashnyam). I bought some veggies and fruits to cut up for everyone and those of us that are left, Ki, Brian, and myself) will find other foods to eat. Maybe a bowl of cereal for me. Maybe Ramen noodles for Ki....

Connor said he wants rice... and scrambled eggs separately.... Aparently Connor does not like fried rice... just rice. and scrambled eggs. and onions-raw.

Brian will be staying up late tonight- hopefully- and sleeping Saturday morning to afternoon.... hopefully. If he plans well. He has to go into work from Midnight to 10 or 11AM Sunday.

All in All, I am pleased with J-Term. Ki is enjoying his Middle Earth books and projects. Gavin is always happy when he gets to draw on the computer all day long for school.
And Connor is getting good experience between writing ressumes and volunteering at different places. He rode his bike to turn his application into the 2nd place. Anything to get those boys ACTIVE!!

Nothing new or exciting today, though. I have no brilliant break through ideas or awesome science projects to share. But Ki and I did have a discussion about what things we could do with a paperclip. I said pen the CD thing on the computer, make a 'jumpy thing', stab someone in the eyye if they attack me, Attach a bunch together into different shaped... Ki said he could make a taco holder and use them to be the 'skeleton' for claymation figures, and pierce his ears.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Fun with Feces"

TRUTH IS: We are debating renaming Connor's J-Term.

"Fun with Feces"

Tuesday he was picking up Dog Feces and today he was washing the backside of a horse.


[ABOVE:KI - Larry teaching]

TRUTH IS: Ki kinda skipped class today to join us. But he read on the drive and will be cooking Middle Earth treats over the weekend. Besides "Showing Kindness" always wins out over "school". C&K helped take care of the aniimals and helped the disabled adults with their riding therapy.

TRUTH IS- Animal Care is a pretty fun J-Term class! Connor Brushed, washed, cleaned hooves, learned to guide his horse, then got a short riding lesson! Ki too! Then they fed the other ranch animals.

TRUTH IS- I am tired. Driving makes me very tired. 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back. It is actually 25 minutes each way, but I was rounding UP.

TRUTH IS - I homeschool because I am lazy and impatient. I had to go into the school office again to get Dashnyam's missed class excused, because he changed his schedule and is no longer taking that class!! I am counting the bike ride as my exercise today. All 8 minutes of it.

TRUTH IS: I am too tired to tell the truth anymore- BUT you can go read MORE TRUTHS at this link: Truth Is Thursday Link-Up

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

J-Term Day#3

Let's back up to Tuesday night. I went the whole day without a headache only to get one AFTER I crawled into bed. I had to get up too take something.
I also woke a few times with a screechy throat.
Dashnyam forgot to have me sign his school papers last night, so he woke me up from my Finally Restful Deep No Headache sleep. Yes, it was 8AM. but still - it was a touch annoying.

Ki went through his recipes and made a list of the ones he wants to make, then he put them on the calendar for the days he wants to make them.

I started using It keeps track of recies, menues, and has a calendar planner. Ki used to that list all his recipe dates.

Gavin did a lot of drawing with SAI and with Blender. He took a screenshot for me to post, but still needs to actually email the picture to me.....

Connor wrote his resume for the animal clinic. They don't do applications, you just give them your resume. My 16 yr old now has a resume.

I had to go to the high school because they called to say Dashnyam was absent for one of his classes yesterday. Yesterday, the first day back, he went in to see his counselor to change his schedule. So he did not go to the class he dropped because he was in the class he switched to. The attendance lady said she could not change the absent mark, I'd have to go clear it with his guidance counselor. REALLY?? well, the G.C. was not even there, so the Attendence lady took a note and said she'd clear it with the G.C. for me.

I got another call today, again saying he was absent for a class... so I guess the guidance counselor never cleared it... so I have to go back tomorrow and try to get this sorted out.

I am grateful for those 10 yrs I had that I did NOT have to deal with the public school system.

Dinner was Pasta Buffet. Two pasta types, 4 different sauces! It was fun. even if Connor and Ki refused to try a new sauce and stuck with the plain ol regular tomato sauce.

AND I did my exercise today. I just forgot my vitamins...... one day everything will all comee together.

So, there you have my short shootouts for the day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ghetto Elves

I am sitting here sipping Algorn's Athelas Tea.. an herbal cure for sore throats and Morgul Blade Wounds.
Along with my tea I an eating Ghetto Popcorn. That is what my 18 yr old called it. Microwave Popcorn popped in a brown paper bag, secured with duct tape.

Connor went to my friend's house today and walked their dogs. We don't have dogs. Connor's observations:
"They smell EVERYTHING we walk by!! Every few steps I have to stop t let them smell something else!"

"They pee on everything!! All they do is pee on things."

"and they poop in OTHER PEOPLE'S YARD!"-- like that is the height of rudeness- to poop in someone else's grass.... which, it is actually, if you think about. I would think it was very rude of you if you pooped in my yard.

Me: "Did you have to pick up their poop?"
Connor: "Yes"
Me: "Did you wash your hands?"
Connor: "No."
Me: {hands him the hand sanitizer}


Today was the 1st day of the new Bible Study. We are going through the book 1 Corinthians along with the book BE WISE.


Ki printed out Middle Earth Recipes for his JTerm class. he acidently printed 3 copies. I may be out of Printer paper now.

He then hole-punched them and put them into a binder. I think there are 55 pages. He made one of the recipes today. I call it Garlic Tea. The book calls it Argorn's Athelas Tea (or king foil brew).... You can't really taste the garlic. and now my Morgul Wound is heaing nicely.


I called the vet about the potential position for Connor and filling out an application. They said they don't do applications; Connor needs a resume. I actually laughed- out loud.
I asked what a 16 yr old does for a resume.
So, even though t his Animal Care Session isn't panning out as planned- it will be good. Connor will get experience writing a resume and being intrviewed; whether or not it results in employment.
I told him this might be more of a "Volunteering" class than Working with Animals- as the main reason he opted for his class was the potential for employment.
Volunteering is a very good thing. And practicing to get a job is also a good thing.  I hope Connor is enjoying his J-Term.

I know Gavin is enjoying drawing on the computer for half the school day! As soon as he saves some screen shots for me, I'll post them. For now, here is his cat drawing he made with paint tool SAI:

Monday, January 9, 2012

J-Term Monday(1)

I emailed this to Ki and had him print it out and put it in a notebook for J-Term:
Ki, choose 2 of these to do during J-Term

-Make A Shoebox Diorama of a scene from the books.
-Make some puppets and do a  short puppet show from a scene in the book, o or make up a little story with 2-3 characters.
- Make a Comic Book For a scene in the story
-Memorize a song or poem and recite it for us.

KI: do all of these:
-Choose 5 recipes to make (or more!) LINK to the RECIPES:

-Read the Companion Book I bought for you

-Map Activity (Choose  1 or think of a better one) >print a copy of the map and mark the different journeys (use different colors)   >or>  Make a 3-D map or 3-D section of the map. (using salt dough/clay/pip cleaners, etc)
>or> Create your own fantasy land and make a map of it.

- Write  few sentences that define folklore and explain the difference between folklore and ordinary fiction. Include the names of other folklores.
Does folklore differ from legend? if so, how?

- do some research on the author. write a short report about the author. You can do this in the form of an Outline or short notes- then use that to teach us about the author.

This morning, Connor filled out the online application for volunteering at the animal sheter, then I took him to RAD: Ranco des Animales ...for Disabled people. He met and fed the animals today. Thursday he will go back and help with a petting zoo and maybe horseback riding.

I called the Animl Shelter to double check things... good thing I did.. marked the wrong age somehow (14-15). he is 16 which means he does NOT need me there with him.. ALSO, the lady I talked to on the phonoe said for cat care he did NOT need the orientation, it was just for dog handling- so he could come in anytime. The lady today, the lady who is actualy in charge of volunteers, said that is not true anymore. (it was last year). This year all volunteers need training. Training is the 21st. I was hoping to get him started sooner. Bonny said she might be able to schedule a cat orientation for a sooner date. That'd be great.

I have a feeling this will be a stretched out J-Term class....... I will need to find some animal care things for him to do until the local shelter is ready for him. I might drive him out to the Ranch 3 times a week for now. I might drop off at a friends hues tomorrow to walk and brush their dogs while I go to Bible Study.

Ki really enjoyed reading the Middle Earth Guide book I bought for him! It is like a dictionary of all the characters, places, events. He read that a while then finished up the 2nd LOTR book. Tomorrow he will start book three. He is a slow reader.

Gavin did his Chemistry this morning while Connor and I were at the Ranch. He was busy working on his Blender program when I got home.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

J-TERM 2012

We will be doing J-Term a little differently this year. We are not starting until tomorrow- instead of starting the first week of January. I figured it'd be easier to just have my boys n the same holiday break schedule as our public school attendee student. (Dashnyam- exchange student)
So, J-Term will probably overlap the first week of Fenruary. I know the boys will NOT want to be shorted out of a week of their precious J Term!

So, what is on the agenda for J-Term this year?
Gavin will be doing 2.5 hours of Chemistry in the morning then 3 hours of Computer Graphics after lunch. He is learning Blender. He plans on using online tutorials and I bought a book for him to use.

Connor is doing Animal Care in the morning. I will be taking him to volunteer at different animal shelters. On the list of shelters to check out, I have a ranch that has animals foor diisbaled people. I was told by a friend that they always need volunteers and her boy volunteers there, too. AND our vet said she will keep Connor on the list for a paid job. they have college kids working in the kennel in the morning, buut with classes starting back pup, they may lose a worker or 2- and Connor could apply. AWESOME-- PLEASE KEEP ALL DIGITS CROSSED!
Then Connorr will do 2.5 hours of Chemistry after lunch. C&G could do their cchem together, if they went at the same pace and all- both reading/watching the CD Rom together. They did for a while, but found it was better if they just did their own.

Ki is doing LOTR and his Science. I will let him choose which in the morning and which in the afternoon. Connor's volunteering kinda sets his class times- and Gavin's Chem needs to be different than Connor's

So, Ki will be spend 2.5-3 hours a day reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I bought a companion book for him. a Middle-Earth Guide. And he wants to look up foods and see what he can come up for making them.
He is doing a general science.

I only let the boys choose 1 class this JTerm and assigned SCIENCE as their 2nd JTerm class. In the past, They have usually chosen both of their JTerm classes.


my BHF tok a bit if a break over the weekend. Brian and I drove to LA to get a new van.

I will start back on my Better Health and Fitness tomorrow.
Breakfasts: Fruit and Protein.
Lunch: Protein and Juicer.
Snack: something grainy most likely

I havee dinners planned for the week. I will call this week Pantry Posh.
I am trying to use up what I already have in the pantry/freezer.

SO: STAY TUNED for JTerm Updates and to find out what Poshness from the Pantry is planned day-by-day!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just Say No!

Today I did a little Alzheimer Prevention. Gavin has told me that one way to lower your risk of Alzheimer's is simply driving a different route to places you go. Take a different way home. Go to the grocery store the back way. I took the Llompoc Gate pput pf base instead of the Caifornia gate. Took 2 wrong turns.

Those that know me know I hate driving and that I can get lost 3 different times driving to a place I know and drive to all thhe time and should know like the back of my hand. Driving a 'new route' increases the risk of getting lost, wrong turns and frustration.

I dropped the boys off at their friends house yesterday. I have been there enough times, I knew how to get there, alll was fine... I went to pick them up from the same hues I know and drove to just fine a few hours earlier... and took TWO wrong turns.

I think for me, even driving the 'same way' is like a driving a 'new route'.

There is a good reason I like to leave 15 minutes early even for places that I KNOW.

Today I am thankful for ear tacks.

SO, just say NO to Alzheimers and get lost on your next outing!

Now, I need to figure out t make a FACEBOOK LIKE button, so you all can LIKE this on your Facebook page. (I think I did it.. check it out at the bottom in that little area before comments)

numb lips.

While I was sitting in the waiting room at the dentists I read an article in a magazine about how children should be involved in extracurricular activites. two of them. IIt gives them a passion or energy for life. So they will have a good self image and not take drugs. The author wrote about how it took a while for her older daughter to find her notch.. when she was 16 the mom finally noticed the daughter doodled on her papers and decided to sign her up for an art class instead of yelling at her, like usual, to py better attention in class and stop doodling.. Seems to me maybe the most important things is paying attention to your child and being involved in their likes.. not necessailrry just having an extracurricular activity. She talked more about how kids need 3 things, 1 is school, so they need to be signned up for 2 other things... and how she is still waiting for her youngest daughter to find something she likes to do. he ends with "My younger daughter is on Google right now looking up Ventriliquism Dolls.. God Help Me!!"

Seriously?? I think it'd be great if my child look that up and then did some project or practiced this talent. We could make stuff together and tell stoories with this technique, research Howdy Doody, etc.....

I think maybe this mom needs to spend more time WITH her girls instead of sending tthem off the next annd newest activity.
You know what is even bettter for a child's self image and keeping them off drugs? QUALITY FAMILY TIME!

My boys extra curricular activities include... being brothers. They have a passion and energy for being brothers.
Gaming Conventions and LARPing and Family Game night.

Xbox and Commputer games bond them together and excite their interest iin things (graphic arts, Story Writing, Game Design, Dying Wool, etc)

Why is the world so anxious to pack their kids off and send them away from the family? They are away from family bonding 6+ hours a day already with ging to school.

JUST SAY NO tot shipping your kids off for all their free evenings and weekends!

(and I am NOT saying I think extracurricular activities are bad, they can be very good.. I am saying the article felt like a mom who didn't pay enough attention to her kid and was more concerned with shipping them off to this lesson and that to make sure they tried everything-- instead of spending time as a family and really getting to know her children)

Monday, January 2, 2012


yesterday was less than minimally blog worthy. The most blog worthy part was around noon....

When it was 12:12 1/2/12

And the yummy Creole Style breakfast! Brian took me to Bon Temps (Creole cafe) for breakfast. I got Pain Perdu (French Toast) with honey-rum syrup, toasted pecans and whipped cream. I had a side order of Hot Sausage.

I spent about $160 at the grocery already this year!

That is enough of what happened yesterday.....

Brian returned to work today. Though vacation is over and I love my husband, I am very happy to have my schedule back!

I had my protein shake for breakfast. Did a few sit ups. Watered the citrus trees while doing walking lunges. I like when I can actually get life done while exercising. Exercising is kind of a time drain otherwise.

That was lunch.. Juicer:: Blackberries, a couple grapes (for the liquid, as blackberries are as thick as tar), half a bunch of spinach, 2 carrots.... and a 1/2 chunk of fresh ginger.... it looked like Prune Juice when stirred. tasted just fine.....

My acupuncturist commented on my tongue being purple and said it meant something about 'stuck energy/emotion".. I told him it probably meant I have a blackberry juicer for lunch.

Have I told you how much I love acupuncture? I told him that the ear tacks not only help headaches, but they seem to filter some of my over-sensitive sensory processing. He was almost excited to hear that, something about research and the Amygdala and he thought it would work that way.

Oh, I had some sesame-honey covered almonds with my juicer. A girl needs protein, ya know.

That Crock Pot Dinner?
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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Yesterday, I told Connor that, if he wants, for school this month all he has to do is read the Lord of the Rings books. He turned it down, saying it wasn't a very useful skill...and he wouldn't really be LEARNING anything.
I would have JUMPED at that chance had my teachers offered it to me in school!!

I said he could learn all about Middle Earth/Tolkein Lore, how to speak with an elf.....

He claims none of that is useful.

I said reading is always a useful skill... and he claimed he already knows how to read.

Ki, said HE would take a Tolkein Class (he had chosen Culinary Arts....I bet he will still be willing to cook lots for me, though)

I am waiting on pins and needles to hear what Connor will choose to learn for our 3 week J-Term. I hope whatever he decided is a useful skill will at least be fun for me. That iss what homeschooling is all about, isn't it? Fun for me?

Gavin must not think so. He always chooses stuff like Physics and Computer Programming. I guesss Computer Game Grahics Design is a little better.

At least I will have fun with Ki.

Who, by the by, was a tad temperamental today. Moody is a better adjective for him. We really need to get back to decent schedule soon....

My BHF for session 1 day 1 was to have a protein shake for breakfast...CHECK. And to fill my Vitamin Caddy thing...CHECK... and have my week planned... CHECK. I will try out my pilates DVD while the boys are at the Youth Center daily this week. I makee no promises for how far into the DVD I will get.

I welcomed the New Year doing what I am best at! Having a Massive Headache! I expect the year to only get better from here.


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