Sunday, January 8, 2012

J-TERM 2012

We will be doing J-Term a little differently this year. We are not starting until tomorrow- instead of starting the first week of January. I figured it'd be easier to just have my boys n the same holiday break schedule as our public school attendee student. (Dashnyam- exchange student)
So, J-Term will probably overlap the first week of Fenruary. I know the boys will NOT want to be shorted out of a week of their precious J Term!

So, what is on the agenda for J-Term this year?
Gavin will be doing 2.5 hours of Chemistry in the morning then 3 hours of Computer Graphics after lunch. He is learning Blender. He plans on using online tutorials and I bought a book for him to use.

Connor is doing Animal Care in the morning. I will be taking him to volunteer at different animal shelters. On the list of shelters to check out, I have a ranch that has animals foor diisbaled people. I was told by a friend that they always need volunteers and her boy volunteers there, too. AND our vet said she will keep Connor on the list for a paid job. they have college kids working in the kennel in the morning, buut with classes starting back pup, they may lose a worker or 2- and Connor could apply. AWESOME-- PLEASE KEEP ALL DIGITS CROSSED!
Then Connorr will do 2.5 hours of Chemistry after lunch. C&G could do their cchem together, if they went at the same pace and all- both reading/watching the CD Rom together. They did for a while, but found it was better if they just did their own.

Ki is doing LOTR and his Science. I will let him choose which in the morning and which in the afternoon. Connor's volunteering kinda sets his class times- and Gavin's Chem needs to be different than Connor's

So, Ki will be spend 2.5-3 hours a day reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I bought a companion book for him. a Middle-Earth Guide. And he wants to look up foods and see what he can come up for making them.
He is doing a general science.

I only let the boys choose 1 class this JTerm and assigned SCIENCE as their 2nd JTerm class. In the past, They have usually chosen both of their JTerm classes.


my BHF tok a bit if a break over the weekend. Brian and I drove to LA to get a new van.

I will start back on my Better Health and Fitness tomorrow.
Breakfasts: Fruit and Protein.
Lunch: Protein and Juicer.
Snack: something grainy most likely

I havee dinners planned for the week. I will call this week Pantry Posh.
I am trying to use up what I already have in the pantry/freezer.

SO: STAY TUNED for JTerm Updates and to find out what Poshness from the Pantry is planned day-by-day!!
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