Sunday, January 15, 2012

Still haven't found what I'm looking for.....

.... because half way through looking I forget what it was I was trying to find.

Usually I find what I was looking for a few days or weeks later. The mental conversations goes something like this:

"Hey there that is! How'd it get there? Oh, I think I was looking for these last week!!
Hmmmm. I wonder why I was looking for them. I can't imagine what I was thinking of using them for...."

So I pick them up, whatever they are, and place them somewhere I think they might go.
A couple days later I will suddenly remember what it was I had planned on doing with them, so go back to where I found them. But they are not there anymore because I moved them to someplace I thought they might belong.

Then I have to don my FBI Profiler hat and try to deduce where I may have thought they belong based on ther size, shape, my intended function, and the state of mind I was in last week.

I sure keep myself busy. It's no wonder the bathroom never gets cleaned enough.

Last night I made myself a mug of chai. Well, I should back up a bit. Last nigh I thought about making some chai. There were no mugs in the cupboard. There were no mugs in the dishwasher, except the smaller ones the kids use that don't work well for microwaving a mug of chai tea. There were no mugs in the sink.

I found one on the table, that looked clean enough. I gave it a quick rinse in the sink and wondered where all the mugs where. Then I wondered if I should really make chai for myself as I treated myself to cocoa in the morning.
"Hey, I used a mug for the cocoa." was my next thought. "I bet that mug is upstairs." This thought distracted m from the thoughts that were were trying to keep me from my chai latte.

I made my chai. Went up to my room to read my email.

"Ah there is the mug from the cocoa, right on the little stool that I have shoved next to my bed because I have no night stand and my little drawers with PJs and mismatched earrings I take off at night and am too lazy to go put away.. is too far from my reach to set my cocoa. or chai."

I pick up the cocoa mug andd decide to set it on the sewing machine table for now. I'll take it downstairs in the morning.
I set it down next to 2 other mugs.

I turn and see another mug on the bookshelf.
AH HA ! ! again!

So, that is where all my mugs went.

Today I am washing mugs and doing walking lunges.
And I should just go ahead and finish of that list cup of chai in the carton. It's probably only half a cup anyway. Might as well drink it now and have a clean start tomorrow.
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