Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ghetto Elves

I am sitting here sipping Algorn's Athelas Tea.. an herbal cure for sore throats and Morgul Blade Wounds.
Along with my tea I an eating Ghetto Popcorn. That is what my 18 yr old called it. Microwave Popcorn popped in a brown paper bag, secured with duct tape.

Connor went to my friend's house today and walked their dogs. We don't have dogs. Connor's observations:
"They smell EVERYTHING we walk by!! Every few steps I have to stop t let them smell something else!"

"They pee on everything!! All they do is pee on things."

"and they poop in OTHER PEOPLE'S YARD!"-- like that is the height of rudeness- to poop in someone else's grass.... which, it is actually, if you think about. I would think it was very rude of you if you pooped in my yard.

Me: "Did you have to pick up their poop?"
Connor: "Yes"
Me: "Did you wash your hands?"
Connor: "No."
Me: {hands him the hand sanitizer}


Today was the 1st day of the new Bible Study. We are going through the book 1 Corinthians along with the book BE WISE.


Ki printed out Middle Earth Recipes for his JTerm class. he acidently printed 3 copies. I may be out of Printer paper now.

He then hole-punched them and put them into a binder. I think there are 55 pages. He made one of the recipes today. I call it Garlic Tea. The book calls it Argorn's Athelas Tea (or king foil brew).... You can't really taste the garlic. and now my Morgul Wound is heaing nicely.


I called the vet about the potential position for Connor and filling out an application. They said they don't do applications; Connor needs a resume. I actually laughed- out loud.
I asked what a 16 yr old does for a resume.
So, even though t his Animal Care Session isn't panning out as planned- it will be good. Connor will get experience writing a resume and being intrviewed; whether or not it results in employment.
I told him this might be more of a "Volunteering" class than Working with Animals- as the main reason he opted for his class was the potential for employment.
Volunteering is a very good thing. And practicing to get a job is also a good thing.  I hope Connor is enjoying his J-Term.

I know Gavin is enjoying drawing on the computer for half the school day! As soon as he saves some screen shots for me, I'll post them. For now, here is his cat drawing he made with paint tool SAI:
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