Sunday, January 1, 2012


Yesterday, I told Connor that, if he wants, for school this month all he has to do is read the Lord of the Rings books. He turned it down, saying it wasn't a very useful skill...and he wouldn't really be LEARNING anything.
I would have JUMPED at that chance had my teachers offered it to me in school!!

I said he could learn all about Middle Earth/Tolkein Lore, how to speak with an elf.....

He claims none of that is useful.

I said reading is always a useful skill... and he claimed he already knows how to read.

Ki, said HE would take a Tolkein Class (he had chosen Culinary Arts....I bet he will still be willing to cook lots for me, though)

I am waiting on pins and needles to hear what Connor will choose to learn for our 3 week J-Term. I hope whatever he decided is a useful skill will at least be fun for me. That iss what homeschooling is all about, isn't it? Fun for me?

Gavin must not think so. He always chooses stuff like Physics and Computer Programming. I guesss Computer Game Grahics Design is a little better.

At least I will have fun with Ki.

Who, by the by, was a tad temperamental today. Moody is a better adjective for him. We really need to get back to decent schedule soon....

My BHF for session 1 day 1 was to have a protein shake for breakfast...CHECK. And to fill my Vitamin Caddy thing...CHECK... and have my week planned... CHECK. I will try out my pilates DVD while the boys are at the Youth Center daily this week. I makee no promises for how far into the DVD I will get.

I welcomed the New Year doing what I am best at! Having a Massive Headache! I expect the year to only get better from here.
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