Saturday, January 14, 2012


Are you an elf? Do you know an elf? Do like to eat? and need to travel?

Then you might find yourself in need of....

Elven Lembas Bread. Perfect for travel.

Nutrient-packed! (one bite will fill a grown man's stomach!)

Packaged for travel convenience. (wrapped in Mallorn leaves and secured with silver elven cord)

Did you answer NO to the first 2 questions, but YES to the last 2? Or maybe you were a bad elf that has been banned from the elven farmer's market and can no longer obtain Mallorn Leaves....

Either way, you may have to improvise and bake your OWN human-version of Lembas.

Smiley, my In-House-Goblin-Elf-in-training, made this pseudo-elven nutrition bar.. Elven Lembas Bread. (that is Smiley pictured above)   RECIPE FROM HERE
The recipe calls for self-rising flor. Ki googled and found a way to make his own self rising flour. Being that we live in "little Mexico", so it seems, it is easy to find banana leaves at the store, but I have not seen self-rising flour here.

Here is the famous travel food next to one of the books authored by J.R.R. Tolkien. And a banana leaf. A big banana leaf. Our fill-in for Mallorn Leaves.
I did not take the time to check to see if it was THE actual book that mentions Lembas bread, but no matter.

 The banana leaves are large and need to be torn into appropriate sized strips. You can just wing it, which we often did, or you can place the Lembas on the leaf and tear the leaf at the correct width for that particular Lembas.

 Then tear a second strip to wrap the other way.

 I sometimes cut the tip into a point, to resemble a Mallorn Leaf a little better.

 Then just wrap the leaves, wrap your cord (we used silver wrapping paper ribbon)

And now you have a wonderful little elven treat for your next Amtgard gathring!!

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