Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just Say No!

Today I did a little Alzheimer Prevention. Gavin has told me that one way to lower your risk of Alzheimer's is simply driving a different route to places you go. Take a different way home. Go to the grocery store the back way. I took the Llompoc Gate pput pf base instead of the Caifornia gate. Took 2 wrong turns.

Those that know me know I hate driving and that I can get lost 3 different times driving to a place I know and drive to all thhe time and should know like the back of my hand. Driving a 'new route' increases the risk of getting lost, wrong turns and frustration.

I dropped the boys off at their friends house yesterday. I have been there enough times, I knew how to get there, alll was fine... I went to pick them up from the same hues I know and drove to just fine a few hours earlier... and took TWO wrong turns.

I think for me, even driving the 'same way' is like a driving a 'new route'.

There is a good reason I like to leave 15 minutes early even for places that I KNOW.

Today I am thankful for ear tacks.

SO, just say NO to Alzheimers and get lost on your next outing!

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numb lips.

While I was sitting in the waiting room at the dentists I read an article in a magazine about how children should be involved in extracurricular activites. two of them. IIt gives them a passion or energy for life. So they will have a good self image and not take drugs. The author wrote about how it took a while for her older daughter to find her notch.. when she was 16 the mom finally noticed the daughter doodled on her papers and decided to sign her up for an art class instead of yelling at her, like usual, to py better attention in class and stop doodling.. Seems to me maybe the most important things is paying attention to your child and being involved in their likes.. not necessailrry just having an extracurricular activity. She talked more about how kids need 3 things, 1 is school, so they need to be signned up for 2 other things... and how she is still waiting for her youngest daughter to find something she likes to do. he ends with "My younger daughter is on Google right now looking up Ventriliquism Dolls.. God Help Me!!"

Seriously?? I think it'd be great if my child look that up and then did some project or practiced this talent. We could make stuff together and tell stoories with this technique, research Howdy Doody, etc.....

I think maybe this mom needs to spend more time WITH her girls instead of sending tthem off the next annd newest activity.
You know what is even bettter for a child's self image and keeping them off drugs? QUALITY FAMILY TIME!

My boys extra curricular activities include... being brothers. They have a passion and energy for being brothers.
Gaming Conventions and LARPing and Family Game night.

Xbox and Commputer games bond them together and excite their interest iin things (graphic arts, Story Writing, Game Design, Dying Wool, etc)

Why is the world so anxious to pack their kids off and send them away from the family? They are away from family bonding 6+ hours a day already with ging to school.

JUST SAY NO tot shipping your kids off for all their free evenings and weekends!

(and I am NOT saying I think extracurricular activities are bad, they can be very good.. I am saying the article felt like a mom who didn't pay enough attention to her kid and was more concerned with shipping them off to this lesson and that to make sure they tried everything-- instead of spending time as a family and really getting to know her children)

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