Monday, January 9, 2012

J-Term Monday(1)

I emailed this to Ki and had him print it out and put it in a notebook for J-Term:
Ki, choose 2 of these to do during J-Term

-Make A Shoebox Diorama of a scene from the books.
-Make some puppets and do a  short puppet show from a scene in the book, o or make up a little story with 2-3 characters.
- Make a Comic Book For a scene in the story
-Memorize a song or poem and recite it for us.

KI: do all of these:
-Choose 5 recipes to make (or more!) LINK to the RECIPES:

-Read the Companion Book I bought for you

-Map Activity (Choose  1 or think of a better one) >print a copy of the map and mark the different journeys (use different colors)   >or>  Make a 3-D map or 3-D section of the map. (using salt dough/clay/pip cleaners, etc)
>or> Create your own fantasy land and make a map of it.

- Write  few sentences that define folklore and explain the difference between folklore and ordinary fiction. Include the names of other folklores.
Does folklore differ from legend? if so, how?

- do some research on the author. write a short report about the author. You can do this in the form of an Outline or short notes- then use that to teach us about the author.

This morning, Connor filled out the online application for volunteering at the animal sheter, then I took him to RAD: Ranco des Animales ...for Disabled people. He met and fed the animals today. Thursday he will go back and help with a petting zoo and maybe horseback riding.

I called the Animl Shelter to double check things... good thing I did.. marked the wrong age somehow (14-15). he is 16 which means he does NOT need me there with him.. ALSO, the lady I talked to on the phonoe said for cat care he did NOT need the orientation, it was just for dog handling- so he could come in anytime. The lady today, the lady who is actualy in charge of volunteers, said that is not true anymore. (it was last year). This year all volunteers need training. Training is the 21st. I was hoping to get him started sooner. Bonny said she might be able to schedule a cat orientation for a sooner date. That'd be great.

I have a feeling this will be a stretched out J-Term class....... I will need to find some animal care things for him to do until the local shelter is ready for him. I might drive him out to the Ranch 3 times a week for now. I might drop off at a friends hues tomorrow to walk and brush their dogs while I go to Bible Study.

Ki really enjoyed reading the Middle Earth Guide book I bought for him! It is like a dictionary of all the characters, places, events. He read that a while then finished up the 2nd LOTR book. Tomorrow he will start book three. He is a slow reader.

Gavin did his Chemistry this morning while Connor and I were at the Ranch. He was busy working on his Blender program when I got home.
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