Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Fun with Feces"

TRUTH IS: We are debating renaming Connor's J-Term.

"Fun with Feces"

Tuesday he was picking up Dog Feces and today he was washing the backside of a horse.


[ABOVE:KI - Larry teaching]

TRUTH IS: Ki kinda skipped class today to join us. But he read on the drive and will be cooking Middle Earth treats over the weekend. Besides "Showing Kindness" always wins out over "school". C&K helped take care of the aniimals and helped the disabled adults with their riding therapy.

TRUTH IS- Animal Care is a pretty fun J-Term class! Connor Brushed, washed, cleaned hooves, learned to guide his horse, then got a short riding lesson! Ki too! Then they fed the other ranch animals.

TRUTH IS- I am tired. Driving makes me very tired. 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back. It is actually 25 minutes each way, but I was rounding UP.

TRUTH IS - I homeschool because I am lazy and impatient. I had to go into the school office again to get Dashnyam's missed class excused, because he changed his schedule and is no longer taking that class!! I am counting the bike ride as my exercise today. All 8 minutes of it.

TRUTH IS: I am too tired to tell the truth anymore- BUT you can go read MORE TRUTHS at this link: Truth Is Thursday Link-Up
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