Friday, January 30, 2009


the link didn't work for the video last entry. It should work now. And I'll post links to other Lego Movies Ki did.

3 minute Peter freed from Jail video

Peter and John and the trouble with healing beggars Video

The Burning Priest video

The Skeleton Priest video

No Dogs Allowed Video

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ki has been studying Church History and Theater/Acting. (and south america, but that doesn't come into play really, in this blog entry)

He made a Lego Model of the Temple around the time of Herod. He also made some movies.

Today we spent the entire day making the Movie with Petere and the Jail. It has 3 settings, music, lighting, costumes, rewrites, 8 retakes, a replaced actor, and pizza.

HERE is the LINK to the Peter Jail Movie. Ki worked hard on it- check it out!



Tuesday, January 27, 2009

JTerm South America

Ki is studying South America and he has a menu planned for an entire day:

Ki's South American Recipe Day:
Peruvian Pancakes and Ham (and turkey Bacon)

Brazil-Nut Sandwiches and fresh fruit (mangoes, bananas, & apples)

Chips with Peruvian Salsa Verde

Peruvian Marinade Chicken

Ecuadorian Salad:

and for dessert. Ice Cream with Corre-Corre:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

a good school day

I gave Ki Brain Gym Instructions. 20 CrissCrosses 1 way and 20 a different way. Then 15 Lazy 8s with a Body part. I went to check on Connor who was playing with Legos. He thinks since he taking Robotics and using Lego Mindstorm robotics he can spend his 2 hours of robotics making cool robots with legos. Which he does sometimes as part of his lesson. My husband took the old laptop on his trip, which has the Lego Mindstorm program. Connor wanted to look for the disc and put it on the other computer. I told him he could look for a bit, but not too long. He has 2 hours of Robotics and searching for a lost disc does not count as school time. He looked, but could not find it. So I told him for today he can read out of the Lego Mindstorm Robotic Programming books and to type his story that he wrote last week.

While he was looking, Ki and I did some stretching and breathing and Ki did a funny walk while all twisted up in the Hook-Up poseAfter I got Connor started (very reluctantly) on school (he decided to start with typing too get it OVER with sooner), Ki and I stared. He wore the Mime Mask he made yesterday while I read out of Jesus Freaks. He has 2 colored pencils and paper to do Double Doodles,but was so caught up in the story he sat with is hands folded on the table as he listened (with mask on). We then had a discussion time and read Acts 10 and 11. And talked a little more.that was 25 minutes church history (not including morning Occupational Therapy before class started)

After a break of Toast for Ki and Laundry for me, Ki started working on his People Cards while I did dishes and looked over the Robot Story Connor sent me. Ki had his clay for around his pencils and for squooshing as needed. He practiced Alphabet 8s for the names before writing them on his cards. (total Church History Time is 55 minutes)After a quick break Ki and I went over the Questions at the end of Chapter 2. He got them ALL correct! and some I didn't even have to list the multiple choices.
Then we listened to All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name on Youtube. First we listened to a more upbeat/modern version. ( ) Then I found one that was like what I used to sing in church. The Pipe Organ and angelic Choir voices. ( )
We talked about the meaning of some of the words. Prostrate and diadem and a few others.
That left 30 minutes of Church History.

I asked Ki if he wanted to start Chapter 3 and he decided to read from his Bible Story book and start Chapter 3 fresh tomorrow.

I had to remind Connor to get back to his Robotics a few times. the Lure of Legos is too great some days.

I am listening to more hymns. I am ready for a nap. But need to go check on Connor and Gavin. Connor was laying on a blanket reading a Robotics Programming book while his cat licked his arm.Gavin is working on his LightWave person. He found out how to make people and use the Person Making button. it inserts the body parts and you can change the details and positions, etc- then can animate it later. It is a nude female. But not like a photograph of a live naked lady. more like a grey clay sculpture. Hmmmm. How should I feel about this one. I think I am fine with it.

Connor needs to make some spelling corrections and then do his Light wave after lunch. Gavin will be doing Physics after lunch. I will have him watch Standard Deviants DVD and read over Chapter 1 again. this is a review week and I need Brian to help because Gavin is stuck and Brian is in LA.

Acting/theater was one of the easiest 45 minute classes I have ever taught.... Today Ki watched a list of YOUTUBE videos on MIMES. He watched a couple mime performances, some technique videos, and some Mime Ministry videos. For his last 10 minutes he went over 2 of the How To videos a couple more times.

(peoples of the world) We read and look at some pictures about Andes Mountain Villages and Amazon Rainforest life. Then we played a Ecotourism Game about a village of Quechua (sp?). Ki filled in a blank map. He is choosing about 5 countries to memorize. We had a sidetrack of the Galapagos Islands and animals thereof. The Blue-Footed Booby (and his booby relatives) is a funny bird with a funny name and that bit of info (birds named booby) HAD to shared immediately with his brothers. Our 45 minute class turned into 1 1/2 hours, LOL)

here is the link to the Ecotourism game:

Ki kept thinking I said terrorist instead of tourist. he'd say ""TERRORIST?? WHAT?? Why do they have terrorists??" "No, Ki.. TOURIST.. 2 syllables... not TER-ROR-ISTS-- 3 syllables..... just like the last time I said it"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 hours

Am I crazy to teach church history for 2 hours a day to a boy with the attention span of a gnat? 2 hours is a long time for a boy to take one class. 2 hours is a long time for me to 'teach' church history. maybe you are wondering HOW we do 2 hours of church history with Little Gnat Boy. Maybe you are wondering WHY he is taking 2 hours of church history daily. I decided to share a 2 Hour Church History day with all of my fine readers. (hopefully I do have more readers than the 2-3 that actually leave notes)

The 2nd question is easier to answer than the 1st. WHY church history for a 12 yr old. A topic that I, as an adult, wonder if it is exciting enough for daily study.... Well, because Ki loves Church History. (and I have been enjoying it, too!)
Now for the HOW! What a 2 hour Church History day looks like for this "Quasi-Unschooling" family.

(I actually used a Stop Watch today instead of just glancing at the clock)
We start our Studies with drinking water, eating a protein snack, and doing Brain Gym. Usually Criss-Crosses.

Ki debating standing while I read, but decided to sit. He sat and had 2 pends (red and blue) and paper. He drew Double Doodles (Mirror Art with both hands at the same time) while I read Jesus Freaks. We talked about it a little bit, found Bangladesh in the map and then I read in the book of Acts while he made a New Double Doodle Picture. We read about 1 1/2 chapters. Mostly about Peter and Cornelius.

After that we watched/Listened to CORNELIUS by APOLOGETIX. The story on the Bible reminded us of this song so we listened to it and pointed out how it went with the things that happened in the Bible.

That was about 25 minutes. Time for a break. (laundry and tea for me, playing w/ Legos for Ki)
The next round of Church History was reading from our Church History book. We read, talked about what we previously read, found countries on the map, read some more, discussed it, and learned about ICHTHUS (the Greek letters in the Christian Fish Symbol) We talked about acronyms we know and how ICHTHUS was a Greek Acronym for the qualities of Jesus.We googled.

Ki drew the Fish symbol with the Greek Letters and the words they stood for (he did those in English) He did it a couple times to get it to come out right. Because I wasn't satisfied with the first one and he didn't use an erasable pencil and had to start over a couple of times.
This took us to 1.5 hours of Church History.

I had planned on having Ki write out People and Event Cards, but he was really starting to fall apart from all the writing (drawing). I could see hi cognitive skills breaking down in his head. He told me he planned on reading Bible Stories for his last 30 minutes and I said that was fine. I decided having him write would just end up a big meltdown for both of us.

No, I am not Crazy. No, Church History is not boring. Yes, I do look forward to February and not more 2 hours daily of church history
-- --Kimberly

Monday, January 12, 2009

Listening Improv

Ki did a skit tonight for us. Called SOUND PLAY. I helped with extras.
it is a skit without words and people close their eyes and listen. Ki makes sound effects to recreate an activity and then the audience tries to retell everything he did.

So it was
KI: [snoring sounds]
Me: [buzzing]
Ki: [slaps, yawns, grumbles]
Ki: [footsteps, squeak, rushing water]
Me: [knock on the doorframe]
Ki {grumbles, water sounds stop, footsteps, doooor knob sound:sigh, footsteps, squeak, water]
Me [brrrrr-ing, Brrrrrr-ng]
Ki {water stops, grumples, footsteps, click-sigh-click]

Gavin was being a smart aleck- so was Connor- and he was complaining. Brian described the play well for us.

a short talk about how Ki was learning to communitcate without words for his acting class'

then a long discussion as Connor complained MORE about how HE wasn;t taking acting class so why did HE have to listen to Ki... Connor's complaining took TWICE as long as the play through which he was to sit.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I have written Ki's list for Church History. HIs other classes are already planned. Gav&Con are pretty much on their own. I sent a quick email to them to remind them of a few things.

here is Ki's list for week#2:

Ø Do questions page 15 (oral)
Ø Finish Important People Card (example)
Ø 5 Events You Should Know (pg 6) on Cards
Ø Listen to Hymns from Word Search
Ø Read Chapter 2
Ø Write Definitions in notebook
Ø Learn 1st SIX books of New Testament
Ø Research Papyrus and Make our own Paper
Ø After Reading page 22, make sure to do the “Think About It” box

We read Jesus Freak, Pray, and Read in the Book of Acts at the start of Church History Class. It usually takes about 30 minutes.

It's Session 1
Then he takes a break
Then we read in his Church History Book and write and research online for about 45 minutes
Then the last 45 minutes is a project/activity/more reading/etc...

Friday, January 9, 2009

SNOOZES (Jan 8 J-Term)

January 8, 2009
7:00 the alarm buzzes. ::hit snooze:::

7:09 the alarm buzzes ::hit snooze::: and wonder why I was too lazy to just change the alarm to 7:30before bed

7:18 the alarm buzzes ::hit snooze:: and think about the all the next SNOOZE times. At every 9 minutes the alarm would buzz at 7:27, 7:36, 7:45 ……..what an annoying way to learn the 9 Times Tables.

7:27 the alarm buzzes. That’s close enough to 7:30. I get up and tell myself it would have been easier in the long run if I had just set the alarm for 7:30 like I wanted to before I fell asleep. All my laziness did was to make more work for myself, being re-awoken every 9 minutes.

Brian goes over a JAVA coding assignment with the older 2 boys before he leaves for work. I shower and wonder what happens if I fall asleep in the shower. I find a rabbit with an injured eye in the pattern of the stone tiles. The wall feels like it needs to be cleaned. I guess I can add that to my list of housework I should do; “Should” being the operative term.

Around 8 I go downstairs and get the boys eating breakfast. Ki is having Triscuits and toast. I think it’s time to go to the store. Which was my conclusion last night when they claim the only thing we have for dinner is Breyer’s Oreo Ice Cream. I had to listen to Weird Al’s “The White Stuff!” for the rest of the night . Not the song you want stuck in your head while falling asleep.
After Breakfast, which I make but forget to eat, I give them all different cleaning assignments and clean a few things myself. They ask if they can finish the Battlestar Galactica they started last night, but I too over the TV to watch a back-to-Back Bones. I told them after we’re done cleaning they could watch it. We’d start school afterwards. Ki wanted to do reading first. Gavin is rendering something in Lightwave and doing Java. Connor is finishing his Robotics Independent Study (so far. I only wrote enough for a week to start him)

I burns a CD from the PC (Tobymac) and put it on my laptop iTunes. Take a few sips of my Breakfast shake, then get sidetracked because iTunes had a hiccup. Which I fixed, read a few emails, then added info to the newly ripped tracks.

10:45 I finish my breakfast finally. Ki and I read Jesus Freaks. It was about Polycarp in 168AD. I think our reading in our Church History Book will talk about Polycarp today or tomorrow, too. Ki added to his new words. Yesterday he learned ‘recant’, he’s had to be told ‘blaspheme’ a couple times, and today he learned what a herald is (which he has been told before, but it’s not a commonly used word so he forgets). We talked about some of the things we knew were going on around that time.

Then we did some yoga stretches and drank water. I gave him a list of Brain Gym activities to do while I wrote in my journal.
We read Acts 3 and part of 4. Then we read in our Church History book. Polycarp was in today’s reading. We then looked up some things online; a model of the Temple and a layout of the areas, a little about Josephus (author of The Jewish Wars), and Justin Martyr. Then Ki wrote out some vocabulary words. He first squeezed clay and did alphabet-8s to get his hands warmed up and ready to write.

I hung the wet laundry out to dry, start a load of towels, and make lunch. Blah:Blah:Blah

After lunch Ki had Acting/Theatre. To day was breathing control and voice projection. It went well. The Flickering Flame was fun, but I like anything if matches and fire are involved. Ki had fun, as well. What you do is inhale deeply, hold a lit flame close to you , blow the air out gently (with pursed lips) so you don’t blow out the flame. We did some isolation movement and relaxing, too.

Then it was time to go to the dentist. We rode our bikes. Some guy didn’t see Ki as he was pulling out of the grocery store parking lot and Ki jumped off his bike because there wasn’t time to stop before he got to car (it pulled out RIGHT in front of him). Ki got upset that he almost hit the car. I told him it was not his fault, cars are supposed to LOOK before they pull out of parking lots and driveways for people on the sidewalk.

I dropped my bike when I heard him call from behind me. My make-up thingy popped open and got that powder stuff EVERYWHERE in my tote bag. I have to clean everything.

I know I really don’t write much about Gavin’s and Connor’s school, but they do it almost al on their own. When I look over their work Saturday, I’ll write about it a bit.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

J-Term Day 3 (wednesday)

Today I awoke with the same headache I have had since Monday. It feels more like a bad headache and less like a Migraine now, though. It was one of those mornings that "Brushing My Teeth" seemed an accomplishment worthy of praise and celebration.

So, the boys got their own breakfast. I am sure Ki did NOT get enough protein. I'll have to go make him some bacon in a bit. Ki needs to have a decent amount of protein at each meal, esp breakfast. He needs Protein Snacks between meals.

Though I have been starting the boys at 9 this week, it didn't happen today. Gavin actually started before Breakfast. I had Ki go read after breakfast (which was around 9:15). I figure that by 10 I should be able to teach Church History. Actually he was already headed off to read when I went in to ask him to do his reading first to give my medicine time to work. It's nice when they are already doing what you want so you don't have to ‘make them' or tell them or even ask them to do it

Around 10 Ki was done reading and we both made ourselves a cup of tea (Pomagranite White Tea) and went outside to read in Jesus Freaks Martyrs. Connor had a couple questions that interrupted us a couple times, but that's normal.

Ki took a Scooter Break after Jesus Freaks. I made some turkey bacon so Ki could have a protein snack. Then we did some Brain Gym and read out of the Bible. We are reading in Acts (last of chapter 2 through all of Chapter 3) about the first Christians.

For Brain Gym/OT: Deep Breathing Stretches, Head Rolls. Yoga: Cat Pose, Child Pose, Upward Facing Dog, Downward Facing Dog . Brain Gym: Lazy-8 Limbs- Making both small & Large Lazy-8s with arms and legs. Criss-Cross Marches.

The Book we are using for Church History is: Christian History Made Easy: 13 Weeks to a Better Understanding of Church History
by Timothy Paul Jones
It can be seen here:
Check out the Look Inside! I really like the book. It is easy to make a lesson plan that has different things. The book has online links, charts, side boxes with tips and extras. So it keeps our lessons varied.

Today I had him start with 15 Alphabet-Eights before writing his Vocabulary word. Only one word today.

Our Church History Studies (sessions 3) today involved looking at Ancient Roman Architecture/ruins online and reading 2 pages in the Christian History Book and discussing it.
Then it was LUNCH TIME! (my school journal time)

Ki usually chooses Theatre after lunch and today was no exception. Fo his Theatre we are using an USBORNE BOOK:

Our book has a different cover, though.
It has activities we do. There are terms we define and things to read. Ki will be rewriting a skit next week.

After our Theatre things got busy for me. I was finishing up with Ki and Theatre and Gavin came to me finished with Chapter 3 and asking for the test. So I had to go print. But I needed the Laptop Ki and I were using as the old Laptop can't take the Physics CD Rom. So I had Ki take a short break, started the printing, which I have to feed one paper at a time. As soon as the test was printed and in Gavin's hands I set Ki up watching Lung and Diaphragm Videos as the last part of his Theater Class. I told him to take a break when he was done because I had more printing to do.

I went upstairs and finished printing things for Physics. The Test Answers, the Practice Problems, test and answers for the next chapters. The after the next chapter he has a Quarter Review Test, so I printed that and a few review problems from his previous chapters. Ki called me and said he was ready for People of the World while I was still babysitting the printer.
I had him get out the Syllabus and find out what to do and read on his own.

Then I joined him, read the rest with him, Gavin turned in is test, then we visited some links for Ki's People's of the World section today.

Here is the book we use for Ki's World Cultures. Peoples of the World It is divided nicely into regions and Usborne has it's own database of internet links they have researched to go with each topic, that are kid appropriate. So it is safe for the kids to browse the list of links they have on their website.

Ki finished up his Lessons today by listing different winter sports and transportation.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

it looks like a lot-

but it really doesn't feel like it at all. not much visually or tangably evident of anything getting done...

but I feel like I have no time and my house just isn;t clean enough. Other than that J Term is going well so far. I'll do a nicer J-Term Update later. Here's a list I kept today to see where all my time goes..

Ki used to need 30 minutes a couple times a day. Now he is fine with just 15minutes to start the day and more only as needed for a meltdown

•§ 7:15 wake

•§ Feed cat

•§ Set breakfast foods on table

•§ Kiss Husband good-bye

•§ Gather items to take to Homeschool PE

•§ Make Grocery List

•§ Have Gavin Clean Littler Box

•§ Hang wet laundry outside and hope it's sunny enough to dry today

•§ 8- breakfast *note- buy more protein choices

•§ 8:15 G&C start School Early

•§ Made Protein Shake for Breakfast

•§ Unloaded Dishwasher

•§ 8:25-Did Occupational Therapy with the Boys (Brain Gym+)

•§ 8:40- Ki does morning reading. Wow that Brain Gym is great! He just jumped right into school work!

•§ Load Dishwasher and hand wash a few dishes

•§ Make Tea, more Excedrin, fill my water bottle

•§ 9:15- School Starts with Ki (a little later since he decided to read before school)

•§ Read from Jesus Freaks (A pastor in Indonesia)

•§ React Acts chapter 2

•§ 9:40- Break. Ki wants to go read more of his books he got from Mimi.

•§ I still have a migraine.

•§ Get dressed into clothes suitable for leaving the house

•§ Sweep bedroom floor

•§ Finish Church History with Ki.

•§ 10:50-leave for PE.

•§ 1: come home, stop at Grocery store

•§ 1:45- Lunch

•§ 2:15-2:50 Ki's Theater Class, while C&G do their things

•§ Deal with a sensory meltdown. a little more O.T. - things are totally better now!

•§ Email Check

•§ Give Ki a haircut. (vacuum)

•§ Bring Laundry in

•§ Look at Gavin's physics, didn't understand a thing, was impressed at all the numbers, letters, and squigglies.

•§ Did Peoples of the World with Ki

STILL need to DO

Grab snacks, head to Gymnastics, go over notebooks, come home, GYOD (grab your own dinner), more lesson planning, then go to bed.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Keeping Score (+)

I have decided that writing school transcripts is not a fun thing. Something is not right with my Spreadsheet. It doesn't seem to hold a charge. Or border. Speaking of charges, Brian did a little Optics class with the boys today. Lenses and Lasers. "I'm a chargin' my laser!!" Gavin is designing a game on the computer & having Brian play-test it. It's been fun to watch.

Back to Transcripts. I think I have all of Gavin's classes listed. HIs full year classes and some of his 1/2 yr classes. I am not sure what he will be doing after J Term, but I have the transcript ready to be filled in with whatever he decides to do...

Now to the Keeping of Scores. Being that we don't really keep score (or grade everything) I have to actually look back into the dark recesses of my mind and recall everything and how well he did so I can assign a grade. Which is a bit stressful for me to get it right, but actually colleges are more impressed with SAT scores and from the research I have done High School Transcripts just play a small part sometimes and colleges are more concerned with Extra Curricular Activities.

Here is Gavin's list of freshman courses.
Algebra 2
Spanish 1
Computer Programming
Computer Aided Design
9th Grade English
Physical Education

I am unsure how much geography should count. And 9th grade English. I need to do some research in that department.

According to my reading I can count some of Connor’s 8th grade classes towards his High School Transcript. If they are High School level classes. Like his Geometry and his 2 computer courses- since he is taking the same ones as Gavin.

I need to find the best way to record Extra Curricular Activities. Not being too wordy and yet making sure enough information is given.

Some things I want to include are: Gavin's gaming and running gaming tables at conventions. His help with the Japanese students- not only as a Host Brother but he worked on the designing the prgram for the dinner party (digital photography and PowerPoint). Gymnastics. I'd like to see if I can get himm involved in volunteering at the animal shlter or maybe math tutoring even. There may even be oppurtunity for ENglish Tutoring (it seems half the people here only speak Spanigh- very little if any English. I would think there are families here that would like to learn English- and it would also go towards his Spanish class)


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