Monday, January 12, 2009

Listening Improv

Ki did a skit tonight for us. Called SOUND PLAY. I helped with extras.
it is a skit without words and people close their eyes and listen. Ki makes sound effects to recreate an activity and then the audience tries to retell everything he did.

So it was
KI: [snoring sounds]
Me: [buzzing]
Ki: [slaps, yawns, grumbles]
Ki: [footsteps, squeak, rushing water]
Me: [knock on the doorframe]
Ki {grumbles, water sounds stop, footsteps, doooor knob sound:sigh, footsteps, squeak, water]
Me [brrrrr-ing, Brrrrrr-ng]
Ki {water stops, grumples, footsteps, click-sigh-click]

Gavin was being a smart aleck- so was Connor- and he was complaining. Brian described the play well for us.

a short talk about how Ki was learning to communitcate without words for his acting class'

then a long discussion as Connor complained MORE about how HE wasn;t taking acting class so why did HE have to listen to Ki... Connor's complaining took TWICE as long as the play through which he was to sit.
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