Tuesday, January 6, 2009

it looks like a lot-

but it really doesn't feel like it at all. not much visually or tangably evident of anything getting done...

but I feel like I have no time and my house just isn;t clean enough. Other than that J Term is going well so far. I'll do a nicer J-Term Update later. Here's a list I kept today to see where all my time goes..

Ki used to need 30 minutes a couple times a day. Now he is fine with just 15minutes to start the day and more only as needed for a meltdown

•§ 7:15 wake

•§ Feed cat

•§ Set breakfast foods on table

•§ Kiss Husband good-bye

•§ Gather items to take to Homeschool PE

•§ Make Grocery List

•§ Have Gavin Clean Littler Box

•§ Hang wet laundry outside and hope it's sunny enough to dry today

•§ 8- breakfast *note- buy more protein choices

•§ 8:15 G&C start School Early

•§ Made Protein Shake for Breakfast

•§ Unloaded Dishwasher

•§ 8:25-Did Occupational Therapy with the Boys (Brain Gym+)

•§ 8:40- Ki does morning reading. Wow that Brain Gym is great! He just jumped right into school work!

•§ Load Dishwasher and hand wash a few dishes

•§ Make Tea, more Excedrin, fill my water bottle

•§ 9:15- School Starts with Ki (a little later since he decided to read before school)

•§ Read from Jesus Freaks (A pastor in Indonesia)

•§ React Acts chapter 2

•§ 9:40- Break. Ki wants to go read more of his books he got from Mimi.

•§ I still have a migraine.

•§ Get dressed into clothes suitable for leaving the house

•§ Sweep bedroom floor

•§ Finish Church History with Ki.

•§ 10:50-leave for PE.

•§ 1: come home, stop at Grocery store

•§ 1:45- Lunch

•§ 2:15-2:50 Ki's Theater Class, while C&G do their things

•§ Deal with a sensory meltdown. a little more O.T. - things are totally better now!

•§ Email Check

•§ Give Ki a haircut. (vacuum)

•§ Bring Laundry in

•§ Look at Gavin's physics, didn't understand a thing, was impressed at all the numbers, letters, and squigglies.

•§ Did Peoples of the World with Ki

STILL need to DO

Grab snacks, head to Gymnastics, go over notebooks, come home, GYOD (grab your own dinner), more lesson planning, then go to bed.
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