Saturday, January 3, 2009

Keeping Score (+)

I have decided that writing school transcripts is not a fun thing. Something is not right with my Spreadsheet. It doesn't seem to hold a charge. Or border. Speaking of charges, Brian did a little Optics class with the boys today. Lenses and Lasers. "I'm a chargin' my laser!!" Gavin is designing a game on the computer & having Brian play-test it. It's been fun to watch.

Back to Transcripts. I think I have all of Gavin's classes listed. HIs full year classes and some of his 1/2 yr classes. I am not sure what he will be doing after J Term, but I have the transcript ready to be filled in with whatever he decides to do...

Now to the Keeping of Scores. Being that we don't really keep score (or grade everything) I have to actually look back into the dark recesses of my mind and recall everything and how well he did so I can assign a grade. Which is a bit stressful for me to get it right, but actually colleges are more impressed with SAT scores and from the research I have done High School Transcripts just play a small part sometimes and colleges are more concerned with Extra Curricular Activities.

Here is Gavin's list of freshman courses.
Algebra 2
Spanish 1
Computer Programming
Computer Aided Design
9th Grade English
Physical Education

I am unsure how much geography should count. And 9th grade English. I need to do some research in that department.

According to my reading I can count some of Connor’s 8th grade classes towards his High School Transcript. If they are High School level classes. Like his Geometry and his 2 computer courses- since he is taking the same ones as Gavin.

I need to find the best way to record Extra Curricular Activities. Not being too wordy and yet making sure enough information is given.

Some things I want to include are: Gavin's gaming and running gaming tables at conventions. His help with the Japanese students- not only as a Host Brother but he worked on the designing the prgram for the dinner party (digital photography and PowerPoint). Gymnastics. I'd like to see if I can get himm involved in volunteering at the animal shlter or maybe math tutoring even. There may even be oppurtunity for ENglish Tutoring (it seems half the people here only speak Spanigh- very little if any English. I would think there are families here that would like to learn English- and it would also go towards his Spanish class)
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