Friday, January 9, 2009

SNOOZES (Jan 8 J-Term)

January 8, 2009
7:00 the alarm buzzes. ::hit snooze:::

7:09 the alarm buzzes ::hit snooze::: and wonder why I was too lazy to just change the alarm to 7:30before bed

7:18 the alarm buzzes ::hit snooze:: and think about the all the next SNOOZE times. At every 9 minutes the alarm would buzz at 7:27, 7:36, 7:45 ……..what an annoying way to learn the 9 Times Tables.

7:27 the alarm buzzes. That’s close enough to 7:30. I get up and tell myself it would have been easier in the long run if I had just set the alarm for 7:30 like I wanted to before I fell asleep. All my laziness did was to make more work for myself, being re-awoken every 9 minutes.

Brian goes over a JAVA coding assignment with the older 2 boys before he leaves for work. I shower and wonder what happens if I fall asleep in the shower. I find a rabbit with an injured eye in the pattern of the stone tiles. The wall feels like it needs to be cleaned. I guess I can add that to my list of housework I should do; “Should” being the operative term.

Around 8 I go downstairs and get the boys eating breakfast. Ki is having Triscuits and toast. I think it’s time to go to the store. Which was my conclusion last night when they claim the only thing we have for dinner is Breyer’s Oreo Ice Cream. I had to listen to Weird Al’s “The White Stuff!” for the rest of the night . Not the song you want stuck in your head while falling asleep.
After Breakfast, which I make but forget to eat, I give them all different cleaning assignments and clean a few things myself. They ask if they can finish the Battlestar Galactica they started last night, but I too over the TV to watch a back-to-Back Bones. I told them after we’re done cleaning they could watch it. We’d start school afterwards. Ki wanted to do reading first. Gavin is rendering something in Lightwave and doing Java. Connor is finishing his Robotics Independent Study (so far. I only wrote enough for a week to start him)

I burns a CD from the PC (Tobymac) and put it on my laptop iTunes. Take a few sips of my Breakfast shake, then get sidetracked because iTunes had a hiccup. Which I fixed, read a few emails, then added info to the newly ripped tracks.

10:45 I finish my breakfast finally. Ki and I read Jesus Freaks. It was about Polycarp in 168AD. I think our reading in our Church History Book will talk about Polycarp today or tomorrow, too. Ki added to his new words. Yesterday he learned ‘recant’, he’s had to be told ‘blaspheme’ a couple times, and today he learned what a herald is (which he has been told before, but it’s not a commonly used word so he forgets). We talked about some of the things we knew were going on around that time.

Then we did some yoga stretches and drank water. I gave him a list of Brain Gym activities to do while I wrote in my journal.
We read Acts 3 and part of 4. Then we read in our Church History book. Polycarp was in today’s reading. We then looked up some things online; a model of the Temple and a layout of the areas, a little about Josephus (author of The Jewish Wars), and Justin Martyr. Then Ki wrote out some vocabulary words. He first squeezed clay and did alphabet-8s to get his hands warmed up and ready to write.

I hung the wet laundry out to dry, start a load of towels, and make lunch. Blah:Blah:Blah

After lunch Ki had Acting/Theatre. To day was breathing control and voice projection. It went well. The Flickering Flame was fun, but I like anything if matches and fire are involved. Ki had fun, as well. What you do is inhale deeply, hold a lit flame close to you , blow the air out gently (with pursed lips) so you don’t blow out the flame. We did some isolation movement and relaxing, too.

Then it was time to go to the dentist. We rode our bikes. Some guy didn’t see Ki as he was pulling out of the grocery store parking lot and Ki jumped off his bike because there wasn’t time to stop before he got to car (it pulled out RIGHT in front of him). Ki got upset that he almost hit the car. I told him it was not his fault, cars are supposed to LOOK before they pull out of parking lots and driveways for people on the sidewalk.

I dropped my bike when I heard him call from behind me. My make-up thingy popped open and got that powder stuff EVERYWHERE in my tote bag. I have to clean everything.

I know I really don’t write much about Gavin’s and Connor’s school, but they do it almost al on their own. When I look over their work Saturday, I’ll write about it a bit.
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