Friday, August 31, 2007

I took the boys to our open-air mall to see a juggler. Being that schools in session, my kids were the only ones really there to watch the juggler. He let them all try and taught them different juggling tricks and tips. he worked with them. He even got Ki to CATCH! Ki has dyspraxia (poor muscle cordination)- the only thing he can catch is a cold! Anyway. Juggling is what two of my boys choose to learn in homeschool this year. So I have some GREAT pictures. I can;t wait to have time to figure out a layout! It will be our first school layout this year!I'll share a few picture.



I get a little 'OCD' with my charts and schedules....LOL. and they change periodically...

TUES- is still coffee break day and has a slightly different schedule that the rest of the week.

School schedule
6:30- wake
7:15- wake boys
8:00- breakfast- Read*a*loud – prayer
8:45- walk to school
9:00- school
--brain gym & s.o.t.w.
--Spelling *3T
--Ki-Math c/g – science/ben's gov't
11:00 – lunch & recess
12:00- resume school
--ki- reading c/g- math
--spectrum writing *3T
--ki-gov't w/ mom c/g- reading
--teacher's lounge (this will be time for them to work on independat studies of other assignents... and my Bible Reading/Prayer time)

Tues. School schedule
6:30- wake
7:15- wake boys
8:00- breakfast- Read*a*loud – prayer
8:45- walk to school
9:00- school
--brain gym & s.o.t.w.
--Spelling *3T
--Ki-Math c/g – science/ben's gov't
11:00 – mom's cafe break * lunch & recess
--clean up from lunch
--reading (30/45 mins)
--g & c- math
--ki- leap pad
--mom's home – play a game

i have individual morning charts for each boy. with their individual daily jobs.




each boy get's a "patrol" each month.

pantry patrol makes sure the pantry stays organized. when they clean the pantry they like to see that is stays neat.

garbage patrol- taked the individual trash bags to the big black cans each night and takes out the kitchen trash as needed.

bathroom patrol is in charge of :
Bathroom check list
hand towel
Toilet flushed
No trash on floor
dental care put away
gentle reminders to brothers

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

why not?

due to the fact that there is not much school here right now, I have felt that there is no need to write in my homeschool blog. (this one).

But I thought I'd give you all a boring update.
It's hot outside.
I went to the bank- the boys used the coin machine. Manuel had $20 in change! Went to the thriftstore bought 2 suitcases for Manuel and sandles for Connor.
GLOBAL WARMING- the boys are watching a show about the antartic melting and global warming. ( and penguins dying)Gavin said:"I think part of global warming is that our slightly oval orbit is shifting"What I thought was odd id how they talked about how years of evolution have adapted the penguins to the cold area-- so why are they worried? won't yrs of evelotion re-adapt them to the warmer climate?Don't they trust evolution to continue to evolve the animal life to adapt to the changing climate?
I like dinners when Brian is gone- it's a get what you want and it's fine if we just eat fruits and cold cereal~
can I become addicted to Activa yougurt?I've been fine ating it, it's helped a lot- no more digestive crampping..BUT I didn't have it yesterday or today and I'm all crampy in my gut again. I think they have lured me in and trapped me...
I have decided to make a list of activiies- hobbies. Something the boys have to learn this school year.
Things like:
Yo-Yo tricks
Contact Juggling
I think I want to make a little worksheet for the first day of school. They can list what they want to learn and what they plan on being when they grow up and hat lessons they think will help them with that- and have extras for them to choose from- like the above 'hobbies' and maybe a list of sports to choose one from for this year.

Friday, August 10, 2007

too hot

Connor is already tired of ear drops. Poor kid. 20 a day is a LOT!

It was TOO HOT for camping but maybe next weekend.....

In Laws are leaving for another trip Saturday and we are having dinner with them tonight.

Connor get more tooth work done Monday.

Our White Computer is dead- so I LOST all my Blogger Links! can only find you if you leave me a note....LOL. I'll have to go through my old posts and read my comments I guess!

I had an occular migraine today- the eye part is better, but my head is KILLING ME!

I may go to INDIA next month!!!! I'm excited!

The retirement plan and the health insurance at the California job are both very good! They said they are scheduling a date for an interview with Brian. We'll hear from them next week I think. Then we'll learn how much they will offer to pay- then we make our decision!@

Monday, August 6, 2007


*Got back from the ear doctor. Connor's infections last month never cleared up apparently. They had to suction his ear last month, it was so bad. They had to suction it again today it was worse (Connor almost never has pain with ear infections). He lost his ear tube and the hole has healed. He has fluid behind his ear drum and hearing loss. He is on drops 4 times a day (5 drops each time) PLUS oral meds- Extra Strength Amoxicillan.

(Connor is 12.5- seems a bit old for ear tubes i think...LOL. )
We leave in 30 minutes for the orthodontist with Connor. This is not his month.... 4 Ortho appointments, 2 Ear appointments.......

Plus Manuel has an apointment in Cincinnati on the 17th and Gavin will have his well child check up at the end of the month....

Lets not forget the getting the house ready to sell and going camping and the decisions of moving to California. I am having more Caramel Lattes this month than usual...

************************ SCHOOL NEWS ******************
Connor and gavin and Ki did well on their timelines and drawings for their seperate Independant Studies. Gavin is reding in Matthew still. I had Connor read Psalms 23 (and write part of it) becuase he was anxious about his teeth and ear stuff. I read Acts 4 to Ki. Manuel read in John about Jesus' 1st miracle and wrote a few verses from John 1 in both English and Spanish.
This week my boys will add alittle to their independant studies. Not much as we will be camping the last couple days of the week.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

taking the morning off

We had some computer problems and now I am on a different computer- so I lost all my saved Bloggers that I read... so I'll just have to read those that have left me notes. and hopefully this weekend I'll get to it. I leave today and get back sometime tomorrow.

LAST NIGHT- I put a sign on the fridge and on the table. I put a sign on the vacuum, the laundry closet door and the dishwasher. Then went to bed. I knew the boys wuld wake before me. They are up at 7. I sleep in if it's not 'sctructured school day'. The signs on the fridge and table said "BREAKFAST @ PANERA" and the other 3 signs said "NO MORNING CHORES!". The boys woke. I woke, took a shower. Asked if they read the sings..
Connor said:"Yes, we don't have to do chores and we don't get to eat breakfast"

I started a load of wash (Connor's morning work), unloaded the dishwasher (Ki's morning work) nd then loaded it with some dirty dishes (Gavin's morning work.)

Then we walked to Panera. About 4 blocks to the busy street, the cross and it's a few stores in and to the left of the outdoor mall.

After I check my email stuff I'll vacuum (manuel's morning job), whole my older two a little work on thier timelines for the summer independant studies.

*It's nice to have a No Morning Chore day with the boys and take them to breakfast occassionally.*

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


here are some things that have been happening here:

  • Brian applied for a job in California (we are in Ohio)- so that will be exciting if it pans out!
  • Connor starts his phase one with the orthodontsist this m onth. He has 4 seperate appointemnts this month. one is with the dentist to have 2 teeth pulled. (the baby teeth are almost horizonatal and will be real trouble when they try to move closer to the surface.
  • Trying to help the boys work on the independant online research.... and down to one computer (from 2 PCs and a Laptop)
  • Resued a baby bunny from Soksey. And one died.
  • Made an unpleasant discovery about Manuel and have been trying to run things a bit differently here. I have noticed him push or swing sticks at my boys or chase them a couple times recently. The last time he was chasing and spitting. so I sent him to do his therapy and talked to my boys. Apperently often when I am out or they are outside and I'm not there, Manuel chases them while throwing sticks, hits them, etc. Id they are walking in the hall (which is narrow) and one of mine accidently bumps him, he punches them. And there have been other things. So now, He goes with me everywhere. Though he is old enough an can handle being home with my boys while I run to the store, he comes with me now.
  • Brian is planning camping and an amusement park trip, but not really helping me pack things up, then I can't get to cleaning I need because he hasn't moved the larger items. So I am not happy about that right now.
  • Brian will beout of town the last few days this week.
  • Gavin has a birthday this month.
  • manuel has his final (hopefilly) dr appointment this month.
  • Next month we hope manue will be able to return to his family.
  • Next month Ki has a birthday
  • next months is our anniversary (all this by Mid Month)
  • Brian may go to India for 2 weeks in Sept
  • Or he may go to Hawaii for a week
  • Or he may not go anywhere.


  • Gavin has been doinghis study on modern weapons ans he is working an a timeline for the history of weapons.
  • Connor is working on his timeline for The History of Money. He likes the USmintkids website.
  • Ki is making his Martin Luther timeline and I am reading from the book of Acts with him.
  • We did a Bible Verse study on choosing good friends. they memorized about 3 verses. Each day they'd read through thier list them write a few verses out. They read the same list of verses evryday for a week. Now the oldertwo are reading the Sermon on the mount in Matthew and writing different sections.
  • Manuel has been reading a Spanish transaltion of the NIV at He was having trouble understaing the KJV we have here. After he reads, he write a portion in both Spaish and then in English. He is reading 1 Cor 13 this week.


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