Friday, August 10, 2007

too hot

Connor is already tired of ear drops. Poor kid. 20 a day is a LOT!

It was TOO HOT for camping but maybe next weekend.....

In Laws are leaving for another trip Saturday and we are having dinner with them tonight.

Connor get more tooth work done Monday.

Our White Computer is dead- so I LOST all my Blogger Links! can only find you if you leave me a note....LOL. I'll have to go through my old posts and read my comments I guess!

I had an occular migraine today- the eye part is better, but my head is KILLING ME!

I may go to INDIA next month!!!! I'm excited!

The retirement plan and the health insurance at the California job are both very good! They said they are scheduling a date for an interview with Brian. We'll hear from them next week I think. Then we'll learn how much they will offer to pay- then we make our decision!@
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