Thursday, August 2, 2007

taking the morning off

We had some computer problems and now I am on a different computer- so I lost all my saved Bloggers that I read... so I'll just have to read those that have left me notes. and hopefully this weekend I'll get to it. I leave today and get back sometime tomorrow.

LAST NIGHT- I put a sign on the fridge and on the table. I put a sign on the vacuum, the laundry closet door and the dishwasher. Then went to bed. I knew the boys wuld wake before me. They are up at 7. I sleep in if it's not 'sctructured school day'. The signs on the fridge and table said "BREAKFAST @ PANERA" and the other 3 signs said "NO MORNING CHORES!". The boys woke. I woke, took a shower. Asked if they read the sings..
Connor said:"Yes, we don't have to do chores and we don't get to eat breakfast"

I started a load of wash (Connor's morning work), unloaded the dishwasher (Ki's morning work) nd then loaded it with some dirty dishes (Gavin's morning work.)

Then we walked to Panera. About 4 blocks to the busy street, the cross and it's a few stores in and to the left of the outdoor mall.

After I check my email stuff I'll vacuum (manuel's morning job), whole my older two a little work on thier timelines for the summer independant studies.

*It's nice to have a No Morning Chore day with the boys and take them to breakfast occassionally.*
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