Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Some school-ISH things going on around here lately.

  • Today, Ki decided for his research he'd watch Our Town on DVD. Our "Three R's" are Reading, 'Rithmatic, and RESEARCH. They have to 'research something'. Ki decided Our Town counted as research for his acting class.
  • Gavin announced his math (online course) had gotten to where he needed a calculator. I responded with; "so, get one." I'm not sure what math it is exactly. He does whatever he wants from their site for math.
  • I had Connor explain logarithms to me, as I saw he had gotten proficient on the website at them. I have no idea what they are. Well, I do know. I asked Connor what their purpose was and he said "It's just one of those "learning for the sake of learning" things. Ah, I taught him well........
  • Ki finished his menu and grocery list for Friday's dinner. Sub Sandwich Buffet. (plus he made waffles today and that awesome pancake buffet)
  • Gavin will be doing the programs for the Play that Connor and Ki are doing. Windows Publishing 2007 or an equivalent. here's hoping it pans out well.
  • I finally passed Subtraction level in Khan. It took 2 glasses of White Zinfindel. Maybe if I drank in high school my math grades would have been better....
  • I challenged Ki to 26 Lat Pull Downs on the workout bench. He met that challenged and upped it to 30. So after my 26, I had to do 30. My arms will be SORE tomorrow! I need to have him agree to a Pilates Challenge. Maybe that will motivate me.
  • Ki & Connor are doing TAG TEAM writing for their writing assignment. They each write a little on the same story. Connor wants the aliens to be good and Ki wants them to be evil. This could be a very interesting story!
  • I cleaned out the chest cavity of the stinky, boobless mannequin today. The pastor's mom gave me some industrial odor spray stuff.
  • I like asparagus. I never did before living here.

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Monday, March 28, 2011


Ki made Breakfast today. He had a Pancake Buffet. I love pancake buffet! I skip my 'protein/fruit smoothie' for Pancake Buffet!. He makes the batter and has bowls of chocolate chips, blueberries, pecans, cinn. coated diced apples, etc...- we order what we want and he makes them!

I know you are all jealous now.
BTW- I always order the Apple Pecan pancakes!
they are SO GOOD! Not too sweet, and have fruit & protein!

Having a child who wants to be a chef when he grows up is very beneficial!


30IN30 update:
I've been wearing different earrings and tops/outfits daily. a few skirts even, and more than 1 pair of shoes for the whole week. it is tiring. but Brian seems to like it. Probably cause I am wearing my black heels more often.... and skirts.

here some of the things from the past week:
Nevermind. I can't find them. and the ones I took with Manual focus are OUT of focus- so I probably need glasses or something. I will post Sunday's outfit now and get the rest up later,

AND I have pictures of last Wednesday top & Earrings


All 3 boys have finished (what they had as their goal) for and have moved to using KHAN Academy. Aleks is very good! but cost money. too much with 3 kids.
But, I do like Khan even better. And not just because it has a better price. (free)
  • the boys can log in with google or facebook- 1 less password/login name to memorize
  • It loads MUCH faster. With ALEKS I always had wait for the page to open, then wait for each boys info to be gathered to open their own pages.
  • It keeps track of JUST time spent DOING the actual math, unlike ALEKS with counts all time they are logged-in, even if they are sidetracked to pet the cat for 20 minutes.
  • even Ki likes it.
  • I'd mention it's free as a PLUS, but I did say 'reasons not just because of it's free price'
Connor asked to go to the Library today to do reading and KHAN. Ki liked this idea, too, so I grabbed my knitting and biked with them to the library. They did math and reading. I knit.

When we got back home, Gavin was almost done with his schoolwork. He thought he did enough math, until I showed him that he had not, according to the Khan Website. So he much have been counting- all minutes on the site'- not how many of those were DOING math.

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Friday, March 25, 2011


(I didn't hear the 1st part of the sentence)
".............. .............. nipples. So we cut them off"

"you cut off it's nipples??"

[youth pastor]
"No, we cut the whole thing."

He is now all the way down the steps carrying the mannequin.
The mannequin with missing arms and two holes in it's chest.

it's not actually the youth pastor's mannequin. I think it is the pastor's.

I guess when wearing the T-Shirt, the mannequin nipples showed through, so they just gave the mannequin a complete mastectomy.

I need to Lysol the openings. The mannequin chest holes smell like a stinky boys locker room.

WHY did I have this armless, boob-less, church mannequin at my house?
Because my pastor asked me to sew a Priest Outfit for the mannequin.

I won't be putting pomegranates along the bottom hem, but will find some sort of bell.

The verses say to use a braid along the neckline to keep it from tearing. So as binding. I asked if the pastor wanted me to use a brain or regular binding. He said 'regular'- But I added a 'fancy stitch'- to make up for the lack of a braid.

Today I will be looking for the fabric of 'woven blue, purple, and scarlet' and the bells.


Gavin finished his 10th Aleks topic (his weekly assignment)- so he'll be starting KHAN next week.
Connor is piddling through his last 3 topics in ALEKS, because he is spending most of his time at KHAN doing math challenges there.

The Unschooler says- Just Switch Him now! It's what he wants and what seems to work.
The responsible parent in me says : He needs to learn to finish things. It's not a bad or harmful or evil thing. He's good at it. Khan is just 'more fun'. So he can finish the Aleks.

So the Combined Mom that I really am, made the compromise of:
If the finish their weekly assignment this week- well- they can switch to Khan next week- even if they aren't at the "90% Completion Goal" we had set together.

IN OTHER NEWS: Gavin & Connor found an online art program/computer illustrator they want to buy. They pooled their finances together and had enough to purchase it.It's $60. They asked me if maybe dad could help them a little with the cost.
Well, I just paid $60 on Ki's Culinary Kit- so I am fine paying $60 for their Computer Graphics Program. I told them dad said he'd help them out with it and he'd let them know know how much later. We will be paying it- obviously,- with a credit card or Pay Pal- and they have their money to pay us back.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

fancy food

I ordered the Molecular Gastronomy Kit for Ki.
It's a School Purchase.

Making watermelon caviar is much better than some workbook or cooking text.

Watermelon Caviar 2.jpg
(picture from website)


I plan on driving to the river. It is usually a dry riverbed, but with out week of rain , there is a muddy steam flowing in part of the riverbed. It's a rare sight here.


Tomorrow is Brian's Birthday. We're making a yummy Indian Dinner.
Tandoori Chicken, homemade naan, and chocolate cake. The last part may not be fare from India, but it was requested. and what's a birthday with out cake?


Connor is so close to being done with his ALEKS math. Then we switch to KHAN Academy!
Connor seems to be doing math at KHAN a lot, so his ALEKS is moving slowly. If he weren't SO CLOSE to being done there, I'd just have him go ahead and switch. But there is something to be said for sticking with something until it's done. (so I have been told)

I am in a sewing and knitting mood.

I have to take a bunch of pictures of the weeks 30IN30 challenge outfits


I bought some pants at the thrift store- for Connor. They are VOLCOM brand (which is big in his youth group at church, but Connor couldn't care less).
They are called (on the label) "Friggin Slim Chinos". They look like girl pants on him. but I looked them up online and they really are mens

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

school? What School?

I felt the need for a schoolish-type entry.

The J-term entries and the Fun Science entries are, well, fun. Entertaining. Great Blog-Fodder.

But it seems that often our educational experiences of the day just aren't as exciting as those cool posts like about Autopsies or Smoke Bombs or even just awesome plans & schedules.

I sometimes fell not much school happens. But I guess that isn't true. or maybe it is. A lot of learning, fun, research, and freedom to find their passions & goals happens. But maybe not lot of 'school' happens; not a lot that looks like typical-school, anyway.

So, here are some things that are going on at our house:

KI -
  • Ki has not been too interested in Life Of Fred (for math). It is a great math book, written as a story. I think Ki is just taking a break from it. Though I not require certain things to be done at certain times for math, nor the completion of something that's not working for them at the moment, math. of some sort, is required. Ki is doing some Aleks Quicktables online daily. It's a TimesTablePractice. I have been looking over KHAN Academy lately and had the boys try it out. It has a great math area; videos and exercises, tracking of progress and earning of badges. It was not assigned to do the math, I just asked them to register and try it. Ki went through a couple sections and earned a few badges. (check out the Khan Academy- it is really good and free)
  • Ki has decided he wants to read Lord of the Ring books, finally. Brian has a rule of 'read it before watching it'. Ki's very eager to watch it, but has not been ready to read it. A few weeks ago he asked for the LOTR books from the top shelf so he can read them. He's also reading books from The Series of Unfortunate Events and a Warriors series. Plus he reads his Bible daily. He's more consistent at it than I am.
  • He likes to watch Doctor Who on Netflix or NCIS online. (we still do not have a working television)
  • Ki loves acting and cooking. they are his passions. He is in a play. He has practice twice a week. This is his 4th or 5th acting session since we've been here. Sometimes he reads skits or watches acting 'lessons' on YouTube. He was a Junior Chef at the local cooking school, but they moved. Now he just has fun planning meals or treats to make for us. I sent a video to him yesterday. It's from Molecular Gastronomy. It is awesome! He lloved what they did and wants to give it a try. I'll be ordering the Molecular Gastronomy kit for us to make creative culinary confections. Seriously- Watch This!

  • Connor's been plugging away at his ALEKS math. I assign a certain numbers of topics to be done each week. Sometimes he gets stuck, so I tell him to have his dad help him. Next thing I know he's figured it out on his own. He also tried the KHAN Academy. I think we'll switch from Aleks to Khan when C & G are done with their current ALEKS. Probably in 2 weeks I guess.
  • He's been using Gavin's Bamboo Pen Tablet to do some drawing.

  • He's looking up stuff online and reading his books (and from Proverbs).
  • He's enjoying acting and is the play with Ki.
  • I don't know what he is reading.
  • He is spending a lot of time with his Bamboo Pen Tablet- working on his sketching. He's looking into getting 2 online illustrator programs. He & Connor are thinking about making a mini-animation video.
  • He's doing his Aleks Math and has earned a few KHAN Badges.
  • He likes to read current events and tell us about it.

ME- I send the boys an email with what I want them to work on through out the week. I also write a few things on our Dry Erase Board- but not this week. This week I just sent the email and some links.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Truth Is....

My Imaginary Friend, Julianna, over at SURVIVING BOYS does this entry sometimes.
Truth Is... Thursday

So, I thought I would do my own. But you should really go read hers.

after you read mine, of course

I like that my boys make smoke bombs in the morning.

as much as I love that Ki and Connor are enjoying theater and Ki has found a niche; I will be glad when this play is over.

I secretly hope to stay in California and not go back to Ohio.

that last one isn't a secret. I think everyone knows it by now.

I love playing games and was so glad to interrupt school today because my LOONEY LAB GAMES order arrived in the mail today!! I could play games all day every day.

aside from family, gaming is the only plus I see going back to Ohio. And new friends. But gaming is really up there on the list.

As much as I love homeschooling/unschooling, I'm slightly nervous about college. Hoping I did a good enough job teaching them how to learn.

I am really bad at this 'truth is' game.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I Wore for 30IN30

I decided to post a few 30IN30 outfits (fashion challenge: CLICK to read more) at the same time. Daily Posting was too time consuming and boring.

This was Friday. Or maybe Saturday. I forget. The blouse has tiny lace trim, that I have to iron.

And this is a Thrift Store Outfit.
The earrings are 'pearls' on a gold loop.

Sunday's Outfit. The Cute Blouse Brian bought me. but it still reminds me of a circus tent

I am getting use to the high heel sandals!

The earrings are little opals. I think they are a pair my dad made a long time ago.

MONDAY~ My dad called and his truck run brought him out to Ventura- which is a 1:45 drive for us. So we took the day off from school and spent th day on the beach!

I made the bracelet and have earrings to match, but couldn't find them. So I wore the sparkly drop circles. keeping with the 'circle theme'

Tuesday. Chemistry Test at Panera. This shirt is so soft and comfy!!
Black Boots.

The Necklace a gift from Brian's mom. The earrings- Brian bought me in China. I love these earrings!

So, those are the outfits. A different top and different earrings every day- for 30 days.
Today I an just wearing a purple(a wine-purple) long sleeve knit top with a v-Neck. Jeans and those black sandals. And my Dice Earrings.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Ninjas, Urine, and Smoke Bombs!

(reposting for TEACH ME TUESDAY)

But the day had a yummy start!
French Toast (with a touch of vanilla) made using thick slices of Cinnamon Swirl bread!
I am avoiding milk right now, so I just had a slice of Cinnamon Swirl Bread and tea.

I sent the boys a link for Chemistry Class:

And had them look at some online coverage of the big earthquake in Japan.
(CLICK HERE for News on the Quake)

I have found that I can assign the boys t read up on current news,then they can tell me about it. It seems to kill multiple birds with 1 stone.
wow, that sounds bad. poor birds.
[1] reading current news is good for the boys
[2] having to tell it back to someone is a good practice.
(it can be work for them to get the facts straight when retelling stuff sometimes)
[3] I get to know about current events w/o having to take the time away from my Netflix or Online Mahjong... Umm, I Mean...HOUSEWORK.. to read it myself.
I will call this a Lazy Mom tip.

At the end of Yesterday Gavin announced "It was a good and bad day today. Bad because I didn't really do anything. And good because it's nice to have a day of doing nothing sometimes. And it's good to know I will be doing things the next day."

~or something like that~

So I decided I should plan "things to do" for today (the next day)

I planned a Creative Writing Hour (or however long it ended up being).
I got out the Mad Scientist University game and the Nanofictionary game.
NanoFictionary is a crd game of story telling. The Main Card Types are
[1]Problem ("a food explosion")
[2] Setting ("in an underwater submarine")
[3] Characters ("the sentient broccoli"
or maybe "The Incognito Starship Captain"
[4]Resolution (They spent 6 weeks in the Hospital")

ABOVE: problem: Interdimensional porthole is closing /Character: Pizza Delivery Guy

ABOVE: Setting - Up In The Sky
Resolution- Duct Tape Saved the Day Again!

The Mad Scientist University game is similar to the above, but also like Apples to Apples.
This game as 2 decks of cards. (like ApplesToApples)
A small deck with cards that tell what to do with the cards from the larger deck.
On Your Turn, YOU are the Mad Scientist Teacher at MSU. You hand out Unstable Element Cards to your students. Then You flip a card from the "INSANE ASSIGNMENTS". They red thee assignment and have too use their Unstable Element to accomplish the assignment. On each Students turn, they tell a story of how they used their element to to the assignment.

[ABOVE- "Write Your Name on the Moon..use "Rubber Chickens"]

BUT for Creative Writing, I just had the cards on the table for them to use how ever many they wanted and they could combine decks- to give them ideas for their stories. OR if they had an idea in their head they didn't have to use cards. The cards were there as tools to help them if they needed them. They could hand-pick cards or chose random cards. Didn't matter to me.

I told them they had 5 minutes to read over their cards/gather ideas. Then they were to write.
While I went to the grocery store. I wanted 1 page from each boy. G&C decided to write a Cooperative Story. They each took turns writing a sentence or 2 of the story. They enjoyed writing their story together! They Wrote out a Ninja Assassin and Scurvy.
~and I bet if I ASSIGNED "Cooperative Writing", they'd NOT like it and complain.~

I had a few dice for if they got stuck . Like "Should I have my character to THIS or THAT?".."Should I should This Problem or That Problem?"- they could roll the dice to make their decision. Ki needs a little help with he has too many choices and doing what the Dice Say is easier than letting mom make the final decisions.

No One used the Dice. and C&G didn't even use cards.

{Lunch & Ninja Training}

AND FINALLY it was time for Chemistry!
I had a lot planned for today.
Ki didn't do all of it with us. He chose to do some of his 'busy seatwork worksheets' during some of the more advanced math parts of the chemistry lesson.

Basically, Ki just did the Experiment with us. He did a worksheet on Extinct Animals.

I started to teach today's Chemistry lesson to the boys, but the ore I talked, the more confused i became. I felt like I was speaking a completely alien language and could not tell if I was being understood- since I could not understand myself.
So I set the laptop between Gavin and Connor and had them read it on their own and take notes.
Then they got to the On Your Own questions.
Gavin said; "And we will pretend to be scientist working in a lab. In a lab, co-workers work together on problems. You don't say to your co-worker; "No Cheating and Looking at my work!"- You share information to help each other.... unlike what they teach in schools."
It was funny. . . I guess you had to be there.

Science Experiment Today:
How does adding Sodium Bicarbonate to smoke bombs affect the speed of their burning?
(Or, Does adding baking soda make smoke bombs burn more slowly?)

Gavin made 2 small batches of Smoke Bombs.
Both made with the same amounts, except one had Sodium Bicarbonate added.
The Website said to add Sodium Bicarbonate to help control the rate of burn.
So we are testing how it affects the rate of burn.
We used our knowledge we gained about what happens to Sodium Bicarbonate when heated.
It turns into Sodium Carbonate and releases water & CO2.

So it would seem that when the Smoke Bomb burns, the baking soda releases H2O and CO2- that would really slow it down.

Test Results:
The Smoke Bomb with the added Baking Soda burnt QUICKER. A LOT quicker!
The Non-Baking Soda took 27:03 seconds to burn.
The Baking Soda one took 6:92 seconds to burn.
Gavin's only guess was that it may have something to do with the Baking Soda one not releasing smoke. But it was NOT the result our information had predicted.
So there will be more tests and research.


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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Entry #1 food
(#2 is school)
Panera has done something that will totally ruin their business.

I LOVE Pecan Sweet Rolls. I don;t get them often, but talk about a very special treat!

I went into Panera for lunch today.

OH and there was this chick that looked EXACTLY like Angela on BONES!! Do you thing Angela from Bones lives in the California Central Coast area?

Oh.. Panera.. bad move.. sorry for the sidetrack (but I LOVE that show)

So I go into Panera and am eyeing the Pecan Sweet Roll and wondering
about getting one next week when we go to Panera for Chemistry Testing.

See, I take the boys to Panera for Science Tests. EVERYTHING is better with cocoa and a pastry- even chemistry tests! And brains need glucose!

So I am mentally drooling over the Pecan Roll (yes, I am back to the real Panera story) and see they have put CALORIES on all their signs.

(approx. I was in shock, so the number may be off by 25 calories either way)

SO- thanks to Panera's new Marketing Plan
(to post exactly how evil their food really is for us)
I will never ever
EVER buy a Pecan Sweet Roll from then.
750 Calories??
I think I need to start counting calories in Joules. I think 1 Calorie is like 4.19 Joules or something like that.

So, I'll round that number... DOWN
750 Calories would be...
(looking for my calculator)

179 Joules

See, they need to list JOULES not Calories.

Oh, wait.. the type of calorie used in Joule conversion is equal to 1,000 of our calories.

never mind

no more Pecan Sweet Rolls for me
(well, maybe just 1 more...
for Chemistry Test Day...
I'll 8 bike miles, which only burns like 300 Calories, but, whatever)

Entry #2 (school)

I think I want to start each day with a couple games
This Week :
SET & Volcano

Gavin and Connor are doing GREAT on their math! They worked hard last week.
I'm going to have them work hard this week, too.
This is one of our "quasi unschool" things
Yes I give them assignments sometimes and track their progress (an online math course)
They choose their course and sometimes switch in the middle. They choose whatever lesson they want in their chosen course.
See, we had a talk about unschool and radical unschool.
they all 3 told me they do not want to do radical unschool. They want to have me hold them to what they need to do for their goals
(which is engineering and computer programming for the older 2- so I make sure they are working on the math and sciences they need.

Part of reaching their goal is to have 4 different sciences in high school.
Ki wants to be a pastor or chef or actor so he sits in on science lessons but can opt out of the advanced stuff (which usually means math).
He likes science lessons
esp ones that involve making smoke bombs or reenacting crime scenes.
He often asks what we get to learn in science "this week".

Ki and I decided to really focus on Bible reading for Lent. I'm aiming 3-5 chapters a day.
Ki is reading a chapter in Proverbs and then he reads a chapter or 2 elsewhere.

It's great now that all 3 boys read.
Yes, I know, they are 14-17
but Gavin and Ki were late readers
(5th grade)
Gavin took off right away, but Ki still took a couple years to warm up to it. It's just been a year since he has really been reading well AND liking it.

Gavin has been reading Current Events.
He seems to really be enjoying it. he starts with a current event (like Japan) and then after he reads about it, he researches things that go with it (like earthquakes and nuclear power plants)
THEN he tells me EVERYTHING!!

I remember 'teaching' my mom all the new things I learned in Science class that day at school.
I loved teaching other people the new things I learned! and teaching others helped me REALLY learn it thoroughly!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


I need to make a list real quick, so bear with me a second.
  • Bible Reading
  • Creative Writing
  • ninja training
  • chemistry
  • Life of Fred
  • Volcano
  • Strawberries
there. all done.
I need to make pizza crust tomorrow, too.

we have 2 more Almost-Frogs. 1 is closer to FROG than the others. We debated naming it Sarah. Sarah gave Ki the 2 adult frogs ad asked to have 1 of baby frogs named after her. He had 21 tadpoles that made it. I told Kari that I'd name one of the next frogs after her.

We decided to name the next frog after both Sarah and Kari. The next frog will be named SKARI.

All the boys seemed sleepy today.
Connor, my early bird, slept till after 10AM!

I taught a chemistry lesson. It was just taking notes today. No Smoke Bombs. No Math.

Then I set Ki up for a little Culinary Arts Class- making roses from Gumdrops. Thanks to MakingFlower's Blog. Connor and gavin wanted to eat gumdrops. I told them they had to make a flower first.

Connor's --->

Ki's. he put a little yellow in the middle for pollen. -->

Gavin's Rose -->

Some More of Ki's Flowers:


The boys made Taco Buffet tonight. My fingers smell like onions. I need some lemon soap.I sauteed some onions and bell peppers.

SPEAKING of Bell Peppers... I was looking at the radish sprouts today and we have 4 clumps of tomato seeds. I transfered a few. Apparently there were a couple cherry tomatoes in the soil. the tomatoes are sprouting right out if the shriveled tomatoes!



I was tired & headachey most the day.
I did not have the brain power to 'pull together an outfit'
I wanted to lounge.
I wanted to go for a bike ride later.
I grabbed 'workoutable' clothes.
tank tops
exercise leggings.
It was a bit chilly in the morning so I grabbed a shirt/jacket off the top shelf in my closet.
and my favorite shoes.
and a different pair of earrings for today.

(More Chemistry Class/School in the next post. I think)

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 2 Calories & Earrings

I'm gonna make you WAIT for the 30IN30 report and read our small school report first:

The boys did a quick round of Ninja training.
15 push-ups
15 sit ups
15 Step Hops
15 Ninja Squats

I did 12 Criss Crosses, too.

They went to read.
this month is 1 chapter in Proverbs, then aything else in the Bible to m ake 30 minutes total time.
Ki told me that he read about:
Jesus Line Age.

me: [ponders a moment] "Oh, his lineage{linny-ij}!"
Ki: "ya. that."
Me: "in Matthew?"
Ki: "Yes. They traced him back REALLY far!"

Then we had Chemistry Class.
Ki had the option to opt out today and do worksheets. (which he likes. I find fun ones for when Chemistry is too advanced. (too math-y)
He said He likes Chemistry and he'd do it with us.
He did the temperature conversions without a single complaint and no confusion!

We also talked about calories...and Calories.
It takes 1 Food calorie to equal 1,000 [chemistry] calories.
so that apple you ate today was about 80,000 calorie!

The rest was independent stuff. Online Math.
Online Research. (Lybia, and caffeine in green tea VS Coke)
Play Practice.

OK. I may not make 30 days. I may not make it 20 days.
I am on day 2. And day 1 was kind of a coincidence. I got dressed and thought to myself; "I really should do that 30 day wear -different-things challenge- and this would make a good start."

DAY #2: and all this thinking about clothes and how I have to change them make sure things match-- has be in a brain meltdown already. I missed the exit to drop off the boys, then was SURE I was picking up their friend (not dropping them off) and almost called G to tell her we'd belate to play practice cause I missed my exit- and *I* am not taking them there today!. And I didn't even know what exit I got off on when I had to all their friend's mom. Then I almost went NORTH to go home. (instead of south). and I decided NOT to exercise yet because I don;t want to change twice.


Today I worse an Old Navy Outfit that me friends helped me pick out awhile back.
and very flat sandals.
(and jeans)

I used my BIG ROLLER looking hairbrush while blow drying my hair today.Makes my hair lay nicely, but makes it look really thin. and I deleted a few pictures somehow- so you miss out on that.

And Today's earring. Pretty and green, but maybe not BRIGHT & CHEERY enough for the shirt.

My 30IN30 Challenge and Day explained HERE (click)

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30 IN 30 : done my way

My Bloggy Friend, Amber, over at Be Sassy Classy always has neat, pretty outfits. She enjoys throwing together new & different outfits.. and she is very goood at it. If you like fashion- go read her blog.

ME- I don't like to have to think about clothes. I am perfectly happy wearing the same 4 outfits over and over and over and over. And the same 4 pairs of earrings. and my Green Keen Hiking Sandals with everything and to everywhere (even with skirts and to church, right Margie?). So sometimes I get a teensy bit motivated to actually put a little thought into my wardrobe. So, gals like me, who usually like their fashion-less-rut but want to sometimes get out of it, for a day- you should head to Be Sassy Classy, too.

Recently Amber took a 30 day challenge to wear the same 30 articles of clothing, remixed, for 30 days. You can read about it below and see her 30 outfits she made with 30 articles of clothing:

Be Sassy Classy: And I’m Done.: "This is my last outfit for the 30 for 30 Challenge. "

I decided that I already wear the same things over and over and over, so I need a different challenge. I have been feeling a bit slumpy lately and a bit in a rut (everywhere in my life, not just in my outfits). And I've been meaning to do SOMETHING to get our of the rut. (I figure getting out of 1 rut might get me out of the others)

So I am going to do my own "3o IN 30"

My 30 IN 30 will be too wear 30 different outfits and 30 different earrings in 30 days.

Now, I only have 3 pairs of jeans and couple pairs of leggings- so there will be overlap there.

But I will also be including as many skirts and dresses as I can find.

This will have a 2-fold THREE-FOLD!

When I wear a pair of earrings I will then put them into a little baggy. I have been meaning to go through my jewelry for awhile and had thought of doing this but hadn't made the time. Find all the missing mates. get rid of broken ones. Match earrings with necklaces. (which I don't have many of the latter). So this will be good.

[ my bloggy friend over at I'm a Lazy Mom has a fun link-up-- what have YOU been procrastinating ...umm putting-off ... err.. meaning to do?]

GOOD BYE Pretty dragonfly earrings that I love to wear because they are cute and because Black & Silver matches most things I wear... AND because they were a gift from
my husband.

I will see you again in 30 days. (and they look so cute on the orange)

GOOD BYE Happy Breezy sundress from the thrift store- that I plan on cutting and altering anyway- and is so easy/comfy to wear with leggings, jeans, or alone.

The leggings and shoes will get worn again, I only have a few pairs of shoes Ithink.

Also, I have been meaning get rid of clothes that fit me when I was 112 pounds & in my 20s but no longer fit now that I am almost 40 and have grown into my body. And I need to go through the clothes I d have that fit. I am bad at finding things that match when I buy tops and bottoms at different times.
And I bet I have friends who will be glad that I will be getting rid of things I have had for 20+ years.

OUTFIT #1 (yesterday)

Yes, I really do have the dragonfly earrings in my ears.

THIS MEANS many negative things, too.
[1]- having to completely change my clothes to for a bike ride.. or at least change my shoes.
[2] possibly ironing clothes. and maybe my HAIR!
[3] posing for pictures 30 times in a month.

#3 will inspire me to do my pilates more though! which is something else I keep meaning to do: Regular Exercise. (Bike & Pilates mostly)

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