Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dreams & Intentions

The past week I seem to have had Frog Dreams almost nightly,
dreams of Ki's frogs and tadpoles.

Dreams of the aquarium sides turning to rubber and flopping and the water spills out.

Dreams of changing them from one tank to another and scooping up fish and snakes, too, adding them to the aquarium of tadpoles. (they were trying to eat the tadpoles)

Dreams of the frogs climbing out of the safety of their aquarium.

Maybe it's the Chamomile Tea.

In Real Life, Kelli Baneling is a REALIO, TRULIO, Little Pet Froggy!
A frog that is smaller than a dime.
Ki has 3 frogs and 20 tadpoles!
a 2 and a 0

Who Wants Teeny Froggies in a couple of weeks?


Yes, I know. My blog has been beyond boring lately.
Sorry, but that's life sometimes.
it gets redundant and mundane.

Not much exciting to report for school.
The boys have been unschooling.
Or maybe I have been distracted.
Or maybe they have been fighting with colds and coughs.
I'm not tellin'. You'll have to guess which excuse is real.

BUT - there are FUN, EXCITING plans for this week!
So come back Tuesday.
Invite your friends!
Take Notes!
It'll be that.good
well, in my mind it will.

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