Friday, March 4, 2011


I have decided to ride my bike more regularly. again.
I have decided to keep track of my bike riding this month. again.
I hate doing Pilates.
But I did it anyway, again.
2 days ago.
and I will do pilates again today.

I have finally gotten around to my New Friends entry! YEAH!
and YEAH for new friends!

So here are some of my new-er friends:

Jennifer, a homeschooling picture-taking Army wife @ Sergeant Major Mom
Terra has a busy blended family of 8 @ Heck of A Bunch
Luvin My Lil Monkeys- another mom to 3 boys! younger than my 3 guys
Stacey @ I'm A Lazy Mom. She's just great- nothing more to be said here.
Erika @ Musing from a Stay at Home Mom- her son has a birthday today!
Candra, a mom, a camera, and 3 boys @ Curious Georgi
Sarah, going green with 3 boys @ Three Boys I'm sensing a numerical-gender theme
Debi, the CityMouse @ Random Thoughts of a Citymouse. I just met her.
Shay, thanks for the FriendLink idea ! I always enjoy reading @ LaughUntilYourCheeksHurt
I need to do better at keeping up with A Slice Of Smith Life !
Gabby has an adorable daughter and a GREAT eye for pictures! @ JustAnotherDayInParadise
Juliana, 2 boys (+ a bonus), delivery mail, making costumes, and saving the world, all while Surviving Boys

That's all for now. Cuz I am lazy. Go say hi to some of my friends! Leave them some Comment Blog Love!

SPEAKING of Friends; I went out to lunch with my friend, J, today. We met at the China Bowl for Mexican Carne Asda Tacos. They make very yummy authentic Mexican Tacos on double tortillas (soft). We went to pay and the gentlemen a few booths over had already paid for our lunch! (It was an old friend of J's she hadn't seen in about 6 years).

Earlier today I left a note on Lazy Mom's Giveaway about 'what I would do just because I could', and I put I'd buy some lunch for some of the homeless around town- and here someone pays for my lunch!

I only saw 1 homeless guy today, I had prepared a sack of juices, meal-bar, trail mix, and Peanut Butter Crackers. But I have the supplies now to make a few more 'goody bags'. I'm sure I'll see a few more folks around town this weekend that could use some food.


So Todays Bike ride was 2.8 miles in about 17 minutes.

I rodeto a paint store to buy denatures ethanol. I kept passing and a lady in an electric wheelchair. She'd catch up to me on each corner (as I had to wait for the light to change). Then I got to store,they didn;t have, so I rode further and caught up the lady again and waved and she said "You caught up with me this time!"

The online fitness tracker thing that I burned 113 calories- which I quickly replaces with Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers and Hansen's PeachBerry Nectar juice. hence the need for Pilates tonight.

Exercising makes me very hungry. I know I must be eating way MORE than I am burning. So I'm note fitness is a good idea.

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