Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 2 Calories & Earrings

I'm gonna make you WAIT for the 30IN30 report and read our small school report first:

The boys did a quick round of Ninja training.
15 push-ups
15 sit ups
15 Step Hops
15 Ninja Squats

I did 12 Criss Crosses, too.

They went to read.
this month is 1 chapter in Proverbs, then aything else in the Bible to m ake 30 minutes total time.
Ki told me that he read about:
Jesus Line Age.

me: [ponders a moment] "Oh, his lineage{linny-ij}!"
Ki: "ya. that."
Me: "in Matthew?"
Ki: "Yes. They traced him back REALLY far!"

Then we had Chemistry Class.
Ki had the option to opt out today and do worksheets. (which he likes. I find fun ones for when Chemistry is too advanced. (too math-y)
He said He likes Chemistry and he'd do it with us.
He did the temperature conversions without a single complaint and no confusion!

We also talked about calories...and Calories.
It takes 1 Food calorie to equal 1,000 [chemistry] calories.
so that apple you ate today was about 80,000 calorie!

The rest was independent stuff. Online Math.
Online Research. (Lybia, and caffeine in green tea VS Coke)
Play Practice.

OK. I may not make 30 days. I may not make it 20 days.
I am on day 2. And day 1 was kind of a coincidence. I got dressed and thought to myself; "I really should do that 30 day wear -different-things challenge- and this would make a good start."

DAY #2: and all this thinking about clothes and how I have to change them make sure things match-- has be in a brain meltdown already. I missed the exit to drop off the boys, then was SURE I was picking up their friend (not dropping them off) and almost called G to tell her we'd belate to play practice cause I missed my exit- and *I* am not taking them there today!. And I didn't even know what exit I got off on when I had to all their friend's mom. Then I almost went NORTH to go home. (instead of south). and I decided NOT to exercise yet because I don;t want to change twice.


Today I worse an Old Navy Outfit that me friends helped me pick out awhile back.
and very flat sandals.
(and jeans)

I used my BIG ROLLER looking hairbrush while blow drying my hair today.Makes my hair lay nicely, but makes it look really thin. and I deleted a few pictures somehow- so you miss out on that.

And Today's earring. Pretty and green, but maybe not BRIGHT & CHEERY enough for the shirt.

My 30IN30 Challenge and Day explained HERE (click)

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