Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No Puking Allowed

I think it is very important to let you know
(before i actually write this blog entry)
that I just YELLED downstairs to my boys;

One of them coughed that cough. Yes, THAT cough. Most moms know the one I guess. Or maybe not. But my oldest always had that special "I'm about to puke" cough.
and it kinda sounded like that as I was up here starting my blog.
So I had to inform them that puking would NOT be tolerated tonight.


Now that we have that clear and out of the way I can tell you about some of the happenings around these parts the past few days.

G&K helped me in the back yard. Our succulents are a bit prolific and have been taking over spaces. So, I am propagating a few of them with the help of a sharp knife. They are helping replant those parts. I told them they could have a plant sale in the driving way and keep the monies.


I walked into the kitchen recently and declared:
"I'm wearing my Dodo Bird shoes."
Gavin: "WHAT???"
Me: "I am wearing my dodo bird shoes."
Gavin: "Why are they called dodo bird shoes?"
Me: [said in a 'isn't it OBVIOUS voice] "Because they sound like dodo birds when I walk."

really, it seemed very obvious it was that they sounded like dodo birds; they obviously do not LOOK like dodo birds!

Gavin: "HOW can you know what a dodo bird sounds like?! They have been extinct for HUNDREDS of years!!"

Me: "Because I read all about it in a book."
Gavin: "Yeah, some Sci-Fi book maybe!! People don't know what doodo birds sound like."
Me: "I do. They sound like this *{walked around in my shoes that sound like dodo birds for him to hear}"

So, now Gavin knows what dodo birds sound like.

it is similar to the sound made when walking in cheap
rubber flip flops with sweaty feet... kind of a "plock-plock" sound.
(I do not wear flip flops, for the record)

But, G just shook his head and sighed, so he may not believe me.


While 'm on the subject of amphibians, I need to show off a picture of Ki's biggest tadpole!
Little Kelli Tadpole is almost a frog!
Say Hello to Kelli Almost-Frog!


other random news:
The kitchen is a mess.

I suppose that is enough excitement for now.

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